>>>The Agenda.<<<

Dear Kerry!

This is just a suggestion.
You may think this is far-fetched - but maybe it isn't?


CONTROL and DOMINATION of all Life, of all Spiritual Beings.
	(This is the Agenda of the entity called "God", "the Creator",
	"reality's Sauron", and "reality's (evil) Emperor", "Darth Sidious".)

The History of Spiritual Degradation and Ensnarement.
	This would include the final and devastating "Incident of Degradation",
	which I myself have begun to call "The Cosmic Revolt".
	This Incident and its consequences could be called exactly "Star Wars",
	I assume, and it is elsewhere described as "the OT III Incident".
	(Please do NOT get biased, or deterred by the "Scientology connection" here,
	and all the fuss about that, but instead think twice.)

Thus the TRUE History and Purpose here are, as far as I can see,
	an age old and eternal Control and Domination of all Spiritual Beings,
	by means of making us Unconscious and Oblivious about Ourselves and our History,
	and where planet Earth (very long ago) has been chosen as a "prison camp",
	where all these Spiritual Beings could be controlled and guarded,
	and thus held down.

Creating a "Prison Camp" on planet Earth, by first creating here "The Dead Zone".
	(Making several planets - and moons? - in the solar system in effect DEAD,
	and uninhabitable.)

Creating a slave race of Reptilian origin, by making them unable to feed naturally.
	(These are, one could say, "the orcs of God".
	By the way, Credo Mutwa mentioned this inability to feed.)

Having this slave race to "conquer" planet Earth, in order to use Humans, the Human race,
	as a food or energy source (as "Charles" conveniently mentioned).
	(This is thus the ALLEGED Purpose here.)

Finally, doing anything "necessary", in order to enforce this (inflicted) Agenda,
	without any regard, or respect, or empathy of course for any of their victims,
	or should I say their PREY,
	this "smaller" Agenda of "food or energy supply", not knowing at all,
	that they themselves have been blatantly lied to and deceived,
	and that there is another (concealed) Purpose here, another Agenda, altogether.
	(This is the Agenda of the Reptilians, and of "the 33" and their bloodline families.
	They have, by some, been called "the predators", and that may be true.)


Yours sincerely
Erik Norman

P.S. Please feel free to publish this, if you would like to, without giving away my identity.