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The quest for the Dark Lord - "God", "the Creator"



This page is meant for Links to Websites, but first of all there are Books.
This part will probably be extended over time, and I will certainly be very unfair here, by pointing to merely a few books.

A must read, however, is "Not in HIS Image" by John Lamb Lash. This book is really a must read!
This book is about gnostic wisdom, and about what happened to these people, and to their knowledge, and their teachings.
This is staggering - and rather upsetting - information!

There are certainly many very good authors in this field, and it is not very easy for me to select any particular, or very special books.
I could list here all the books that I myself have read, but that is not how this works for me.
I would like to say, however, that I suggest that you look at the works of (for instance) Graham Hancock, David Icke, David Wilcock, John Lash, Robert Bauval, and Zecharia Sitchin, but many of you who are actually reading this are certainly already familiar with some or many of these authors.

Other authors writing or talking about these things inklude Benjamin Fulford, Richard Hoagland, Anthony Sanchez, and Michael Tellinger to mention a few that I myself have been noticing in particular.
Don't forget to read the Bible and the Koran, though, if you can find the necessary time, as that may be pretty informative.

Please, however, go to Project Camelot (see below) to get a much better selection of topics and people writing and talking about all these things.
Also use the Internet at large with Google, and Wikipedia, etc. etc.
I do this my way, and I cannot really tell you all what to do, as for yourselves.

Anyone sincerely interested in the Spiritual and Consciousness should look at the works of Eckhart Tolle.
Two of his books "The Power of Now - A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment", and "A New Earth - Awakening to your Life's purpose" are really also a must read, I consider.
This is actually something that every human being should know, but we have been made severely unconscious of ourselves.

I also suggest anybody fairly interested in the mentality of the people we are dealing with in this area to read the book "Without conscience: the disturbing world of the psychopaths among us" by Robert D. Hare.
This is a pretty good clinical description of our true adversaries.

Links to certain Websites:

There are certainly more links that I could post here, and I am probably a bit remiss by not doing so, but I do not want to have too much here either, because I want this to kind of be connected to my own "research". This is not meant to be a "well of information", but if I would come across something new that I find relevant, I will post it here.

Kerry Cassidy has in the spring 2012 made a total remaking of her Project Camelot website, and there have been some rather extensive changes.
I have now updated the links below according to these changes, and I have so included here the Old Project Camelot Site, and the Old Project Camelot Archive.
This is to make it easier for earlier Project Camelot followers (including myself) to have a well-known overview, and to thus easier find certain materials, and this is also done as a kind of curio.

I have certainly been very remiss in not mentioning above Jordan Maxwell, who is definitely a researcher who has been pointing to many of the things that have made me make the conclusions I am trying to convey with this website, and therefore I am also posting here the website of Jordan and a link to an interview with him at Project Camelot.

LinkPresentationWhy I post it Camelot - Portal (at Kerry's website).This is the center of this information, as for me. Camelot - the Old Site.The final look of the original Project Camelot website. Camelot Archive (at Project Camelot - Kerry's website).This seems to be the NEW Project Camelot Library.
This is a huge source of information. archived information from Project Camelot (2006-2010).This is the OLD Project Camelot Library - the original look. is Kerry's blog.One of my primary info sources. Ryan's own website.I don't go here very often, but it has some good info. is Bill Ryan's blog.Bill seems to have stopped blogging - has some good info. to Camelot.My first letter to Kerry is posted here. Wilcock's website.One of my primary info sources. Hoagland's website.I don't go here very often, but it has some good info. is Benjamin Fulford's blog.One of my primary info sources. Icke's website.I don't go here very often nowadays, but it does have some very good and crucial info. Ice Creations website.This is a wealth of information."the Official Graham Hancock website."Info regarding the Lost Civilization that most probably once existed on Earth. website of John Lash.Vital information regarding Human history, and the history of Beliefs."The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin."Sitchin's rendering of Human history.
Info about the Anunnaki etc. Sanchez'es website.Info to get a bigger perspective. Sanchez'es second website.Info to get a bigger perspective. website of Michael Tellinger.Vital info about the history of Africa, and (possibly) corroborating info about the Anunnaki. website of Eckhart Tolle.Essential info about Spiritual Reality and Consciousness."Without Conscience".
"Robert Hare's Web Site devoted to the study of Psychopathy."
As already said above:
a pretty good clinical description of our true adversaries."The Official Website of Robert Bauval".Author and researcher into Human history and the Lost Civilization. website of John Anthony West.An alternative perspective on the history of Egypt, etc."The Official Web Site of Robert M. Schoch."An alternative perspective on the Earth history, etc. Johan Calleman's website.The Mayan Calendar - Carl may be incorrect in certain regards, but the info is interesting."Esoteric Glossary" - "Signs of the Times".A good reference regarding our "problematic minds"."The Reptilian Agenda" - David Icke's interview with Shaman Credo Mutwa.A very good reference regarding many things in this work.

This Website and all the work has obviously been STOLEN from Jordan, so please do not by anything from here, according to Jordan himself!
The money goes to a privat bank account of another person, but not at all to Jordan Maxwell himself, according to himself.
The website of Jordan Maxwell.
This Website and all the work has obviously been STOLEN from Jordan, so please do not by anything from here, according to Jordan himself!
Info for a better understanding of the Big Picture."Jordan Maxwell: The Takeover of Planet Earth"Interview with Jordan at Project Camelot in September 2009. website of Nigel KernerInfo about Nigel's research regarding the Greys. Today website/Editor Gordon DuffVery good intel, even if you may have to read also many articles even at this website with a good portion of discernment. Website of Eric KarlstromAnexcellent website where Eric Karlstrom presents his "synthesis" of other's work.
I believe Eric is spot on in his analysis of many things.

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