>>>What is going on?<<<

Dear Benjamin!

In your latest weekly report you say:
"Japan’s government formally agrees to set up 1000 trillion yen fund
but worries about geopolitical ramifications".
What a pity!

Why is that, you think?!
"Well, you see, we really do want to do this, but there are some problems,
there is this and that, and this and that, ...blah blah blah..."
Isn't this just delaying tactics, and a hidden way to say "no"?

Isn't this "1000 trillion yen fund" supposed to SOLVE "geopolitical ramifications"?!

Don't you SEE that we all are (most probably) fooled - you and me included?
These people will never (really) do anything, because they are cowards - OR,
even worse, they are (with or without consent) working for the "bad guys".

I assume that you yourself are not attending these "meetings", or "negotiations",
that you talk about, but that you are merely told what has been said, or decided.
Is that so?

Did you listen to Kerry Cassidy's interview with Jim Stone?

[If you didn't,] please DO that then!

Please also see:

It seems that "the good guys" in reality are NOT "running the show", isn't it?

If I would be wrong about this, I would be very happy and grateful.
That is probably not the case, however, and it is really VERY ALARMING, I think, that nobody,
that is almost nobody, is paying attention, when these things are happening.

This is how "the Cabal", or "the NWO" and their overlords will succed with their infamous,
and malevolent plans - and create HELL on Earth, when stupid humans are just watching,
without any suspicion, or any [real] action taken to prevent it.
They must be laughing at us - and be enjoying how "smart" and powerful they are!

Finally, and this is directed to you the WDS, and the "Alliance of Nations" people,
and to you the (other) "White Hats", where ever, whoever (yes, whoever) you are:

if you really intend to do something about "the Cabal", then DO IT - NOW!!
They won't go away, so now you will have to (physically) remove them.
This is not a request - this is (because somebody has to do it*) a COMMAND!

If it is not true what you have been claiming about that you have everything under control,
and so on, and you are in reality overpowered by "the Cabal" and their overlords,
then stop stating lies.
If you consider me wrong, or unfair in my above statements, please refute these,
with good evidence, and convince me that I am wrong.

*) UPPDATE 2013-04-22:
  There is a minor language error here, and altough it is still very true
  that "somebody has to do it", that is to say take action,
  what I in reality meant here was that somebody had to make this DEMAND.

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman, Sweden

P.S. Are there "white hats" in the Commitee of 300?
Who is then, you consider, "Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia"?
Is this possibly Alexander Romanov?