Hi Danielle!

Thank you very much for your answer.
I understand very well that it is very difficult to manage loads of e-mails,
and that is the reason I actually have no contact information at my own website (yet?). 

You say about Nigel's observations of the Greys:
"-They are cold and emotionless.
 They show neither compassion nor cruelty just bland non-descript reactions.
-They study human emotion as though it is completely foreign to them.
-They have a hive mentality and act as one entity."

Well, I myself believe that ALL this can be accomplished by genetic manipulation,
and by mind-programming, and the Reality we live in is also more complex, I suggest,
than what we are made to understand - although ultimately being rather simple.

(The Body - the genetic structure - acts as a kind of "relay point" for Consciousness,
and it can thus, so to speak, "filter" our Awareness of the physical - or spiritual - Reality,
I so suggest, and it can also impose a certain pattern of behaving, or thinking,
or acting, and the same goes for the Mind itself [which is separate from the body].)

We are ourselves "entering at break-neck speed into artificial intelligence,
brain-machine interfaces, transhumanism", exactly because these the Greys' "masters" are,
in a rather hidden way, enforcing these very things.
It may be very unpleasant, but "evil masterminds" DO, I strongly contend, exist "out there",
and down here, and we have better realize that very quickly.

Regarding Stephen Hawking's statement:
"... preserve ourselves in case our own technological advances make this planet uninhabitable".

If this isn't INSANITY, then WHAT is?!

No, maybe Kurzweil, Kaku and Hawking do not have evil plans - MAYBE!
But if they are so intelligent, as they claim, or at least as some others claim,
then they should be a bit smarter than doing what they are actually doing, I contend.

Yes, these (so called) scientists (some of them) ARE, indeed,
vicious and criminal (but the system protects, and supports, and even instigates,
them and their activities), and it is, I further contend,
absolutely a matter of a form of insanity, to be as blind, and as irresponsible as these people,
these "scientists", obviously are.
If that actually is the case, that is, but maybe they in reality ARE - some of them - EVIL,
which is still insanity, by the way.
Because, intelligence and sanity, or reason, are obviously two different things,
and psychopaths can be VERY intelligent.

You say about Nigel's point:
"... the creators own awareness and consciousness will not be there to know or appreciate that
re-creation of their physical bodies"

Yes, I DO agree here, very much so, as I too believe, or rather am convinced, that Consciousness,
or the Divine Intelligence, as I sometimes prefer to call it, is exactly non-physical.
Consciousness is, I contend, non-physical, and the Physical Universe - energy and matter,
which is in itself "condensed" energy - (ultimately) emanates FROM it.
Furthermore, we all ARE that Consciousness, I believe - that is what LIFE in reality is.

(No, the Greys themselves do probably not really understand this, I think,
but their "masters" DO understand it, and they do know it - very well - at least some of them,
and that is exactly what they are, so desperately, trying to control [please see below].
However, the Greys may long for spiritual freedom, and peace of mind, in a way similar to,
or not very unlike what we humans do.) 

You also say - about the Greys:
"That is why they are so fascinated with us." (Etc.)

No, I would say!
And this is the strongest point of contention here, as you actually mention yourself,
and the real reason I wrote to Nigel.

The Greys are no machines, I contend, they are actually (inferior) living beings,
and they DO have Consciousness - but, they are, by genetic manipulation, "shut down".
They do not really have access to the Spiritual, to the Divine intelligence,
or to use Nigel's words, to "the Godverse".

The important thing here, I strongly suggest, is to understand that there is another Agenda,
another Agenda altogether, going on - an actual Agenda of CONTROL and DOMINATION.
This is the REAL threat, I further suggest, because there is a really malevolent plan,
and purpose, being enforced here.

This is not merely a matter of somebody trying to, "innocently", "protect themselves",
as if this would be a mistake, or something that could be managed by dialogue, or negotiation,
or by investigation, or analysis. It is much worse than that, I believe.
The Greys are mere servants, and their "masters" (whoever they are) are the real problem.

(The Greys cannot really take away your "soul", or rather your Consciousness [how could that be,
if you actually ARE Consciousness?], but they can - on behalf of their "masters" - trap you,
as it were, in a "soulless", robotoid Body, and they can thus, badly enough,
make you unaware of your own Consciousness - of being Conscious, of being a sentient living being.
Make you trapped in a condition where you would be like a computer program, or a machine,
unable to access your true [divine] Nature, or "the Godverse".
Of course, that is not so far from Nigel's own apprehensions, I assume.)

I am not saying, of course, that Nigel is not concerned about the activities of the Greys,
and that he does not try to warn about the consequences of these activities.
What I AM saying is, that this (most probably) is a MUCH bigger "game", and an age-old one,
a much more malevolent plan brought into action, where the (true) adversary cannot be talked to,
not because they are machines, but because they are exactly EVIL, and because they in NO way,
I contend, are going to abandon their purpose, their Agenda of Control and Domination.

This purpose of this Control and Domination may be twofold, I suggest:
On one hand these beings are, in their own (deep) insanity, scared to death of free,
powerful Spiritual Beings, who they believe could destroy them (but who naturally are loving),
and on the other hand they are addicted to Power, and so they would like to be, and to feel
"great" about being, "superior" to others.
Maybe this is ultimately the same thing, I further suggest, because by controlling others,
they could feel "powerful", that is to say "safe", and "satisfied" - and yes, Evil is insanity.

They are deliberately doing this, these malevolent "masters", and they are VERY cunning.
If we do not understand that we will never, I believe, be able to stop them,
because then we will not really know what is going on, and they will be able to continue to fool us.

Also, I believe pure Evil is pretty hard for most people to face, but it (obviously) DOES exist,
and as already mentioned above, I think we have better accept and realize that right now,
if we at all are going to be able to deal with the threat that poses to the Future of Humankind.

Thank you again very much for your reply, and please do not bother about the delay,
you are actually one of the very few who have responded to my e-mails at all so far.
(I did not really have questions, as I believe I had understood everything that you say here,
I rather had suggestions - for Nigel himself, and for Anthony Sanchez.)

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman