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The quest for the Dark Lord - "God", "the Creator"

Small Texts.

Putting things in perspective

This whole work builds on the idea of a dwindling spiritual existence, caused by the influence of very dark forces which have been tampering with our consciousness and freedom since time immemorial.
Let me illustrate this with a very simple textual scheme:

Appearance of Life, Consciousness :) >>>>[Games] Joyful activities of Free Spiritual Beings >>>>[Home Island]--[Spiritual Degradation]--[Old Forest]--[Spiritual Degradation]--[Elf-land]--[Spiritual Degradation]--[etc.]--[etc.]--[*TCR*] //Spiritual Zombification!!//--[Mind Control]--[Mind Control]--[Earth today] #Mind Control - Control and Domination#.

(This scheme is a complement to the texts "The Agenda", and "The History of Spiritual Beings" below.)
Please don't take the above mentioned "places", or "epochs" too litterally - this is my perception of this thing, and it may be true, but it may also be incorrect.
This "time track" is not very carefully looked at, and the idea here is just to point out the flow of time, and the direction in which things have been moving.

TCR = "The Cosmic Revolt" (my own designation) - also referred to as "the OT III Incident".
This seems (to me) to be the latest (and the most devastating) "invention" in the story of Spiritual Degradation, and that actually made us all "spiritually lobotomized", destroyed a beautiful and happy civilization, and took (most of) us to planet Earth to be Controlled and Dominated, and used as assets and slaves. Furthermore, my own idea, or rather assumption, is that this also is what actually created Karma, as we know it, yes indeed I assume it is.

Warning: it is said that it could, due to the mental and mind control factors involved, be very traumatic or dangerous to look into the details of this thing, "the OT III Incident", and it is out there on the Internet.
I do not really know, but I believe, according to my own experiences, that this is quite possible, and I therefore suggest that you are careful in this regard - it MAY be very hazardous.
It is in reality (in effect) said that: "this is designed to kill anyone who discovers the truth". Make of this what you yourself want.

The below texs are anyway small texs (a few a little longer) that I have been writing for myself as "working material", and these are in other words (originally) notes of mine. I include these texts here as extra information to (hopefully) make the letters, and the other texts on this website a little more clear.

The _r in filenames indicates that this text i slightly corrected to get rid of some spelling and grammatical errors (or a few other minor errors). The content is not changed.

Question and Statement

This is a question to all of you people in high or low military, police, governmental, or administrative positions, not to mention media or finance people, who are promoting or serving the agenda of the very enemy of humanity:
Do you really think that you - ultimately - have any legal right to carry out decisions, enforce laws, or rules, or regulations, or to follow orders that are creating hell on Earth, by creating wars and chaos, poverty and famine, small or large scale suffering for humans and animals, or destruction of nature and our environment at large?!

You certainly have NOT! Do you realize that?
What you do then is certainly actually ILLEGAL, and thus anybody has the right to disobey you, or to act as your superior, as long as they are more reasonable than you are. This certainly does apply also as long as you do not prevent these things from happening, because THAT is your job.

I do believe the majority of you are nice and decent people, but you have to carefully consider who you are working for, and what agenda you are supporting and enforcing.

This is a question to you the "human overlords", whether you are Yaldabaoth, Yahweh, "the Creator", or Demons, inter-dimensional Dark Beings, or alien "gods", or alien-human "demigods".
You seem to be operating with the motto: "WE OWN THE UNIVERSE, AND WE OWN YOU!"

This is like this (disgusting) "corporate attitude", which irritates me so greatly – "we own everything", "we do whatever we want" (we care only about ourselves).
This can of course thus show itself to be very significative, I think – "same people, same talk".
This is "the way" of "the market", isn't it?
This is also like this disgusting criminal, totally disrespectful and ruthless attitude, that they determine everything, that they determine all conditions, and that they master oneself, one's life, one's actions, and one's thoughts.
This is exactly disgusting!
Your, our "overloards", INTENTION is certainly that which I describe above, but this is also a total lie and a completely shameless claim. Something else would be unimaginable, as I now see it.

Do you realize that this is a great, age old, and flagrant LIE and DECEPTION, and that you seemingly also are deceiving YOURSELVES?!


All these texts are my own thoughts, or ideas, or conclusions, and I do not really claim to be correct about all the things stated here.
I state these things as my point of view, and you will have to discern all of this for yourself. These things are Theories, not (yet) proven Facts!

I do my own "research" of data and information, based on intuition and my own experiences, and I thus make my own conclusions and formulate my own theories, or hypothesis.

I DO warn everybody, however, that this in reality (at large) MIGHT be TRUE! Certainly we all have to wake up and realize what is actually going on on planet Earth - indeed we do!

If any of you have religious beliefs that are offended by my writings, and you thus are insulted and, in the name of God, would like to punish me, please let Allah/Yahweh do that himself then, because he certainly will, if that day comes, and I sincerely believe that would be his choise. Truth shall prevail, isn't it?

Small Texts that are in some way connected to the e-mails:

The AgendaIncluded also here to give a better perspective.
(This was originally not a letter.)
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 – Yes, wake up please!

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