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The quest for the Dark Lord - "God", "the Creator"



I do not want to create or have an ordinary Blog, and therefore I call this page Updates.
Here I will post new things, that is to say announcements of some possible new Letters, or Texts.
Such possible new Letters, or Texts will of course themselves be posted under Letters, or Texts.

This will consequently not be a continous blog, or a "news page", but I may write this or that here.
Here I will also (possibly, eventually) post replies to certain comments, or questions, or reactions, or requests.

Odin (from Wikipedia - painting by Georg von Rosen)


2016-03-22:  A Hello, and a Summary.
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VT Article.
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VT Article.
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A Hello, and a Summary.

Yes, I am still here - whoever cares.
And, I think that I am done by now - I have said what I "was supposed" to say, and I have told what I "was supposed" to tell - although there may still come something to say, or to comment on.

Yes, it is true that I have never so far submitted any contact information at this website, and I have now finally decided that this is how it will continue to be, as some kind of "forum" is not my way of working, and as that is not my intention here - never was.
Also, if somebody really wanted to contact me, I am sure that they would be able to do so...

Well, so where are we heading today then ?
Chemtrails are continuously sprayed in our skies, the wars go on, the same politicians and oligarchs are (still) seen in the media, with all their lies and deceit, the big banks and corporations continue their criminal, fraudulent, and evil activities, and everyday life gets worse and worse for all of us, every new day...

And now I have recently gotten the information that several groups in "the Alliance" - both "above and below" - want "partial disclosure".
How clever of them: "yes, now we too, and our children and grand children (at least), would like to live as kings for a time":

I have also recently learned - or rather got (kind of) confirmed, because I have since long suspected it - that there are "psychotronic firewalls against public truth" - yes, "there is something in the air"... :

(I must say though that almost anything told by "the secret space program", or by "the sphere being alliance" could be false, but I do believe - so far - that at least Corey Goode and David Wilcock are honest and sincere, as they really seem to be that.)

The world, as a product of "their" - our "rulers" - thinking, is as weird and mad, as are their minds, whoever they actually are.
These misfits and "human-dipped" monsters, who live under the illusion of "I exist, and therefore I own everything and everyone, and I decide everything".
And yes, they indeed regard individuals, and all human beings, and all living creatures, as "things", as "property" - THEIR property.
(They just cannot understand it differently.)

That is an interesting form of madness, which is typically psychopatic, I contend, and some would say "sociopathic", with these "elite" peoples' total disconnect from Truth and any real Social Understanding.
They may be very socially "capable", and very convincing, I am sorry to say, but they lack every sense of true understanding of Empathy, Decency, and Reason.

Regarding the "awakening" that so many have been talking about for some years now, I don't believe a word of it.
The ones that are "awake", or "awakening", are people, I contend, who have always been awake - or have always been inclined to the truth - and they are now getting better informed, and the ones (still) spiritually sleeping will continue to be sleeping, and get even more unconscious, it seems.

Anyway, I have not seen any real "awakening", truly, and it is just that the few already "awake" get a more compound understanding of reality, while the very many still "asleep" get even more doped (mind-controlled).
And yes, the ones awake are doing a very good job right now of spreading vital information !

This text is of course written for the awake and astute people around, as this kind of information is probably never read - or seeked out - by the "masses", and if you would try to pass it on to them, they would probably just deny it, or attack you for being "negative", into conpiracies, being crazy, or downright evil or destructive (what an interesting twist of things...).
They would, as Pete Peterson once said in a Project Camelot interview, "go blank", and if you then would insist, they would dismiss or attack you - very nice, and wise of them, isn't it ?

Well, of course the world is run by evil misfits and monsters, probably genetic hybrids, and not really human at all, but what happened to all those, so called, "white hats" - (some of) the boys with guns, the people with (in many countries) "monopoly on violence" - who were supposed to bring about some real resistance, and arrest those criminals ?

And, why are so many (true) humans (knowingly or unknowingly) in on this Evil Agenda, and so obedient, and so "helpful", in enforcing it ?
Why are they such blind, stupid traitors, working for the evil "elite" ?!

And what about these "lofty" groups of "spiritually advanced" beings that are supposed to "manage" our "spiritual evolution" ?

Cannot you see by now that, if there are "psychotronic firewalls against public truth", and the overwhelming majority of the masses are getting only more solidly asleep each day, you cannot just expect us to "make it ourselves" ?!
And, we (most of us) will not "wake up", I contend, unless there is a true CATASTROPHE !

One is being amazed - how did you actually think that this is going to work ?
I am here adressing especially the Sphere Beings that allegedly are here in our Solar system, or otherwise whatever group of, so called, "management", or "spiritual guides", that are here.

