From: RCH 
Subject: Re: Fw: Suggestions regarding the Elenin conference.
To: "Robin Falkov" 
Date: Friday, July 8, 2011, 2:56 AM


Just ask yourself one simple question about "Elenin":

If it was "merely another comet," or, "merely an object designed to further the EXISTING
(deceitful) paradigm" ....

Would there be the relentless, on-going, aggressive campaign of outright "fear porn" being
deliberately spread all across the Web ... ABOUT it?

That's one of the main reasons i think it MIGHT just be fulfillment of Arthur C. Clarke's words,
from "2010":

"Something Wonderful is Coming."

So, yes, I can definitely entertain a "recovery" mission model ....   :)


P.S.  the Big Thing you're alluding to involved THIS solar system ... free will ... and
the Great War ~65 million years ago--

Which COMPLETELY wrecked the Physics (and the on-going "Consciousness Experiment") in THIS solar system.

Which no one has wanted to (or been ABLE to) "fix" .. for MILLIONS of years. 

Maybe THAT'S one of things that's coming ... the "fix it" crew.   :)


>>>RE: Suggestions regarding the Elenin conference.<<<

Dear Richard!

This is great, and thank you very much for your answer.
This is the first time I have been able to communicate this "Incident idea" to somebody and,
as it were, get a true response (and this has mostly been impossible to even touch upon).
(Of course this was "accepted" in Scientology, but nobody really knew what it actually was about,
and the ones who DID have some information [Hubbard's description of it] were,
because the materials were/are "confidential", muffled.)

I do not get all your points however, as I cannot see what you mean with "Consciousness Experiment",
and with mentioning "free will" here.
(But yes, people DID there [obviously], and which has been irritating me greatly [even when it
happened it seems to me], get deceived into, and so BOUGHT INTO "giving up", and "handing over"
that wondrous world of ours to these criminals.
But who was then, shall we say, orchestrating this whole thing? The creator?! Oh no!!)

Also, I have not been looking that much at the "fear porn" about Elenin, so I cannot refer to it,
even if I certainly believe you, when you say, as you also did in the Elenin conference,
that it actually is there.
My "doubts", or "concerns" are fully my own ideas about what may be coming, but as I told you,
I do not believe that this is "meant" to really get as dark, as it by some is, or rather may be,
planned to get.
I also believe that, as you say, Elenin may be a staged, and directed event, and that some very different,
and hopefully good, thing is going to take place here very soon.

Let us assume though, that it actually are "the bad guys", who are responsible for the fear mongering.
It is always difficult, I think, to try to understand their strategy, but it may be questionable,
I agree with you, that they would try to discredit, and throw suspicion on something that they
themselves have initiated - but, could they (for instance) be so sure of themselves by now,
that they just use this as some kind of wicked pleasure?
I hesitate to say this, and I do not want to offend you, but although you say he was your
"dear old friend", I am a bit doubtful here, also because if Arthur C. Clarke was an "insider",
was he then a "good guy", or a "bad guy" insider, so to speak, saying that something good is coming?
I did not know Arthur at all of course, and maybe you know something here that I do not know?

Anyway, I was a bit stunned to see you mentioning "65 million years ago",
as that is exacly what I myself believe.
Hubbard said that this happened 75 million years ago, and I have been wondering somewhat about that,
but this is, I consider, a minor discrepancy, especially considering how he (most probably) got that date,
and maybe this "the scientific" date is actually not fully correct?
(Or, do you, Richard, have some other source here than the date of
"the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event"?)

However that may be, "your" date definitely awoke my sad childhood memory of the realization,
from the age of six (or maybe I was seven), that the Dinosaurs where gone.
I was very upset about that, and that "they" were, as I saw it, "lying about the Dinosaurs",
and that "they" did not tell the truth about what happened to them - and that "they" were saying
that the Dinosaurs were stupid and primitive, and could not make it in "evolution".

This whole thing was a SHOCK to me, and I got a very suspicious, and "heavy" feeling about this thing,
and I wanted to know, what ACTUALLY happened here, as this seemed to me to be VITALLY important.
There was SOMETHING here, I felt, that I just HAD TO know, and I got kind of obsessed by it.
(At the age of four I had realized one day, a gloomy autumn day, looking up at the dark clouds in the sky,
that there was something out there "that was not good", and "that was very threatening",
and "that somebody had done something malicious out there", so I was already, so to speak,
into this line of thinking.)

Anyway "our" war seems to coincide nicely with the extinction of the Dinosaurs, isn't it?
OF COURSE it does, as something very devastating happened here at that point in time,
and which in reality seems to be much more crucial than the scientists even have any clue about,
and I really do hope that, as you suggest, the "fix it" crew is coming very soon - if we are not,
in reality, supposed to be (part of?) the "fix it" crew ourselves - some of us.

(I questioned  in my last e-mail the idea that this would have been exactly a CIVIL war,
because I look at it, as if there would have been an "outside enemy" here, but maybe we could actually
call it a civil war, as if there would be a war between the "good guys" and the "bad guys" here on Earth.)

I would also like to say, that yes, "the Big Thing", I also assume, involved THIS solar system,
and I said that this happened "'out there' in this part of the galaxy, and here on planet Earth",
but thus ALSO a large part of the space around this solar system, as far as I can see.
My "memory" is, that we were brought HERE, and that this is not (really) HOME (for most of us anyway),
and that THE reason we actually are here is that we were brought here as prisoners, or war captives,
or literally as slaves for an agenda of control and domination, as no other purpose, as for me,
"makes any real sense" here.
"They" did not just want to "get rid of us", or something like that, because this planet,
not to mention humanity, seems to be, let us say, too "precious", and coveted for the powers that be,
for me to believe that.
Why ELSE would "they" be so obsessed with controlling us - what are they then doing "out there",
where we are not supposed to be, that is so important to them,
and that "they" do not want us to be part of,
or that "they" do not want us to interfer with, and that "they" so want to protect?!
"They" would then be "having their game" (out) THERE, isn't it, but it seems most likely, to me anyway,
that "they" are actually "having their game" right HERE.
What is your take on that?

My guess is, that THIS PLANET, or rather HUMANITY ITSELF, is the actual focal point in this whole thing,
especially if you also consider our ancient history, and if there really is a genetic motif here,
with malnutrition, and poisoning, and radiation, and wars, and starvation, and genocide etc.,
it may be just because they want to have an "apt" but "new", and more controllable species.

Erik Norman

P.S. Please excuse the delay with my answer, but I am not good at looking at my e-mails,
and so people often have to wait for my reply - even regarding urgent things.