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The quest for the Dark Lord - "God", "the Creator"

Contact Yaldabaoth.


My e-mail address is:
xxx (not yet applicable).

Disclaimer: I understand very well the difficulty in handling large loads of e-mails, and I will therefore apply the following policy:

I will, as I have considered reasonable as for Kerry et al., read and reply to e-mails that I find interesting, or important, or significant in some way.
IF I can manage to find the necessary time for that.
I am sorry for this, but this website is not thought of as being a Forum, and I have no intention really to use to much of my time on e-mails.
As I am just an ordinary person, with work to do and many other duties, I just do not have the time for that!

If I receive e-mails that are just threatening, or hateful, or unfriendly, or abusive, or otherwise do not make any sense, I will just delete them.
I will thus not consider these in any way, as that is not at all what this effort is about.

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