Dear Kerry!

Thank you for your answer.

Please excuse me, if my message was unclear - I am so used to these ideas myself that I,
it seems, forget to consider that others may not be so.
(Also, I wanted to keep my messages as short as possible - too short obviously.)

Well, I am a scientologist in the respect that I believe that Ron Hubbard's work is,
at least when it comes to finding out about the mechanisms of the Mind, and about our Past,
our History, rather important, not to say crucial.
Otherwise I am NOT much of a scientologist nowadays, because the Scientology organization has,
very obviously, been taken over, and I have not been an active member since 1987-88.

I must also tell you that I am a kind of very "disobedient", or "wild" type of person,
and I prefer to think for myself, and to make my own conclusions,
and to make up my own mind about reality, so to speak, and I had many controversies in Scientology,
and I was (mostly) regarded, one could say, as being "disloyal", or "out ethics",
which simply means that I was considered to be an unethical person, who didn't do what was "right",
did not act in a reasonable way.
(Well, even if I certainly DID have some problems and difficulties,
this way of treating people was of course all part of the take over process).

Therefore I do NOT tell you about this thing (OT III) from a "Scientology perspective",
but from my OWN perspective, if you can see what I mean.

So, why do I write to you about OT III - the Incident - at all?
It is because this is, I strongly assume, part of our History, and part of "the Agenda".
Yes, I DO believe that it has happened, and I do believe that it is THE Reason why we are here,
most of us, and why things are the way they are on our planet.

OT III, or OT 3, is just the designation of a "level" of study and actions in Scientology,
"Operating Thetan Course, Level 3", and that is not significant here.
Hubbard called a Spiritual Being a "Thetan", and Operating refers to the ability to operate,
as a Spiritual Being, without the need of a physical body, and there were (are) many "levels",
levels of study and actions, on the way to that goal (a goal which, by the way,
never has been fully realized so far).
What IS significant here is the subject addressed on this "level", that is, what once happened.

Anyway, this Incident (which is thus covered in Hubbard's OT III Materials) is,
as I MYSELF see it I must add, something which happened very long ago (about 75 million years ago,
it is said), "out there" in this part of the galaxy, and here on planet Earth,
and which had a VERY devastating effect on our Consciousness,
and on how we all see and go about things, and act these days.
It was the staging of a project of "super mind control", one could say,
and where we were sent here to planet Earth, in order to be guarded, and controlled - AND,
this was done by "the Controllers", the VERY same crew that we are dealing with right now,
and that you yourself have been reporting about,
even if the ACTUAL Controllers may be more hidden than is normally considered.
This is (I further assume) what created, is the basic cause of, the "zombie society" that we live in,
where people do not anymore know themselves as Spiritual Beings,
and where they cannot anymore see OTHERS - including animals and plants - as Spiritual Beings,
and then I mean really consciously SEE, but where we all (most of us in the west anyway) believe,
with a lot of "help" from our "education", that we live only once, and that we merely are the brain,
so that we thus all are "reduced to" a chemical reaction in a brain,
and where we all have a very limited perspective - on almost everything.
(Yes, I believe that there have been temporary, and partial, recoveries at times, so to speak,
but not to the point of undoing this thing.)
Life was, as I see (remember) it, and in a sense that is hard to imagine, I believe,
Beautiful and Easy before this happened, and I have felt very sad about what was lost here,
because since then life has been (mostly) a hell, and a mess, and it is not recognizable anymore.

I do not want to elaborate too much on this, and I do not know a lot of details here
(except what Hubbard said about it, and I do not want to go into that,
as that would not help us very much at the moment, I assume), but that is what it is about. 
I wrote it, because I wanted to give YOU this PERSPECTIVE - a perspective that, I very much assume,
would include a very crucial aspect of all our history, and of all our, current,
existence here on this planet.
Otherwise I do not know, honestly, what to DO with this information, not at this point anyway,
especially as this is a kind of a delicate matter,
except being AWARE of it - that such a thing has happened.
More I cannot say right now.

I am sorry if this thing has been irritating to you,
but I just felt a strong urge to let you know this.

Yours sincerely
Erik Norman

P.S. I would like to thank you very much for all your work so far.
Don't believe that I, despite my maybe seemingly critical or questioning messages,
do not appreciate your work.
It has been very valuable to me - and certainly also to others.
([.......... omitted sentence])