Dear Benjamin!

I am Erik Norman from Sweden, and I have been following your work for some time,
like the work of Project Camelot, Richard Hoagland, David Wilcock, and a few others.

Tank you very much for your hard work, with your life at risk, to help creating a better world.
I really appreciate that - and may you live and flourish!

There are many more important questions that I would like to ask you,
but I sometimes find it difficult to bring up certain subjects, at certain points,
and so I now have merely one very specific question for you,
and maybe you are not allowed to answer it.

Anyway, I am, as I mentioned, from Sweden, a country that once was, I believe,
regarded as having a rather good and fair government,
with an idea that people should be able to live a relatively good and decent life,
and that was also the case, according to my own experiences since childhood (I was born in 1956).

Nowadays however, (at least) since about 1991 it seems that our goverment has "sold out",
as it were, our country to the EU, and given to "the market",
the big international financial interests,
the mandate to "run the show" - with devastating consequences, of course.
(Olof Palme was killed in 1986, as part of this scenario, I assume.)

Therefore I just wonder:
Did the (current) swedish government sign the treaty to join the plan of the White Dragon Society?!
The plan to set up a new financial system in the world, and stop environmental destruction,
and war, and poverty.
Or, are they too tightly held by the "dark cabal", or too affiliated with their agenda?
You know, you really don't know what these people in our (current) government are doing,
or who they are working for, but you see of course the "results" of their actions.

This would anyway be one of the most flagrant treacheries and deceits in this country's long history,
I assume, if they did not sign the treaty, and that would not be very nice to witness.
(Or, have some people, that is politicians, been questioning how legitimate this plan is?)

Please answer this simple question - if you CAN.

Best Regards
Erik Norman