>>>True Origin of Humanity?<<<

Dear Kerry!

I could not restrain from writing to you again.
What is in reality your idea about our Spiritual Nature and History?
I just wonder!
Regarding your article "HUMANITY GET OFF YOUR KNEES" ( February 28, 2012),
I would like to point out to you the following:

YOU ARE NOT A BODY - you are A SPIRITUAL BEING, who once came to planet Earth and,
we could say, INHABITED a Body.

Also, we are probably NOT AT ALL a Genetic Experiment, why would we?!
We are NOT from/of Earth, originally, ultimately, and so why do you believe,
that we are "developing" here - that there is a "spiritual evolution" going on here?!
(Also, a genetic evolution is not a spiritual evolution,
as a Spiritual Being is something totally different than a Physical Body, isn't it?)

There is no Spiritual Evolution, I assume, because Consciousness was always there, pristine,
and perfect.
Rather, there has been a Spiritual DEVOLUTION going on, because our Consiousness is tampered with,
and severely cut off and reduced - by certain very dark forces, I further assume.

(This would be done by affecting the connection between consciousness and matter, I believe,
and that "mechanism" may be called our "soul", I further believe, or maybe our "astral body",
which in turn may carry our mind, which seems to be an electronic structure of some kind.
Anyway, these are technicalities, and although interesting, they are not the point here,
and neither do I claim to really know about this.)

Anyway, this Consciousness cut-off made us also incapable of perceiving our selves and others,
really, as the spiritual beings we are, and so we lost each other - and our true mutual affinity.
(Isn't this a nice little plan that they brought about?)

Please consider what David Wilcock says in (about) his book "The Source Field Investigations".
(And maybe he should consider that himself too, what do I know?)
There is a Field of Consciousness in the Universe, yes, but this Field is NOT OF the Universe,
of course, it is the Divine Intelligence, and the (physical) Universe emanates FROM it.
Furthermore, and this is the important point - YOU ARE THAT CONSCIOUSNESS FIELD,
you as well as everyone else of us.

PLEASE, think about it!

Yes, there may really be genetic manipulation going on too, but that is maybe just because "they",
as it were, would like us to "be" a more apt, or more controllable, or managable species, I guess.
And some of us may therefore also be (genetically) developed to "superhumans",
in order to be capable of working with "policing" the rest of us, possibly.

Also, regarding Keith Hunter's video "Planet X - The Destroyer & 2012 Evaluated",
I would like to say something, namely:

Is it POSSIBLE, you think, that these "celestial conjuctions", these "resonance patterns",
this "the music of the spheres" can have gotten some "help", so to speak,
at certain points in history?
Help by some technically advanced power, or beings (people)?
That they are not merely "natural phenomena", as Keith Hunter himself seems to believe?
(At least he does not, as far as I can see, try to convey any other idea.)

If somebody, some ETs, or Interdimensionals, now really would like to control our world,
as seems very probable, isn't it, and use humanity as slaves,
why then not arrange it so that civilisation is "knocked out" every now and then,
when we have developed much enough that it starts to be a threat to the controlling power?!
At least up to a point in time, where the control is so well established that we are powerless,
and where "they" would like to have (a lot of us) alive for whatever purpose "they" want to control,
and enslave us.

Best Regards
Erik Norman