Dear Benjamin!

This is Erik Norman from Sweden writing to you again.
Thank you very much for all your good work, and your courage!
I am, however, really concerned by now, I must say.
This process of "getting rid of the cabal" has been going on for month,
after month, after month (and year, after year, it seems).

I read the post from "your fellow human being", at 2011-12-03,
and I found that message very spot on, and very well written - and very alarming.

Why not just - if now all "the boys with guns", all the military and intelligence power,
almost all, and a lot of other significant people are with the WDS,
that is on the "good side" - why not just step in and take over, saying:
"OK, we now have martial law, your power is confiscated, and you are arrested,
and now we take this TV station, and these news channels (news papers or whatever),
in order to broadcast these important facts."

Lo and behold! They just do NOT do it!
What is it I do not realize, or understand here?

You wrote in your latest (2011-12-05) geo-political analysis:

"The question for the decent people in the Pentagon and the agencies is,
'are you going to be like the German army that just let Hitler take over
or are you going to uphold your vows to protect the US constitution and the American people?'"

And you wrote:

"However, we are getting very close to the point where it will be necessary
to make some arrests to prevent war."

And also:

"The Western criminal elite says the Red and Blue are paper tigers and that
the White Dragon Society is just a toothless entity."

Yes, yes, and yes, and so what the hell, if you can excuse my language, are these people WAITING for?!

Or, are they really WAITING?
Is it possible, that they in reality do not intend to do anything at ALL - or,
that they CANNOT do anything?

Are they in reality a FRAUD - or are they in reality POWERLESS, when it comes to it?

In an earlier message (2011-11-25) I wrote you the following:

Are things really going the way we hope for here, and as you have described it,
or is there someone behind the scenes, some power even more behind the scenes, so to speak,
who is in reality preventing anything from happening?
This would be some not so very well known, and rarely mentioned power like "Yaldabaoth and his crew",
as it were, that are the ones actually "running the show" here on planet Earth,
and who are just using the Rotschilds, and the Rockefellers, and the Bushes, and so on,
"the criminal cabal", as you call them, as puppets, that is as puppets for their own very hidden Agenda.
A power that would never let anything, or anybody interfer with or stop their Agenda.

What is your take on that?

(End of quote.)

Is that so, maybe?
If this now IS going to be done "without violence", then it has to be done without violence,
by taking some other kind of action, isn't it?
I do not say that this is easy, but what is it then to WAIT for?
That these evil, and criminal people are getting "weaker", or more manageable, or compliant, or what?
(The "bad guys" seem to be able to invade a whole country [Libya, Iraq etc.], and kill their leader,
and a lot of the population just like that, time after time - is that easy?)

SOME violence may certainly be unavoidable, I think, and some armed operations, but what will happen,
if these rotten criminals are allowed to just continue their very dark and destructive plans and actions?
Will there be LESS violence (and suffering) then?!
It is really disgusting to see them go on and on, and to be allowed to do it, and to also have to,
day after day, see them on TV - everywhere - with all their lies and wicked plans.
(I do normally not see TV, but almost whenever I happen to see a TV screen, they are there, it seems,
and they are everywhere in the papers, of course.)
These people are completely insane - take them AWAY, for gods sake!
They should NOT (which is self evident, of course) be our leaders, and managers!
And also, how could they actually (repressively) start World War III, if they are now powerless?
(Well, more or less powerless, according to your info.)

Yes, I am really concerned, Benjamin!
I turn to you as your fellow human being, as the other person writing to you put it.
"They" seem to still be able to, or to be allowed to, do whatever they want, as far as I can see.
What is actually your role in this whole thing - do you have any say in what is done, or not done?
Please look into this matter the best you can - I trust that you have a sincere purpose to help humanity.
What is in reality going on here, you think?!

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman

P.S. I suggest that you look "Yaldabaoth" up, if you do not happen to know about this "entity" already,
whatever conclusions you may make out of that.