(From 2011-01-10.)

	The contact with "Charles":

	E-mail				first approach
	1/8 2010			Skype phone talk - 4 hours
	Over several months		over 30 hours of Skype conversations
	18/12 2010			Video interview

	This group has been controlling the Earth the last 17.000 years,
	according to "Charles", and they are based in the UK.

	According to "Charles", AND (seemingly also) the controlling group:
	This is ALL about DNA, it's ALL about bodies, and it's ALL about bloodlines,
	and ultimately it's ALL about eugenics.

	In "Charles'" own words: "the human race is an experiment".

>>>	This (to me) seems to be the STORY that they WANT everybody to BELIEVE IN,
	that is, that this is an "important" experiment with DNA,
	and that they feel it is their right and obligation to carry this thing out,
	and to protect planet Earth, and that they do their very best, and so on.

	To me this is just a bunch of BLATANT DISINFORMATION that is put out,
	in order to COVER UP the REAL History and Purpose here,
	and which is, I believe, something TOTALLY different.

	The TRUE History and Purpose here are, as far as I can see,
	an age old and eternal Control and Domination of all Spiritual Beings,
	by means of making us Unconscious and Oblivious about Ourselves and our History,
	and where planet Earth (very long ago) has been chosen as a "prison camp",
	where all these Spiritual Beings could be controlled and guarded,
	and thus held down.

	Bill Ryan: "Good and bad are kind of temporary artificial constructs".
	Thinking in terms of good and bad is, according to Bill, "not productive",
	because "fighting doesn't work", and so on.
	Well, neighter does "buying into" the covering up and enforcement of an Evil Agenda,
	where there is NO intention, in reality, as far as the controllers are concerned,
	and never has been any such (and never will be), to change the agenda,
	and the agenda anyway is not at all what they say it is.

	Certainly also, there is such a thing as 'Good and Evil',
	and Evil is being (spiritually) Unconscious enough to totally believe in,
	and identify with, and so act out, any (evil) Intentions stemming from the Egoic Mind,
	lacking any capability to counteract these with a higher awareness,
	or a sense of reason or conscience, a sense of right or wrong,
	which accordingly ACTUALLY exists INHERENTLY in every human being.
	One could further say, I consider, that Evil is the (deliberate) Intention to Obstruct,
	or Destroy Life for one's own benefit,
	and this is motivated by the apparent Separation that the Egoic Mind creates.

	(Some of the above formulations are based on the words of Eckhart Tolle,
	as he says that evil, if one at all should use that word,
	could be seen as being unconscious enough to totally identify with mind,
	and that the egoic mind needs enemies, in order to feel the "uniqueness",
	or "separatedness" that it needs to sustain its own illusory existence.)

	One could also ask, I think:
	Is this story about some vague ET race that "have started a genetic experiment",
	in reality, some "new" scientific, evolutionary version of "the Divine Agenda",
	that is, the holy plan of Lord God to make us all flawless and perfect by means of a,
	so to speak, "divine project of learning by experience"
	that has been going on since time immemorial,
	in order that we should "get rid of our bad traits of character"?

	WHO is actually responsible for all (most of) the awful and destructive acts,
	acts of commission, and acts of omission, that has been, and still are,
	committed here on planet Earth?
	Is it "WE", the human race, or is it a shady and hidden group of people,
	that never has been truthful to us (Earth) humans, and that has never cooperated,
	or shared ideas or information with us in any way, and that has an agenda that is,
	in reality, not only detrimental to all of us (ordinary) humans,
	but also in all respects alien to our true human nature?!

	And yes, there could be (and should be) Forgiveness, when that time comes,
	but not however without Elucidation and Penitence, and first of all,
	before anything else could happen, this madness has to be STOPPED!!

	I yesterday wrote:
	"... and that has never cooperated,
	or shared ideas or information with us in any way".
	Maybe I, to make it more correct, should have written:
	"... and that has never cooperated,
	or shared ideas or information with us in any sincere, or truthful way",
	but that is a minor thing really.


	It MIGHT - MAYBE - be that Bill is right in a certain sense, and that they,
	so to speak, are inviting us all to a strange "psychological game" here,
	where there could (in a very limited respect) be a "fair contest".
	(Otherwise this could merely be another deception.)
	A "game of honor" that they consider they can demand everyone else to play along in,
	just because they CAN, just because they have the power to enforce this whole agenda,
	this bigger game, upon everybody else (talk about playing God!).

	If we do what is "regarded as being appropriate", we could "earn" more,
	according to Bill, which would be, I must say, a very arrogant,
	and merciless way of treating us,
	and which in its turn would just emphasize the wickedness of their agenda,
	and once again we, the human race, are being held responsible for not being good enough.
	This is the same old "cat-and-mouse game" that has been going on for very long by now.
	"We decide - whatever we want - and you play along with us - or ELSE!"
	(This actually reminds me about the film "The Game" from 1997 with Michael Douglas.)

	This is, without any doubt, still an (extremely) insane agenda altogether,
	the one that they at all do admit to, but it just might be, as far as I can see,
	that this "game" is the case, and that we so could "win" (at least something) - but,
	very probable, or plausible, I assume, it is NOT.
	It seems (to me) however, that in order for this to possibly be true,
	one would have to preclude "the TRUE History and Purpose" that I have depicted above,
	as being their true agenda, and I really do NOT believe that is possible to DO.

	Bill says:
	"I'm a MESSENGER, and what HAPPENS, IS what HAPPENS."
	"I'm kind of being a purist myself, it's like,
	I don't KNOW, I mean, I REALLY don't know,
	whether we deserve to get any more information."
	"THAT'S not my call to make."
	"If I RECEIVE more information, then I will release it."
	"I do NOT know what's going to happen, and I think anything CAN happen,
	and I think WHAT happens is to some SIGNIFICANT degree up to us."

	My first impression here, the first time I listened through this,
	was that Bill seems to be, let me say, very much "INFLUENCED" by the ideas,
	and by the mentality of "Charles", and this group of people,
	and that impression did by no means "go away" this second time through.