Dear Nigel!

There is just one more thing here, that I would like to mention.

There is a fourth "hybrid project", of course, that I use to think of,
and that I actually forgot to mention.
This thing ties in with your own ideas, and I consider it neglectful not to mention it,
when I now once have decided to write to you, and so did.

Hybrids - that is US, planned to be used as a Slave Race of subdued, obedient "subjects".
We are  (supposed to be) the "pets", or "dolls" of "God", I strongly suggest, of the "Lord",
Yahweh/Allah, "the demented pretender", who by the Gnostics is (was) called "Yaldabaoth".

This is (ultimately) not about GAINING a "soul", I contend, it is about CONTROLLING, or DOMINATING,
a "soul", that is to say millions and billions of "souls".
Maybe you consider me "daring" here, in my assumptions about "God", but please again consider,
very carefully, the account of the Old Testament, and please look at (for instance):

This "hybrid project" certainly includes advanced technology, like (installed) microchips,
nanotechnology, drugs, poisons, (other) electronic devices, radiation, etc.,
besides genetic manipulation.

I am as sceptical about, and as alarmed by this "development", as you are,
and unfortunately enough, most people do not have a CLUE about what is going on.
They just DO NOT CARE - that is how mind-controlled they already are!

Yours Very Sincerely
Erik Norman

P.S. As I earlier wrote in a separate e-mail:

"I yesterday wrote to you about Greys, etc., and I mentioned an interview at Red Ice Radio.

It seems that I have mixed up two interviews that I have been listening to recently, and I am sorry for that.
I now remember that you actually were on Sceptre Radio Network with Anthony F. Sanchez."