>>>I sincerely applaud you!<<<

Dear David!

Regarding your article
"FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time (Section 1-5)".

Thank you for your extremely hard work a very good analysis!
This was very interesting, and very good to know, I think,
and this should of course, by all means, be known to humanity.
This was an icredible story that however makes a lot of sense.
I cannot really get, how you could manage to do this so fast,
read a lot of this stuff, and put it together in such a short time.
I sincerely applaud you!

Anyway, I still do have a question though:
Do you really believe that "the Illuminati" are the ultimate power here,
behind all this, or could this be a greater game altogether?
Why did all this at all happen, and why are some of these people so evil and wicked?
How did they ultimately become so spiritually destroyed, and perverted,
and so malevolent?
How can these people be SO far-fetched, and go to SUCH extreme lengths of cruelty,
and ruthlessness, in order to fulfill their monstrous,
and devastating plan of world control?
This is really, in a way, very hard to comprehend, I must say.

You mentioned in your article - "The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End
Financial Tyranny, Part II: History Lesson" - that this has to do with abuse.
Do you believe then that abuse is the real reason here, and that there is no deeper,
we could say, cause or influense in this whole thing?
Did these "Illuminati" people really do all this all by themselves?
What about "the Alien Agenda" then - what happened to that?
What could that imply, and how has that, if true, influenced our history, you think?
Maybe there are warring factions here, where some "good guy" ETs are trying to,
as it were, remedy what some "bad guy" ETs have brought about?

Anyway, thank you very much for a great article!

Your Sincerely
Erik Norman

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