>>>Suggestions regarding the Elenin conference.<<<

Dear Richard!

I am Erik Norman from Sweden.

I have been following your work, and Project Camelot, David Icke, David Wilcock,
Benjamin Fulford, and a few others for about one year and a half by now.
I have not been writing to you before,
and I normally find writing a lot of suggestions and comments to be mostly futile.

However, I listened to the Elenin conference, and there you said:

"In the model that Joseph and I have been pursuing that we are heirs to a tremendous type 2
civilisation that millions of years ago convulsed itself in a cataclysmic civil war,
and that war in fact is still ongoing, for purposes that are beyond, shall we say,
normal terrestial extrapolations.
In other words, we are dealing with a war here probably, to use a methaphysical term,
for our very souls, and what happens on the physical plane is all part of the higher level,
hyper dimensional game.
And that war is still ongoing, then obviously those six and a half billion of us now on planet Earth
are being ... (?), we are being contested for, we are, we are pawns in someones game,
which we are not even being allowed to know, we are in the game,
because every side in this war appears to want to keep us in the dark.
The so called "good guys", if there are any in this game, are keeping us in the dark.
The bad guys certainly are keeping us in the dark, they're keeping us quarantined,
we are not supposed to know the physics exists, our anscient history exists,
the monuments all over the planet have been built to ... (?) remind us of who we are,
and why we are here, and what we are supposed to be doing,
and we are not supposed to look at that history, that's not supposed to exist.
At every level we are being told: stay in your box, stay, you know, work nine to five,
be a good little slave, pay your taxes,
and don't whatever you do think as big as the scale of the real game that is going on.",

and I would like to comment this in a couple of respects.
I was inspired by your view here, I must say, but why would it be exactly a civil war, you think?
(This e-mail is maybe a bit long, but please be patient with me and read on.)

For practical reasons, and as I try to convey a certain message here,
(much of) the below (and some of the above) text is almost a copy of a message that I sent
to David Wilcock, at 2011-06-09.

Many researchers in the alterative media do these days speculate about our destiny,
or fate, here on Earth, and so on, and there are many of these people,
these researchers, who talk about this "developement", as some kind of evolution.
There may possibly, I assume, be some KIND of evolution, so to speak, going on here,
but I strongly suggest that most of these people are too biased by the,
as I see it largely false, idea of (biological) "Evolution",
and so they believe that there also is a spiritual "evolution" going on.

(It may be true, I assume, that there is some kind of "time schedule" here,
according to what Carl Johan Calleman says about the Mayan Calendar,
and that one may call that "evolution", as it were, but that is as far as I am prepared to go,
besides considering some kind of "rescue plan", created by some [technically] highly evolved ET's,
that may have a mission to help us.
This "rescue plan" could then maybe be regarded as a kind of "divine agenda", I think,
a thing that many of the above mentioned researchers also seem to believe in.)

I say this as some sort of introduction to the message (to David) below, because what IS then,
I wonder, actually our destiny, or fate here, and what IS our true Histoy?!

This is the copied message to David (with just a small alteration at the end):

I would anyway like to make you consider, that our fate here on planet Earth, so to speak,
is not at ALL about EVOLUTION.
It is, I strongly assume, about a RECOVERY - a RECOVERY from a DEVOLUTION, if you wish.

Please think about it.
Why would that be (an evolution)?!
Do you believe that we all are Spiritual Beings with infinite Power and Abilities?
If so, do you believe in a "primordial divine plan" to make us "better", to make us "fulfilled",
or "perfect"?
Again, WHY would that be?
Do you then really believe, that we ever (originally) were defect, or deficient?

I myself just CANNOT believe that.
(This besides a very dark, and suspicious feeling in this whole thing.)
I therefore believe that this famous "divine agenda" - to "make us fulfilled" - is nothing but
The whole thing is, I strongly believe, about Control and Domination of (all) Spiritual Beings,
and this idea is put there on top of it,
in order to make us believe that we are here for a good purpose,
and to accept all the pain and misery that we are experiencing.
What a simple, and still tremendoulsy effective, way of deceiving us all into, I would say,
accepting being prisoners on this planet, isn't it?

