>>>Prophecies and the Greater Perspective.<<<

Dear Richard!

I would like to make you put your attention on the (very) Big Picture again.
I do not want to discourage, or offend you, and please keep up your good work,
and your urge to know the truth, but maybe one should try to shift one's attention,
regarding all this, to a more "inclusive", and even a more "uncomfortable" perspective,
as things have unfolded so far.

The Mayan Calendar SEEMS to be "passé", and the Elenin/YU-55 "project" seems to be "derailed",
according to your own statement 2011-11-08 (interview with Kerry Cassidy and David Wilcock).
WHO is it then that has "derailed" Elenin/YU-55, if it was "the good guys" who had staged it,
and "something wonderful" was (is) coming, as you have asserted for quite some time by now?

We still have to wait and see, if the "White Dragon Society" really has the might,
and also in reality the INTENTION, to set up a new financial system in the world.
According to Benjamin Fulford they have "cut off" the NWO/OWO, "the old criminal cabal",
and are almost done by now, but HAVE they really?

Where are the ACTUAL signs that something good, that is something really encouraging, is happening?
Please don't tell me that the Tunis and Egypt "revolutions", or "the Occupy Wall Street movement",
or the war in - the "liberation" of - Libya is in reality something GOOD?!
I really have a very hard time believing that myself.

These things may merely - or at least mainly - be "staged scenarios" to make the "awakened ones",
that is bright people on the planet who ARE indeed looking for the truth,
knowing that something is terribly wrong, BELIEVE that something crucial in fact IS happening?
They may also be created (staged) to "calm down the masses", so to speak,
because a lot of people indeed DID, it seems, with the help of a lot of new information,
start to question the order, or "the trend of events" in the world of today.
It was "boiling underneath", so to speak, and they had to do something about it.
Isn't it great then, that there finally was a "change" ...?!
Or, maybe there was a totally different purpose here, as far as the powers that be are concerned.
And also, the war in Libya was/is nothing but an atrocity, I consider.

Well, maybe people are more AWARE by now, due to all the information put out,
but are they actually more (spiritually) CONSCIOUS?!
They SHOULD be more AWARE, definitely, but honestly, if I talk to people in MY own environment,
or look at the behaviour and beliefs of people there (and elsewhere),
I do not, I am sorry to say, see much of any true (spiritual) AWAKENING.

Anyway, we are NOT AT ALL - any of us - in the State of Consciousness that was the ONLY reality,
before "the Great War" happened - that is, was staged, by the very enemies of the human race,
and life on Earth is still a chaos, and a misery, and a "struggle for survival".
(We are, the absolute main part, the overwhelming majority of us, not even in [real] Presence,
as described by for instance Eckhart Tolle - and that I know for sure, no doubt about it.)

This is NOT what Life should be like, even if this seems perfectly normal to humans today,
and even so, still if we would get a much better, a totally different "version" of what is on Earth,
and has been since very long - with peace, and universal prosperity and well being,
and with disclosure, and new technology, including free energy - as long as, in the first place,
our Consiousness is not brought back to its "original" level, its level of that time,
and this is NOT AT ALL what Life WAS like before "the Great War".
This is because our pure Consciousness is tampered with and severely cut off and reduced,
and probably, I think, these other good things could not even ever get fully realized,
before our State of Consciousness is (at least fairly) restored.
This Consciousness cut-off made us also incapable of perceiving our selves and others, really,
as the spiritual beings we are, and so we lost each other - and our true mutual affinity.
(Isn't this a nice little plan that they brought about?)

This kind of (miserable and burdensome) "life", that seems to be the natural thing here on Earth,
and where people, spiritually unconsciously, in reality incapable of experiencing it differently,
normally believe that they are a body, or rather their own brain,
was not even considered at that time.
This kind of (spiritually degraded) experience was totally unreal to anyone by then,
and that may indeed have been a main reason why we all (most of us anyway) were,
so seemingly naively, deceived by this evil and disastrous Agenda.
We just could not believe that things could get THAT bad - this was totally unimaginable.

(This is so, as far as I can see, or remember, and I can see no immediate reasons to disbelieve,
as it were, my own view here, really.)

So, what is then actually the (very) Big Picture here?
"Our" war, started some 65 million years ago (possibly), is continuing, it seems,
and nobody seems to know what it is about - or that it is happening at all - and nobody seems,
I must say, to know what is actually happening altogether, in a greater perspective.

My question is therefore: what IS in reality happening, you think,
and WHO is "running the show", and with what actual INTENTION/PURPOSE is it done?!

Best Regards
Erik Norman

P.S. OK, we still have 11-23, isn't it, but I myself am not so optimistic, I must say,
that something which has not already happened at THIS point, would actually happen by then.
But, hopefully I am wrong about that though!
(This doesn't imply, of course, that nothing is planned to happen later - good, or bad.)