>>>Regarding Bad News.<<<

Dear Benjamin!

In a post today, 2012-05-12, you said:
"Unless the sheeple suddenly wake up, they are the only real show in town right now."
This is REALLY concerning, I must say.

Isn't this VERY, VERY, VERY remarkable?!

Where ARE now these alleged WDS people that you have been talking about,
and where are these other (?) "white hats"?
You once said that Pentagon and Washington were full of WDS allies, didn't you?

These people have by now had months (and years) to prepare, and they are still just talking.
They are talking deceitful, and misleading, and delaying words, as far as I can see.
What is so important, so crucial and "precious" about go on WAITING here?
Are these people actually a FRAUD, or what is in reality happening here?!

Also, which "sheeple" do you refer to here?
I suppose that you mean all the "oath keepers" and "white hats" who are supposed to,
as it were, keep their vows, and stand up to their undertakings?
Else, what are they talking about all the time?

You do not mean all the ordinary (sleeping) people in the world, do you?
How could they/we go against a super army with high tech weapons and mind controlled soldiers?
How could we go against the world's corrupt police forces with all their gear and weapons?
How could we go against the world's intelligence agencies with all their assassins and,
as we are well aware of by now, manipulation and dirty tricks?

Also, how could we all get consolidated and focused in one direction, dispersed geographically,
and culturally (etc.), as we are?
Isn't that a bit far-fetched, if that is what you actually mean?

Hasn't that furthermore aready been (partly) tried?
How did that work out then?!
Of course further, working "on a small scale" does not at all really work, as you certainly know.

What is your take on all this, Benjamin?

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman, Sweden