Dear Kerry!

I feel obliged to make a few comments and clarifications on my message "The Agenda",
from 2011-01-16, and I should for certain reasons have done it earlier.

You may wonder why I wrote that message to you,
but it was because I really do believe that there very probably is some (vital) Truth in it.
I am not going to bore you to death with this thing,
but there are at least two things that I think you should know.

Firstly, I want to warn you a bit about what I called "the OT III Incident",
also called "The Wall of Fire".
This is a thing that L. Ron Hubbard discovered in 1967, and this have been greatly dismissed,
and rejected, and ridiculed outside Scientology (and there are reasons for that, I assume).
It is quite simply considered to be "far too unbelievable", or "far too implausible".
As I wrote, please do not get "thrown off" by the "Scientology connection" here,
because there has also been an enormous amount of propaganda put out,
in order to discredit Scientology, and it is, as far as I can see, all part of this whole "powergame",
as it certainly was the same power that infiltrated and took over Scientology,
as we are dealing with altogether.
I refer you to the "Dane Tops story" that has been part of your own work,
in order for you to get some more data about this thing.
(Scientology was not ALL BAD, and it was not ALL about MONEY, that's just part of the "take down",
you see.)

Anyway, I suggest you to be careful, if you would like to "look into" the OT III materials.
They ARE out there, and I believe they are (at least some of them) the TRUE materials.
(As far as I know, much of the Scientology materials have been twisted and falsified,
in order to make them more or less useless.)
It is SAID, that (set-ups in) this Incident is "designed to kill anybody who discovers the truth",
and I do believe there is quite some Truth to that, not the least due to my own experiences.
It is also said to be (almost?) TOTALLY (mentally) OCCLUDED,
and why I at all would know about it I do not want to go too much into here.
These are anyway, as far as I can see, and have experienced,
VERY vicious materials - they are very violent and extremely malevolent,
and it could trigger a hell lot of "mental charge", if one tries to penetrate this in any way,
and one could (at least) feel VERY bad about it (if not worse).
I don't say this to be curious, or remarkable in any way, but just to let you know.

Secondly, you may wonder why I do believe in this thing, do you - isn't this all "science fiction"?!
If so, I can understand that, and I am not going to bother you very much with my own story here,
but YES, I was a scientologist for about 10 years (1977-1987) - and I still am in a certain respect.
I still do respect much of the works of Ron Hubbard, as I believe he really was on to something,
something never heard of before (but "the church", the Scientology organization,
does not exist anymore in its original and useful form).

Anyway, I really do not care if it was Hubbard or somebody else, who "discovered" this Incident,
and maybe not everything he said about it is correct,
and maybe (I think) he actually failed to discover something (important) about it,
but I have "encountered" it myself, and I have been wondering about it since childhood,
and thus I have "been living with it" my whole life, and this has been,
to say the least, VERY upsetting and difficult (and also exciting, I must admit).
I did never (in Scientology) do this "level",
and it is NOT because of Hubbard's writings that I "got the idea about it",
but my first (very personal) "encounter" was at the age of 4,
and then at the age of 6 I got my "Dinosaur shock",
and so it went on, one could say, and I always knew that there was something very strange,
and very THREATENING here.
(Yes, there is very probably a connection here, between the Dinosaurs and this Incident,
that is probably very true.)
I am myself however very much convinced that this Incident is authentic,
and that it really happened, REALLY happened,
and I was pretty stunned by the fact that I suddenly did "encounter" this also in Scientology,
and that somebody ELSE would be talking about it,
or even mentioning it (because this seemed to me to be a very secret,
and totally out of this world reality).
(Thus, without even knowing at all - for many years - what "OT III" in reality was about,
I got very anxious about it.)

This is as truthfully told to you, as I possibly can.

Yours sincerely
Erik Norman