>>>Concerns regarding alleged Progress.<<<

Dear Benjamin!

This is Erik Norman from Sweden writing to you.
(Please do not divulge my name, if you would post this - that may be unwise.)
I appreciate your article of 2011-11-24 about the $1 trillion lawsuit - that seems hopeful.

I am a bit concerned though, because at this point a lot of speculation and prophesies about,
as it were, "disclosure", and "awakening" have failed to come true.
This has been going on all over the Internet, and people like David Wilcock, and Richard Hoagland,
and many others have presented a lot of "evidence" that "something is going to happen (very) soon".
But, NOTHING tangible, nothing really encouraging, is in reality happening, as far as I can see!
Not so far anyway, and many crucial dates have passed by now, including 2011-10-28,
the End of the Mayan Calendar, according to Carl Johan Calleman.

Therefore I wonder: what happened (for instance) to the $371 trillion lawsuit?

Are things really going the way we hope for here, and as you have described it,
or is there someone behind the scenes, some power even more behind the scenes, so to speak,
who is in reality preventing anything from happening?
This would be some not so very well known, and rarely mentioned power like "Yaldabaoth and his crew",
as it were, that are the ones actually "running the show" here on planet Earth,
and who are just using the Rotschilds, and the Rockefellers, and the Bushes, and so on,
"the criminal cabal", as you call them, as puppets, that is as puppets for their own very hidden Agenda.
A power that would never let anything, or anybody interfer with or stop their Agenda.

What is your take on that?

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman