>>>The Committee of 300.<<<

Dear Benjamin!

In a post, "RE: Mar 31st deadline", on your blog today you say the following:

"However, I can confirm that the committee of 300 sent somebody to Tokyo to negotiate
with the WDS before that deadline and that these negotiations are still taking place.
There are a couple of major power centers that still cannot reach a compromise
so my understanding is that the deadlock continues for now."

Now I do have one simple question - not for you yourself, but for the WDS people:

WHY is it that you have to NEGOTIATE with the Committee of 300?!

Aren't these people GANGSTERS?

You don't have to NEGOTIATE with GANGSTERS, or CRIMINALS, do you,
you just have to GET them, to ARREST them!!

What is it that makes you, the WDS people, so anxious or particular about getting the agreement,
or consent of these people - and how would that be reasonable and decent?!

Who is, I wonder, in reality in charge here?

Finally: I still very much question Alexander Romanov, or Romanoff, as you call him,
the "gnostic Illuminati".
I suggest that you check the facts about "the gnostic Illuminati",
and also read my own message to you, of 2012-03-28.

Your Sincerely
Erik Norman