Hi Kerry!

Thank you for your answer.
I just wanted to know, if my e-mail got through to you.

I understand very well, that you have a very limited amount of time for answering e-mails – and that’s a pity, I think.
I also understand, that you cannot reply to every point in my message (even if that would have been interesting).
Anyway, things are as they are, and mere speculation may often not be very useful, as far as I can see.
Well, I had just written to you:
But yes, please post my message under Letters to Camelot (without my name), thank you – just in case it could do any good.
Then I realized, that you have already posted it – thank you very much.

Yes, I am aware of your blog, but it would be impossible (at least for me) to go through all your interviews and radio talks, and so on, especially as there is a lot of other information to consider, and it anyway is often rather difficult to discern what is true, and what is not, with a lot of cross checking and source evaluation to do, and so on, as you certainly know.
I do not have the time to do all this very carefully, and so this is very much an intuitive thing, as for me anyway, where I try to "go in the direction that feels true".
There is a lot of information out there – both in your files and in other places – and I cannot possibly cover it all, I am sorry to say.

This was not intended as criticism of your, or Bill’s, work, in reality, but rather an effort to point out that there may be something very strange about (the concept of) "God", or "the Creator".
Yes, there is something in this whole "divine agenda" thing that really does not feel true to me – it "rings falsely", as I wrote.
This is bothering me, and I just wanted to share my suspicions with you.

You see, I believe that the "Spiritual Development" going on here on planet Earth is a Spiritual RECOVERY, and NOT - as many seem to believe - a Spiritual EVOLUTION.
(Certainly this will be a "spiritual enhancement" to a great extent, with all the gathered experience, and so on, but that is not my point here.)

I send you a slightly corrected version of my message, if you care to bother about that, where some misspellings and a couple of grammatical errors (of mine) are taken care of.
This is in the attached Word document.

Best Wishes
Erik Norman