>>>Regarding the Nazis.<<<

Dear Kerry!

I read Your latest post - the answer to an e-mail about the Global Settlements.
Yes, You are, it seems, like myself looking for the ultimate answers, indeed.

I have a question though:
Why do You think that it is the Nazis who are making the final decisions?
You Yourself use to talk about the Anunnaki, and who do You consider they are then?

Are there not certain hints that the Anunnaki are not really human?
Who/what is for instance Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, Enki's son Ningizzida,
or Toth, according to Zecharia Sitchin?
Of course, Sitchin himself never said that the Anunnaki were Reptilians,
but for instance Credo Mutwa said that the Anunnaki/the Chitauri were not Humans,
but actually Reptilians, as is also alluded to regarding Quetzalcoatl, and others.
Also, all the myths and traditions about (royal) serpents and dragons seem to indicate,
as for me anyway, that we actually may have been dealing with, and ruled by,
reptilian people in the past, and that rather extensively too.

The question is then, why would these Anunnaki/Reptilians allow the Nazis to,
as it were, make the final decisions?

Let us say now that David Icke is right about the Reptilians and a mixed breed,
a reptilian-human interbreed, that was put here to "run the reptilian agenda" on Earth.
Why would then these Anunnaki/Reptilians just "go away", You think?

MAYBE though, these bloodlines with their (at least at the inner core) psychopatic,
and very egoic characteristics could have been arrogant, and self-righteous enough,
in order to start "running their own show", isn't it?

And so, they started their own game, so to speak, and they may really believe,
that they are going to get away with it.
(They may even actually believe that they are the top of the pyramid, I think,
not really knowing that they have their own hidden masters.)

What is Your take on that?

Or, if You think that it actually are the Anunnaki/the Reptilians who want to,
as You put it, "Rule the galactic community", did they then, so to speak,
just use planet Earth as a base for their operations, as merely a base for preparation,
in order to get ready for their conquest, as it were,
or also to continue their operations from, as they also seem to want to stay here,
by means of all their chemtrail (etc.) terraforming even of planet Earth?

I myself do really believe that there is nothing but a Spiritual War going on,
ultimately, and the hierarchy I myself think of here is (just to give You my idea):

A Dark Lord/Master (inter-dimensional)
Inter-dimensional Entities (very dark beings)
Anunnaki/Reptilians (seemingly inter-dimensional)
Human-Reptilian interbreed (human looking - shadow goverment/royals)
Humans (goverment/royal level)
Humans (ordinary people - subjects/peasants)

This is of course a very raw scheme, without any details.
Neither does this exclude the possibility of some good people trying to help us,
that is some people "out there", some ETs.
(The Anunnaki/Reptilians seem to have both a malevolent and a benevolent side.)

I admit that this is a less "comfortable perspective" than having a "good universe",
where there happened to appear some "bad guys" (locally) on our own little blue planet,
who, as it were, cosmically futilely are trying to achieve their own wicked goals,
but the first measure, the first step in taking action of any kind is to get aware of,
or to get to know the actual Truth, as I think both You and I realize, isn't it?

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman