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The quest for the Dark Lord - "God", "the Creator"

Lost E-mails.


I am now posting these messages with the clear conviction that "the powers that be" already have all this information, as this was sent on the Internet.
Thus this is no secret anymore (to them).

I do on one hand understand very well that Kerry et al. have a lot to do and cannot possibly reply to all the e-mails that they get, but on the other hand I am starting to get rather frustrated by having my communication ignored, and so much the more alarmed by the fact that only a very few of my messages are replied to.
Did they ever get through to the intended recipient?!

As this whole drama is, among other things, an information war, I am not so sure that my messages got through.
It is very plausible, I assume, that "they" do not want us to communicate, and they certainly have the means to prevent it.
I hope no one of the original recipients is offended by the fact that I now openly post these messages, and my sole purpose for doing so is that I find this information, these ideas, very crucial to consider.
This way these considerations get available for everyone to see.

The _r in filenames indicates that this text i slightly corrected to get rid of some spelling and grammatical errors (or a few other minor errors). The content is not changed.
These are not exactly all the e-mails that I have sent in this regard, but they are most of those, and they are the significant ones.


All these texts are my own thoughts, or ideas, or conclusions, and I do not really claim to be correct about all the things stated here.
I state these things as my point of view, and you will have to discern all of this for yourself. These things are Theories, not (yet) proven Facts!

I do my own "research" of data and information, based on intuition and my own experiences, and I thus make my own conclusions and formulate my own theories, or hypothesis.

I DO warn everybody, however, that this in reality (at large) MIGHT be TRUE! Certainly we all have to wake up and realize what is actually going on here on planet Earth - indeed we do!

If any of you have religious beliefs that are offended by my writings, and you thus are insulted and, in the name of God, would like to punish me, please let Allah/Yahweh do that himself then, because he certainly will, if that day comes, and I sincerely believe that would be his choise. Truth shall prevail, isn't it?

E-mails that were sent, but never replied to (except three):

Dear_Kerry_2010-11-22_rRegarding "dark messages".My first letter to Kerry Cassidy.
Replied to and posted - see Links, or click here.
Hi Kerry_2010-11-30RE: Lost message?Reply to Kerry.Open
Dear_Kerry_2011-01-16_rThe Agenda.A short textual scheme of the Spiritual War.Open
Dear_Kerry_2011-01-24_rMy message "The Agenda".About "the OT III Incident".Open
Dear_Kerry_2011-01-31_rRE: My message "The Agenda".More about "the OT III Incident".Open
The Perils of Resistance.About Bill Ryan's interview with "Charles".
The here shown text was an Attachment to this e-mail. The e-mail itself is omitted.
Dear_David_2011-06-09Human Evolution.Questioning the idea of (spiritual) "human evolution", and telling about "the OT III Incident".Open
Dear_Richard_2011-07-07_rSuggestions regarding the Elenin conference.About "Elenin", "the OT III Incident", and more.
(Includes most of "Dear_David_2011-06-09".)
Dear_Richard_2011-07-13_rRE: Suggestions regarding the Elenin conference.Reply to Richard Hoagland - including a short reply from him.Open
Dear_Richard_Robin_2011-09-13_rRE: Suggestions regarding the Elenin conference.Again about "Elenin" and more.Open
Dear_Richard_Robin_2011-09-26_rMatters Beyond Elenin.About the developement of things.Open
Dear_Benjamin_2011-09-26The White Dragon Society Treaty.Regarding the treaty to join the plan of the White Dragon Society.Open
Dear_Richard_2011-11-17Prophecies and the Greater Perspective.Questioning what is actually going on, and who is in reality in charge.Open
Dear_Benjamin_2011-11-25_rConcerns regarding alleged Progress.About the $1 trillion lawsuit, and also here questioning who is in reality in charge.Open
Dear_Benjamin_2011-12-06_rWhat is actually happening?Questioning of the intentions of "white hats", and of their actual power to act.Open
Dear_All_2011-12-22A Wider Perspective.Questioning perspective, and focus of attention, and the "spiritual evolution" idea.Open
Dear_Kerry_2011-12-24Regarding the Nazis.About the Nazis and their "off world" project.Open
Dear_David_2012-01-22_rI sincerely applaud you!Regarding David's article "FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time (Section 1-5)".Open
Dear_Kerry_2012-03-02_rTrue Origin of Humanity?Regarding Kerry's article "HUMANITY GET OFF YOUR KNEES", "spiritual evolution", and Consciousness, and more.Open
Dear_Bill_2012-03-19_rUrgent message and request.About the threatening current situation.
This is a good summary of most of this work.
Dear_Benjamin_2012-03-28_rWhite Hats and Illuminati.About "white hats", and "the gnostic Illuminati", and again questioning who is in reality in charge.Open
Dear_Benjamin_2012-04-07_rWhat is going on?Questioning the intentions of the "white hats", and who is actually "running the show" on our planet.Open
 Letters posted after 2012-04-25.
Dear_Benjamin_2012-04-18_rThe Committee of 300.Questioning Negotiations with the Committee of 300.Open
Dear_David_CR2012-05-03For your information.Telling David Wilcock about my website and questioning his perspective.Open
Dear_Benjamin_2012-05-12Regarding Bad News.Questions about lack of actions by "white hats", and about the responsibility of ordinary people.Open
Dear_Benjamin_2012-06-05Negotiations with "the Cabal".Questioning Negotiations with "the Cabal".Open
Dear_Nigel_2013-03-12_rThe Nature of Greys and their Activities I.Comments regarding the nature of Greys, hybrid projects, and the activities of certain scientists.Open
Dear_Nigel_2013-03-13The Nature of Greys and their Activities II.Comments regarding a fourth hybrid project.Open
Hi_Danielle_2013-04-01_rThe Nature of Greys and their Activities III.Further comments regarding the nature of Greys, and the activities of certain scientists.Open

 – Yes, wake up please!

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