2011-12-22, winter solstice.

Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock,
Richard Hoagland and Robin Falkov.
Copy (fw): Henrik Palmgren, George Noory,
Foster Gamble, Kimberly Carter Gamble ("THRIVE").

>>>A Wider Perspective.<<<

Dear All!

I am very alarmed by, and, if You can excuse, tired of,
hearing about that "the Biggest Secret" is, as it were,
that there is "the Book of Maklumat/The Book of Codes", or "a Secret Space program",
or that "UFOs and aliens exist, and our governments know about it", etc.
To hear about that there are more earthquakes, or that troops are moving all over,
or that "a source says this, and a source says that", about underground bases,
and about portals, and so on.
(I do not say this, in order to insult any of You, or to discredit Your work,
but in order to clarify my own point of view, and I want to be straightforward.)

This is just NOT, as far as I can see, the (ultimate) TRUTH!
This may certainly be "a LEVEL of the Game", so to speak, a level that we all (more or less),
we could say, CAN "see" - or it may be several "levels of the game".
This is the level/-s of "the powers that be", or of "geopolitics", or of "world economics",
or of "the cabal", or of "the Illuminati", but where did then, in this, "the alien agenda",
or "the reptilian agenda", or, as it were, "the matter of all evil (pure evil) and destruction",
"the matter of all religious and spiritual confusion", or "the matter of the ultimate motive,
the ultimate purpose and intention" go?!

This is not, I am myself convinced of, merely about "controlling the world",
or "being in power", as it is normally understood, not to say about "getting extremely wealthy",
and not even merely about (aliens) "taking our resources", or "invading our world",
or "feeding on our energy", etc.

(For those of You who may have Your own considerations about what is possible, or not possible,
regarding the above, this is anyway a spectrum of things, shall we say,
being considered among many of You, and Your colleagues, or fellow researchers.)

What is (obviously) NOT considered here is that there is an age old, not to say eternal,
Purpose and Intention to Destroy and Suppress our pure Consciousness,
to Destroy, or Pervert and Control ALL LIFE, that is all Spiritual Beings,
to finally make us Unconscious and Oblivious of our True Spiritual Nature and History,
in order to thus conclusively Control and Dominate us all - for ever.
There is no Love and Compassion in this at all!
(Neither is there any comprehensible "reason" in this, even if there ultimately may be,
we could say, something as "an ultimate motivation" here.)

And PLEASE, forget about this being a "school", or a "spiritual development",
or a "learning experience", or a "necessary experience"!
(This is all, in my opinion, just "new age nonsense", and a great [age old] deception,
whether it is "channelled", or told by "spiritual teachers", or "spiritual guides", or "aliens",
or otherwise relayed, or conveyed.
The only "learning" implied here, as far as I myself can see, is in order for us all to,
as it were, "wake up" from our inflicted, exactly inflicted, unconsciousness and confusion,
and from being deceived by and accepting being controlled by this malevolent old agenda.
Why would we have to "learn to love", or to "learn reason", as that is inherent in all of us,
our natural state, if we could just become conscious enough, in order to feel and remember it?)

This is thus, as far as I can see, in reality a Spiritual War going on,
and this war is (ultimately) perpetrated by some VERY DARK (inter-dimensional) SPIRITUAL FORCES,
and are we so going to stand up against these forces, or are we NOT?!
We will certainly NOT do it by pretending that they do NOT exist - or failing to realize that.
(Please look, for instance, at all the old shaman traditions and knowledge for reference,
and please look at what The Bible tells us, even if not everything it says may have,
as it were, a historical foundation [no, I am not a Christian].) 

Isn't it about time to do that, You all think?

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman