>>>Matters Beyond Elenin.<<<

Dear Richard and Robin!

Possibly, you, Richard, are absolutely right about "comet" Elenin,
and that there is nothing to worry about, but "something wonderful" coming.
My suspicion that a Brown Dwarf or Niburu could be on its way into Earth vicinity may,
I assume, certainly be unfounded.
(I wrote you the below message, the new one at 2011-09-13,
and I do not know if you have read it.)
There have however been different reports about one or more objects "following" Elenin,
and I am still not totally convinced that everything is just fine.
(I am just afraid that we do not get to know what is actually happening out there,
if we do not happen to have the knowledge and resources to check that for ourselves.)

Anyway, I would like to put your attention on one more (final) thing.
There is obviously a lot going on right now on Earth, which do not seem to be,
not as for me anyway, that natural or normal, and that includes political and other occurences.
Also obviously, there is some VERY destructive Agenda pushed forwards by some people,
and now I would like to make you consider the following.

Do you, Richard and Robin, believe that all these bad things,
like never ending wars and conflicts, environmental destruction,
lack of any real scientific progress, financial chaos, and poverty and misery etc.,
are caused merely by some "bad guys", that is some greatly insane (psychopathic) and egoic people,
here on Earth, who are trying to reach their own wicked goals?

Please think about it!

Where does all the pure EVIL come from, and all the occult, satanic and ritualistic proceedings?
Where does all the ruthlessness come from, and the overwhelming lack of common sense and compassion?
Where do all the religious confusion and hysteria on this planet come from?
Where does the strange information in the Bible and other ancient records come from,
about "gods" and demons and their doings and conflicts etc.?
Why are humans so utterly spiritually unconsious and oblivious about their true nature and history,
and thereby so easily mind controlled and so destitute of any true integrity?

It is about time, I think, to question WHO is actually orchestrating this whole thing, isn't it!
What IS in reality "the big picture" here, and what is ULTIMATELY going on?

I suggest, that there is a Spiritual War, in the deepest sense of these words, going on,
above and beyond some possible "invisible" conventional (physical) war,
and that this Spiritual War is perpetrated by some VERY DARK (interdimensional) SPIRITUAL FORCES,
which have been doing this for EONS, and that "our" war, 65 million years ago,
was all part of this whole thing.
These dark forces are thus litterally, I assume, trying to destroy or pervert, and control all Life,
and all this silly talk about this being a "school" or a "learning experience" is,
I further assume, absolute nonsense (even though it finally might be - in a different way).
Others say, put it, that this is a "necessary experience" - necessary for what?!
(Necessary, so that we wake up from our [inflicted] unconsciousness, may be.)

Do you then believe that the power behind this Agenda will be content with, let us say for instance,
people on Earth becoming aware of what is (apparently) happening and trying to counteract that,
and Benjamin Fulford's "White Dragon Society" setting up a whole new financial system in the world,
totally out of this power's control, and some (not so few) people in the military industrial complex,
and elsewhere in society, "changing sides", so to speak, and so the whole thing would be settled,
and humanity would be left alone?

I myself do NOT believe that, and so I am concerned about what is ACTUALLY going on here,
and thus what is going to COME, because everyone seems to me to be missing the point in this plot,
seems to be missing how big the game in reality is, and how superior (and malevolent) the enemy is,
if we do not wake up and smell the coffee.
(I have not, I am sorry to say, been listening to your Awake and Aware conference,
and so I do not know what has been said there.)

HOPEFULLY though, we do have some people on "the outside", who are trying to help us,
because we just must be part of some larger context (which is hopefully not overtaken by this power).
I DO believe however, that it is not "meant" to be that Life itself is finally going to be wasted,
and Elenin may of course just be part of such an effort or mission to help.

You, Richard, mentioned on Coast to Coast some week ago (2011-09-20),
that you somewhat embrace the idea of cyclic events,
and then especially the rise an decay of civilisations, and of our Consciousness.
I myself do really believe in some kind of cyclic course of events too, but what does that mean?
We have for instance all the old legends about end times, including the Norse "Ragnarök",
and there is certainly something to this, I believe, but what in reality happened here?
What I myself do believe is that there are these cosmic cycles like the wobbling of the Earth,
precession, and the moving up and down through the galactic plane, but what does this imply then?
Some of these things may be staged, I think, and others may, as far as I can see, be natural,
but do they, especially then these (possibly) natural events, change Consciousness?

Well, they might do, I assume, but to what degree?
Do we thus go in and out of being fully spiritually conscious and aware, and capable?
Back and forth to our natural, or original spiritual state of being, or something like that?
I myself do strongly doubt that!
Why then would we prefer to "go back in" again, and even more why would we HAVE TO do it?!
Why would we be subjected to cosmic cycles - and malevolent plans - if we could be,
as it were, "spirit over matter", the Source of Creation?
Is this such a wondrous, or fascinating, or beautiful, or joyful experience (any more),
especially in the current state of consciousness, that we would like to hold on to it?
There have certainly been historical events of great proportions on Earth,
with a lot of the "gods", or alien stuff, and so on, but maybe it all has been,
RELATIVELY speaking, a bit more "down to earth", as it were?

Richard and Robin, my firm conviction is that we all now live in a Reality that is a
SUBSTITUTE for a Reality, a Beautiful, and Joyful, and Peaceful, and Happy Reality,
where we all experienced a totally different level of Consciousness, REAL Life,
which was taken away from us some 65 million years ago.
This was a Reality that was so great and is so unreal to humans today that it is, I believe,
almost impossible for most people to even imagine what it was like - it seems totally forgotten.
(It is forgotten because people have gotten oblivious, that is unconscious about it,
and we are made unconscious, and life on Earth is an inflicted chaos and "struggle for survival".) 
Have you ever been experiencing a beautiful sunset
and suddenly felt a heavy sadness deep within yourself?
Well, then you have touched the (deeply hidden) memory of this lost world.

I don't mean to say by this that there is no "magic", or are no "magic worlds",
that could be "higher level", or "more spiritual" than this, because that is, I assume,
ultimately all part of our spiritual nature, and that is where we all came from to begin with,
but the ruin of this "lost world" that I am talking about was, as far as I can see,
an EXTREMELY insidious and devastating loss to us all, at the time it happened (relatively lately),
and in the context it happened, and we are still totally overwhelmed by and lost in this thing.
This is not only a "lost world", it seems, it is even a "lost time", that is missing TIME,
because it is a time period that seems to be "gone" (any true memory of it is gone).

What do you think about this - do you have any ideas or suggestions?!
What was for instance, in your opinion, the war 65 million years ago about then?
If this was a "type 2 civilisation" (with which I do not exactly know what you Richard mean),
obviously a "space civilisation", so to speak, what was this all about?
What would have been the reason for such a war, you think? 
And, why would this war still be ONGOING, as you, Richard, mentioned during the Elenin conference?
What is going on here - what would be "the problem", so to speak, that cause a 65 million year war?!

Erik Norman

P.S. Maybe one day, for instance when the Mayan Calendar has ended, "ting-a-ling", everything settles,
and we can all, "good" or "bad", sit at the fire place and talk about the wondrous,
great game that we have been playing since time immemorial? :-)
What do you know?!
(Because this may indeed ultimately be a game - an entangled game, I surmise.)
Maybe then, we should thus all of us just relax and relay on an "inevitably", so to speak,
"happy ending", but I am not so sure that would be the wisest thing to do.

P.P.S. The reason I believe, or suspect, what I do is, I assume, that I have had, and have,
certain own experiences, as it were,
besides what Hubbard and others have been saying about all these things.
I may be misconstruing these experiences and this whole thing - but maybe not.