>>>White Hats and Illuminati.<<<

Dear Benjamin!

Many things that are happening - or NOT happening - right now, and that you are writing,
seem very wild and crazy, as for me.
You may be very tired of, or annoyed by, getting this kind of letters by now,
but there are a few things I would really like to mention, and ask you about.

The Blog of a "Former White Hat" and "The White Hats" are two different things, aren't they?
Why do you say that everything "The White Hats" are doing, or trying to do is bad?
Are "The White Hats" only those two people you mentioned - Mike Cotrell and Danny Gammage - or,
are they actually a different group altogether?
Why would all "The White Hats" be bad, or fraudulent,
and why would Lord James of Blackheath be so completely fooled by them?
Doesn't he have his own references, and material, and contacts, in order to find certain things out?

Also, I wonder about this Alexander Romanov who claims to be a descendant of Anastasia Romanova,
and who (is part of what) you call "the gnostic Illuminati" (yes, I have seen the videos).
Well, he may be a descendant of Anastasia Romanova,
but why does he say that he represents "the Illuminati"?!
This seems very strange to me, to say the least.
According to the book "Not in HIS Image" by John Lamb Lash the "Gnostics" were,
somewhere between 4.000 and 3.500 B.C., infiltrated by a group of people who wanted to use that old Wisdom
and Knowledge for the purpose of control.
These people strived to support the first monarchic states by means of manipulation of the masses.
Actually John Lash seem to me to assume that these people were "a part of" the Mystery Schools,
that is a group of people within the Mystery Schools with "a different idea" about these teachings.
To me these people seem to have been no others than "the Cabal" exactly infiltrating the "Gnostics",
in order to take them over, to take this old Wisdom and Knowledge over.
Anyway, these people, this group, called themselves "Illuminati" - isn't that interesting?

Even the designation "Gnostics" is wrong here, as that was used by the "church fathers" as a defamation,
and the (true) adepts and initiates of the Mystery Schools actually called themselves TELESTAI.
"The Illuminati" (conclusively) eliminated the Telestai's teachings and killed (a lot of) the Telestai,
somewhere around 400 A.D., but (some of) these latter seem, according to my own understanding,
to have survived, and been "revived" again in the twelfth century, then as the "Knight Templars",
just to once again be attacked and killed by "the Illuminati" - "the bankers",
who did not at that time call themselves "Illuminati", but who also then were supporting,
and financing, the monarchies of their time.
However, the Telestai once again survived, and were "revived", it seems, now as "the Freemasons",
but even this time they were "taken over" by "the Illuminati".
This was from 1776 on, when Adam Weishaupt "created", or "founded", as it seems to be understood,
"the Illuminati", who clearly stated their intention to "infiltrate Freemasonry".
This was actually merely, I assume, a formal (and ceremonial) revamping of this group, this movement,
which at this time also took on their old name "Illuminati", in order to "revere their traditions",
themselves seemingly being very proud of (and mystified by) their old "heritage" from the Mystery Schools.
So, what then is "the gnostic Illuminati", or "the true Illuminati"?!

Of course John Lash may be wrong here, and my own conclusions may be wrong,
but I just wonder what is the actual Truth here, and why Alexander's claim seems so weird to me.
(This seems to suggest that there may have been a split within "the Illuminati" somewhere in history,
a split off, so to speak, of a benevolent group of people from this [malevolent] movement itself,
but that really does NOT seem very plausible to me, I must say - that would be rather awkward,
wouldn't it?)
Also, who is actually (by some) said to have invented communism and killed the Russian Tsar family in 1918?
Thus the group, the movement that he himself claims to represent killed his own ancestors in 1918!
Isn't that a bit weird?!

I do appreciate all your hard work, Benjamin, and I do believe that there are (good) people like the WDS,
and the Alliance of Nations who really want to, and work hard to,
achieve a new financial system and world peace,
and so on, but why do you believe that "the good guys" are in reality in control right now?
With all the information available I just cannot believe that George Bush Senior, and the Rothschilds,
and the Rockefellers, and the Pope, and the Black Pope, et al., are/were the ones actually in charge.
(Is all that information just disinformation, or a mistake, you think?)
I definitely believe myself that these people, "the Cabal", "the NWO",
or whatever you would like to call them, these "visible main figures",
have their own (whoever you would think they are) "overlords", so to speak,
and how could we then expect this ruthless, and hidden, and malevolent power to accept,
or to "give in to" the efforts of the WDS, and the Alliance of Nations?

I myself do NOT give in to this power, on the other hand, or I do by NO means plan to do so anyway,
but if I am alone about paying attention and recognizing it for what it is, it may be diffcult.
Nobody did, according to David Wilcock, pay attention,
when the Bavarian leaders tried to warn the European establishment about "the Illuminati" around 1786,
because maybe it was to "unbelievable", or (almost) everyone was (in reality) controlled by them,
and now nobody seems to pay attention, when certain individuals try to point out that there may,
at least may, be more to this than just "the Illuminati", or "the Cabal", themselves.
Also, I do not command (a legitimate and strong) police force, or intelligence agency,
or a powerful army of soldiers and (high tech) weapons.
I am not even, according to "the rules", allowed to wear a gun, or a rifle.
Maybe therefore, I would need a little help, isn't it?

Even more alarming is it, I think, if you would be right about "The White Hats" - WHY then are they corrupt,
or WHY do they not exist, why then ARE there actually no "White Hats"?
You yourself claim that the Pentagon and Washington is full of WDS "white hats" - are there then,
as it were, no other "white hats"?
Anyway, whatever is true here, are the "good guys" really "running the show" - or will they ever be?
There certainly does not seem so far to be much action taken by these alleged WDS representatives!
How many more humans - and animals - are going to die, and how much more of our environment and,
we could say, so called society, and so on, is going to be destroyed,
before these (WDS?) people will be able to "make up their minds about" what to do,
or will finish their "great tactical decisions" and MOVE, that is take action?!
Are they waiting for something - or, are they in reality incapable of doing something?
(Maybe they are, so far, working in a quiet way - that could be possible.)
If now 200 arrests are made, why then not - publicly - announce that, so that people can finally know?
Is there really (still) such a big problem to just take over a TV station,
or a newspaper and broadcast that?
(And why exactly 200 arrests, like "Occupy L.A.", and "Occupy Oakland", and "Warsaw Independence Day",
and "Montreal riots", etc.? Google "200 arrests", and you will see.)
What (if anything of this is actually true) are they AFRAID of?!

What is your comment on these things?

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman, Sweden