>>>The Nature of Greys and their Activities.<<<

Dear Nigel!

My name is Erik Norman, and I am from Sweden.
I have been following Project Camelot, and Red Ice Radio, etc. for some years now,
and I have just been listening to your interview at Red Ice Radio,
and I have read some of your articles, namely (so far):

"The Horde",
"Our Father who art from Spaceships",
"Why do we let ETs play hide and seek with us?"
"Visions of the Future – Sim Card Man".

Thus, I do have some suggestions for you, as I am rather committed to, or rather alarmed by,
the situation we are all facing.
All you say is very interesting, and worth considering, I think,
but I still have some doubts about your ideas and conclusions - some of them.

(Yes, it is true that I still haven't read your books, but I anyhow consider it possible,
to raise some questions and reflections on your theories.)

I suggest that the Greys are not really "robots", they are (more probably) a designed,
fabricated (by genetic manipulation), inferior Lifeform.
They are made by another race of beings, and their "masters" are NOT gone, by any means,
I further suggest.
These "masters" are still there (here) manipulating and forcing things towards their own ends.
There is an AGENDA here, I contend, an Agenda of Control and Domination.
How do you control a "soul" - a free, and conscious "soul"?

What I am trying to say here is that the game is bigger than just the intrusion of Greys.
This is a Spiritual War, I thus contend, and the Greys are mere servants in this whole thing.
This is thus not at all the Greys' "game", that is to say Purpose,
it is basically someone else's "game", or Purpose.

Yes, the Greys seem to lack conscience, that is true, but so do some humans,
especially psychopaths, but also (for instance) some utterly blind and irresponsible scientists,
like Michio Kaku maybe - and how about all the "ordinary" people just REFUSING to see,
that there is something terribly wrong with our world today.

I believe everything has Consciousness in some respect, but you can be more or less,
so to speak, "cut off", or separated, form the qualities of the Divine, or the Spiritual,
what you call the "Godverse".

No, I do not believe in "God", and I am not a Christian, or a Muslim, or into Judaism,
or anything of that sort, definitely not - but I DO believe in a Divine Intelligence,
and I DO believe that we all (basically) ARE (constituting) that Divine Intelligence.

I believe Man is an immortal Spirit, a Spiritual Being, as it were, but as we are trapped,
it obviously seems, in a Human Body, we are to a certain extent "cut off" from the "Godverse".
This "level" of "cut off" can be controlled by technical means, and by genetic manipulation,
I assume, and that has happened to US, I further believe, and it has happened to the Greys.

Different hybrids, different purposes...

I can think of at least three different (possible) hybrid projects.

Greys - have been used as "protection", I believe, as the "master race" may have,
indeed, some difficulties in adjusting to the environment of our planet.
(The greys therefore perform the function of a "protective suit", so to say.)
Greys are thus merely servants, or "workers", I assume, but they may have some freedom,
perhaps, to "do their own things", and so they may have been trying to "upgrade" themselves.
Or, otherwise they are just doing the work of others, of their "masters".

Hybrids (psychopatic) - are, and have been, used - throughout history - as middlemen,
or "enforcers" of the Agenda - and they have NO Conscience to bother them.
(They are accordingly already walking amongst us ordinary humans.)
These may also however have started their own "game", their own course of actions,
arrogant and self-conceited as they are, and believe that they are going to get away with it -
whether they know about their masters or not.
I don't think that many of them are aware of their masters - know that they really exist,
or what they really are - or that they are NOT going to get away with their own actions,
when these masters are ready for their final moves.

Hybrids ("perfected") - may have been planned as vehicles for the "masters".
It is perfectly possible, I think, that these masters have a plan to "move in" on Earth,
but they may need a physical body suited for that, and that they consider "apt",
and good enough for them.
Are these maybe the "Nordics"?

Finally, I would like to say something more about the above mentioned scientists,
the so called scientists, that is.
These people do day after day, in their activities, things that are, or at least could be,
very detrimental to our future and the future of the planet.
Freedom, or freedom of choice, or "free will", is fine, as long as you do not harm,
or damage, somebody else, isn't it?

What is actually so indispensable about technical development, or as they call it "progress"?
Many "scientist" in our time are playing with phenomena and forces that are, as it were,
encroaching on our lives in a very hidden and dangerous way.
It is coming creeping upon us all, and we cannot protect ourselves against it.
Is that fair, or sane, or reasonable?!
They are changing the Foundation of our Lives, and replacing Nature with Synthetic,
unnecessary, "solutions".
Who does in reality need - or want - that?!

How could these people actually be allowed to be doing what they are doing?!
Are these people so great that they are above, are superior to, everybody else?
No they are NOT, and to the contrary these people are vicious and criminal, I so contend,
and these activities should not at all be allowed (the way they are).

I do not want to refute or diminish your work, but I (allways) want to get things straight,
and some of your ideas or conclusions do not really make sense to me, or "add up".
A lot of what you say is very spot on, I consider, but I still do miss something...

Thank you anyway for all your hard work so far!
The subject you bring up is, I believe, very crucial and significant.
I hope that you can excuse my impertinence and straightforward remarks.

Yours Very Sincerely
Erik Norman