It seems so prevalent among spiritual researchers to believe in such a "divinie agenda".
It also seems to be usual to look at Humanity, as if we were just our bodies,
and that our "evolution" as Homo Sapiens therefore is also our "evolution" as Spiritual Beings.
What if we actually have a very long - not to say eternal - history as Spiritual Beings,
where we gradually LOST our Spiritual Capabilities?
A history that started LONG before we ended up as Homo Sapiens on planet Earth - in a state of oblivion.
What if we all Spiritual Beings together, in our original state of consciousness, as ONE,
actually are the Divine Intelligence?
What if - frankly stated - "God", or "the Creator" is an impostor, or "an evil alien",
as it were, who's agenda it is to control and dominate us all - because he wanted to be "great",
that is, to be exactly "God" to all of us?!
(Please just read Genesis in the Old Testament to get an idea about this thing.
Do YOU, David, believe that this is just a story emanating from religious, or philosophical,
but primitive, ideas of certain ancient people?
I do NOT.)

I also do believe that there once happened a very disastrous thing in our galaxy,
very long ago, that still has an enormous impact on all our consciousness and behaviour.
I really DO believe that this has happened, because I have "been living with it" since childhood.
It has been a very scary and threatening feeling inside me, but it has also, in a strange way,
been very exiting.
You see, when this "memory" has been moving in me, it has been scary like being a VERY FORBIDDEN AREA,
but it has also been like:
"if I just could get THAT (which is hidden in there), then I would understand everything,
and I would be FREE (from any problem or burden this life now means)."
Or, "I have (almost) revealed the Ultimate (hidden) Truth about this life."

I have tried to have Kerry Cassidy considering this thing, but she (obviously) does not believe me.
(I also wrote a letter to Kerry 2010-11-22,
which is posted at Project Camelot Portal under LETTERS TO CAMELOT,

I once (2011-01-31) wrote to Kerry:

Anyway, this Incident (...) is,
as I MYSELF see it I must add, something which happened very long ago (millions of years ago),
"out there" in this part of the galaxy, and here on planet Earth,
and which had a VERY devastating effect on our Consciousness,
and on how we all see and go about things, and act these days.
It was the staging of a project of "super mind control", one could say,
and where we were sent here to planet Earth, in order to be guarded, and controlled - AND,
this was done by "the Controllers", the VERY same crew that we are dealing with right now,
and that you yourself have been reporting about,
even if the ACTUAL Controllers may be more hidden than is normally considered.
This is (I further assume) what created, is the basic cause of, the "zombie society" that we live in,
where people do not anymore know themselves as Spiritual Beings,
and where they cannot anymore see OTHERS - including animals and plants - as Spiritual Beings,
and then I mean really consciously SEE, but where we all (most of us in the west anyway) believe,
with a lot of "help" from our "education", that we live only once, and that we merely are the brain,
so that we thus all are "reduced to" a chemical reaction in a brain,
and where we all have a very limited perspective - on almost everything.
(Yes, I believe that there have been temporary, and partial, recoveries at times, so to speak,
but not to the point of undoing this thing.)
Life was, as I see (remember) it, and in a sense that is hard to imagine, I believe,
Beautiful and Easy before this happened, and I have felt very sad about what was lost here,
because since then life has been (mostly) a hell, and a mess, and it is not recognizable anymore.
End of quote.

I have cut out the sentence from one of the parenthesis above, in order to not make this,
so to speak, confusing to you, because I do not want to quote the whole message to Kerry here,
and this sentences would so be kind of "out of context" here.
I have also, for the same reason, changed one of the parenthesis above to read "millions of years ago".

Well, I do not know what you say about this, but I really wanted to give you this concept to consider,
because to me this is (and has my whole life been) a very crucial, or urgent thing.
To me this is absolutely authentic, and I would be very surprised, I must say,
if I am totally mistaken here - and then I mean about "the Incident", especially.
It would be interesting to hear your idea about it, and I would very much appreciate your answer.

Well that was my message to David Wilcock, and so I would like to give you, Richard, the same message.

So, What is this "Elenin thing" ultimately about?

Who then, or what, is coming into our vicinity now?
What will happen here then - will "the Lord" revisit us?!

Thus, will there be a final and total takeover by a criminally insane entity,
called "God" (or by somebody else, if you would rather believe that) - or by such a group,
if you wish - that will, literally, condemn us all to live in a spiritual (and physical)
oppression of a fascist, New World Order type - FOREVER?
(Or, are these, as I understand that you are inclined to believe, the "good guys" coming?)

In a "godforsaken" (eh?) part of the world - of the universe - this kind of thing,
or something like it, could probably happen, and it probably HAS, several times in history,
I assume.

Ultimately, however, I think that is just not "meant" to happen,
and we are now (most probably) in the End Times, and so the true purpose of Life,
the purpose of this Universe, or of "creation", if we call it that, should come true.
(This IS a Creation, I strongly assume - by ALL of us, as ONE, as the Divine Intelligence, or Source.)

Otherwise, this Universe would be a far more dark place, as far as I can see,
than any spiritual teacher, or tradition have ever told us about,
and in the case of a truly insane creator that could probably be possible.

I myself do not believe in a "creator", however, but certainly in an impostor,
calling himself "God", "the Creator", and let us so hope that the future is truly bright.

I suggest that it is probable that this entity - or group, if you wish - are "meant" to here,
at this point, finally "lose the (spiritual) war" - in some way,
even if he/they would actually come here.

And yes, I also do believe, I can tell you, that if you would put together, so to speak,
"The Lord of the Rings", and "Star Wars", in that sequence, you would, I assume, in reality,
pretty much get the Truth about our Spiritual History.

Yours Sincerely,
Erik Norman

P.S. I also attach a little text, for you to consider, that I sent to Kerry Cassidy at 2011-01-16,
and that I called "THE AGENDA", and which would be a (very) short summary of my view on this thing.
(The text is actually not more extensive than this P.S.)

Please do not get "thrown off" by the "Scientology connection" that I in passing mention in this text.
I was a scientologist for about 10 years, 1977-1987, and I believe there is a core of truth,
as it were, in what L. Ron Hubbard wrote and said, but I do not believe in everything Hubbard said,
and that he necessarily had, with Scientology, the purpose,
or mission that he claimed to have (even if that, at least in the beginning, at least partly,
may have been true).
I am, however, not a Scientology agent, or "emissary",
and I have not been a member of that group since 1987-88,
partly because the organisation around 1983 was totally taken over by the powers that be,
but I have been taking bits and peaces of what I have been encountering in my life,
and I have been trying to put these together in order to get the "Big Picture",
and so this IS my "Big Picture".
(This may of course be faulty, or incorrect, but that is not exactly my feeling about it.)

Please also be a bit careful with "looking into" details of the mentioned "OT III Incident",
and which is of course "the Incident" that is described above,
in the quotation in the message to David Wilcock,
for reasons that I can tell you more of my idea about (and experience of), if you are intertested.
All I can say right now is that it MAY be very traumatic, or dangerous,
and also you cannot be sure that the information, available on the Internet,
is necessarily very correct.
(With that I mean that neighter do I know, if the materials out there are absolutely true,
nor do I know, if the description of this incident given by Hubbard is fully correct
[which I believe it isn't],
but I DO believe, for personal reasons, and as mentioned above, that this really HAS happened.)

I would also like to tell you that I, after having been worried, and wondering about it my whole life,
was pretty stunned by the fact that I suddenly did "encounter" this thing also in Scientology,
and that somebody ELSE would be talking about it,
or even mentioning it (because this seemed to me to be a very secret,
and totally out of this world reality).
Thus, without even knowing at all - for many years - what "OT III" in reality was about,
I got very anxious about it,
and to me this is a "coincidence" that makes me only more confident that this is actually true.