Yes, if we (many or most of us) actually WOULD "wake up" that would be good, of course, and probably some kind of "final solution", but now that does not seem to really happen !

Are you going to wait, until all Life on Earth is gone ?!
Are you going to wait, until Earth is made into another "asteroid belt" ?!

Is that your view on "acceptable means", in order to achieve this phoney "spiritual evolution" ?

Do you have any Decency, or Shame in your bodies at all ?
Do you at all have any Empathy, or Conscience regarding your plans and actions ?
You do not - as could be expected - have a great regard for Life, or for Goodness, or for Beauty, DO you ?

I am sincerely wondering, and therefore I ask you all these harsh questions.
And yes, that's true, I am irritated and upset by the current state of affairs !

Wouldn't it, as the "spiritually advanced", the "divinely sophisticated" people you are supposed to be, be YOUR Responsibility to HELP - and to prevent Suffering - if that was needed ?!
That seems, at least, to be the true HUMAN Nature - are you different in some way, or more wise ?

Yes, if you consider that all the humans on planet Earth have "earned" this tragedy, and suffering, and thus are obliged to "manage" this by themselves, what do you then tell all the countless (not so much anymore) innocent animals and plants on Earth that are subjected to severe pain, and suffering, and finally to extinction ?!
Are they also "responsible" here (because of bad behaviour in past lives ?) ?!

If so, please step down from your "lofty residences" and explain to me (personally) - very thoroughly and convincingly - how you consider this reasonable and decent !!

(I may believe you, or agree, but the chances are not that great, I think.)

David Wilcock later on in his above mentioned article writes:
"... because we do not understand the technology, and the beings that implement it."
Yeah, that's more like it - a very revealing statement, I contend !

But, David, like many others, seem to really believe that there are some lofty "good guys", some spiritually advanced beings, doing this, and I myself do NOT believe that, as that seems, to ME - to me at least, and very much so - really nonintuitive and improbable.
That is really not what I "feel", what my intuition tells me, about this whole thing.

The belief in those "lofty good guys" doing all these bad things, as a good endeavour, is also, I contend, rather illogical, as Logic, I further contend, has everything to do with Reason !
How ELSE are you - as a Human Being - supposed to judge and evaluate Reality ?!
Is Nature Illogical... ?

Everything else here, except Intuition and Logic, is just religious and spiritual delusion, and fanaticism, I strongly contend !
The above belief is actually turning everything upside-down, by claiming that all the bad things, all the very Evil and Destructive things in our afflicted world, are done by "the good guys", rather than by "the bad guys" - just a total reversal of the Truth.
There is, as purported, no "secret wisdom" at all, I further contend, in this belief, or claim.

Yes, done by "the bad guys", but "authorized" ( ! ) by "the good guys", these advanced beings, some (like David himself) then claim, of course.
"Karma" they say, and this is for "learning", and for "spiritual enhancement", "spiritual evolution", they further claim.
NOT SO, I finally contend !!

Otherwise, these so called "spiritually advanced beings" are also compromised, and corrupt, in reality, and (in some way) in on the (evil) Agenda - or with an own (negative) Agenda...

As I have said before, even if somebody actually would be trying to "manage" the situation in this part of our Galaxy, trying to "manage" our "awakening" (to our predicament, and sinister reality), that still does not mean that this is a "spiritual school", a "spiritual evolution", but rather it still means that this is a Spiritual Struggle, where we are "managed" to wake up from our inflicted - exactly inflicted - Spiritual Unconsiousness (which is urgently needed).

And, this is then still the same old story of an Evil take over of Life, and of The Universe !

Evil has to GO, in order that Goodness can PREVAIL - and thus also Evil People have to go !!


Yaldabaoth, the Archontic intruder.

What has YET not, obviously, even to this day, arisen in many researchers' minds, not even in the minds of some of the more skilled, and astute, and well-informed of those, is the realization that there IS NO GOD.

There IS no GOD, no almighty divine, separate, entity, who is "the Creator" !

All that is just a GRAND - I would say THE grand - and age old Lie and Deception, contrived for Control and Domination of Humanity - and basically, originally of all "souls", or rather all Spiritual Beings.

There IS however an evil, psychotic alien - extraterrestrial/interdimensional - despot, and intruder, CALLING himself "God", or "the Creator".
An evil intruder BEING "the Devil", Lucifer, and - at the same time - POSING as God Almighty, the Creator.
What would be so strange about that ?!

The Divine Intelligence, or "One Source", "the Force", "the Source Field", whatever you would like to call it, is what actually, so to speak, constitutes GOD, and LIFE, and furthermore we ALL together - all living beings, as well as all "dead things", probably with very different levels of consciousness, or awareness - ARE that "One Source".

THAT is our true nature, and if you one day would emerge from your inflicted spiritual unconsciousness, you would realize that YOU, as well as everyone else, in reality are the creator of worlds, of the Physical Universe - of Matter and Energy, as well as of Space and Time.

How is that for a change ?!


New Link - IMPORTANT !!

"The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia", by Preston James and Mike Harris at Veterans Today - IS A MUST READ !



New Link!

This is amazing, I think.
I read this
article, by Dr. Laurent Guyénot, introduction by Kevin Barrett, at Veterans Today, only two days after posting the below White Genocide - who benefits?, and twelve days after posting A Definition of CRIMINAL.

The article is called "Israel, the psychopathic nation", and is, I think, extremely well worth reading - in reality a must read.
Well, this fits very well into what I am trying to say here, at this website, and what I am trying to point out (although I have not, earlier, been writing overly much about exactly Judaism, and Zionism).
Thank you very much for that good work, and true help to Mankind!

Regarding a psychopath's love of power, please read this (the paragraph starting with "This purpose ...").

Furthermore, Dr. Guyénot questions the basic cause of this national psychopathy of Israel, or rather its perseverance, and he says:
"Could it be because it – like Jewishness itself – is rooted deeply in the Bible? In the final analysis does not the Zionist manipulation go back to the creation by those ancient priests, the Levites, of a tribal god by the name of Yahweh, who usurped the title of the Creator of the Universe and Father of Humanity?"
Well, it is maybe not because of "the creation" of Yahweh, I would say, but because of the INTRUSION BY, the psychopath, called Yahweh - but also Lucifer, Yaldabaoth, etc. - the evil alien.

To those (politically correct ones) who would now like to start calling me an anti-Semite, I can say the following:
Take a close look then at the "the chosen people" - they are, themselves, anti-Semites, as they are abusing, and terrorizing, and killing Palestinians, that is to say Arabs, a Semitic people.

And, it does not matter if they are Semites, or Jews, or something else - if somebody is destroying my life and my future, as well as that of the rest of Humanity, that one is NOT my friend, and I will ardently fight his or her actions, as well as purposes, and intentions.
Call me an anti-Semite, or a Nazi, if you want, but if I thus get to know the root of the Evil afflicting Mankind, I will speak out!


White Genocide - who benefits?

I have just gotten some additional data about White Genocide, at
Red Ice Radio, and I will therefore post some Links here, to some crucial information.

Go viral !!

I am a bit stunned about this information though, and that is for two different reasons.

One: It seems a bit unbelievable to me that Harold Wallace Rosenthal would sit there 39 years ago, and just say, totally openly, all these things.
But, maybe this is actually true, what actually happened (?).

Two: Thus, there has now been 39 years passing by since this crucial information was revealed, and still this Agenda is at work, now more efficiently than ever, probably.
HOW is that !!

Also, these people, the Jews, have made such a fuss about themselves, about their difficult destiny, about their persecution, and about the alleged Holocaust that it is a bit strange to consider this version of the story (what Harold Rosenthal [a well-informed and devoted Jew] reveals), even if most evidence, and most observable circumstances, today point towards that being the truth.


Part of the above information is an interview at Red Ice Radio, with Eric Karlstrom, a retired geography professor.
He has made an excellent job, I think, in, as he himself says, making a "synthesis" of the works of others.
Please listen to this interview, before reading the below post.

There is however still a question to ponder on here, and this is an issue that has wide implications:

How could one group of people, a tribe or nation, if you will, get such an incredibly evil, and wicked, and despicable idea and purpose, all by themselves, and how could they uphold that agenda throughout history?
What motivates them? How could they at all consolidate and bring this about?
I would suggest that "there is a dark force behind them".

Maybe they (still) have people who are hundreds or thousands of years old, who are running this Agenda through time (Melchizedek et al.?), and that could be, but that still does not, as for myself, fully clarify this matter, or straighten it out.
There must be something more at play here, I believe, and that something is an alien intrusion, I contend.

Please think about it!

I do also have a comment regarding Buddhism:

Both Eric and Henrik seem to, at least here, be very dismissive of this "religion", and I would not agree with that.
I am NOT a Buddhist, I can tell, as I would not subject myself to ANY, so called, "religion", but I think their aversion here is a misunderstanding.

(Yes, I was a Scientologist - but not anymore, and that was long ago - and I did never really see Scientology as a religion, which it however was/is of course promoted as being.)

I don't believe that Buddhism originally was a religion - it was a TEACHING, shared information, and maybe, probably, it has been "hijacked" at some point in history.
Certainly, Buddhism has been perverted, by the human mind, very much so, and it could certainly, right now, be used exactly to dupe people.

That is however not the core of this teaching, I contend, and I find that crucial to point out.
The core of this teaching is not to "blank out" your Mind - to the contrary, it is to be VERY ALERT.
The "blanking out" is about "not resisting what is", which does not mean, I further contend, accepting or giving in to everything that is happening, or getting docile.

You are, that is to say your true self, NOT your Mind, or Body, or Brain, is my conviction - you are an eternal Spiritual Being.
That is the basic thing to understand here, and if that is not appreciated, if that could not be "taken in", then there is not, I believe, much hope for "enlightenment" - for that person, at that point.

One thing is what you do WITHIN, on "the inside", and another thing is what you do on "the outside".
Accepting what is, so as to not deny, or react to it - WITHIN - and to thus "be outside" your Mind, or "step out of" your Mind, your "ego", is the crucial part of the teaching, I suggest.

And, doing whatever you can do, or should do, or have to do - actually CAN do then, not what you wish to do, or think you should do, but CANNOT do, and not what your irrational reactions make you do - in order to handle your life, and to protect Life, and what is precious, is not contrary to that, I would say.

You have to realize that the Mind, or the "ego", is a parasite in itself, or at least has been made to be one (maybe there is a demon there), and this is probably "their" invention too, or something they have been tampering with big time.


The "chosen people" - and it may, as actually stated, be a lie (among some others, as regards the Rosenthal 1976 interview) that they are NOT chosen - are not alone here, I suggest, and they are not the top of the pyramid, and they are not, I guess, the (actual) originators of this horrendous, evil Agenda.
That is however "the Lord", the psychopath and despot, Yahweh/Lucifer, Yaldabaoth, and his "angels", I strongly contend - otherwise there is a big part of the puzzle missing, I further contend.
Let us see, if I am wrong here.

It is a bit difficult to say though, I feel obliged to say, if this really applies to all Jewish people - could they really be that mad, all of them? (I don't really think so) - or, if there is an evil "elite", a core of Rabbis and certain families, these devils, who actually are the ones running this Agenda, and thus enforcing all the evil upon Humanity and planet Earth.

However, these people (the Jews) are, according to Harold Rosenthal himself, even if he is only totally pragmatic and without conscience about it, totally shameless, they have no decency or honour whatsoever, but maybe this is just Rosenthal's own (psychopathic) version of this thing?
Could be!

(Some people claim that this interview is a hoax, but the things described here seem to however be exactly what is happening in our world and in our society today.
Make your own judgement, as for your own conclusion and decision.)

Anyway, if this tribe, or people, by means of their covenant with "God", Yahweh/Lucifer, have made themselves a tool, an instrument, of such an evil plan, and they seem to anyhow be rather united, then they will actually have to be responsible for that.
They will have to answer to the rest of Humanity - and to all Life on Earth - for their extremely criminal and destructive acts throughout (a large portion of) history, and for all the hard toil and slavery that they have forced upon us all - what else ?!

Mr. Rosenthal himself stated:

"Thus far, we have escaped the sword, when the only reprisal is some periodical of no repute, or some pamphlet with limited circulation. Their pen is no match for ours, but our constant fear is that they may open their eyes and learn that no change was ever brought about with a pen. History has been written in blood, not with ink. No letter, editorial or book has ever rallied the people or stopped tyranny. We understand this principle and are continually propagandizing the people to write letters to the President, to Congress and to their local media. We are safe to continually exploit, intimidate and disenfranchise the white American as long as they are preoccupied with the illusion of educating the masses through printed material. Woe be unto us if they ever see the futility of it, lay down the pen and employ the sword."

"Again, we are safe as long as our Will is stronger, or the Will of the people is misdirected, scattered and without leadership. We will never be deposed with words, only force!"

So, there you are - use your judgement, and get going!


New Links.

I have been a bit remiss, in not - for so long - posting at this website a Link to
Veterans Today, a website which has been quite informative.
Therefore I today do exactly that, under Links (but also here above).

I have today also posted, under Links, a Link to Eric Karlstrom's Website
For more info, please read the above post.


White Genocide.

I have now (sufficiently) picked up on the issue of "white genocide".
(Earlier I thought that maybe the agenda, this part of it, was not exactly that far-fetched, or "specific" - at least not at this point, as obviously all mankind is, since long, targeted for "population reduction".)
Yes, that is anyway nicely carried out by our government and authorities here in Sweden, I would say, with their extremely destructive and treacherous immigration politics.

I wrote
below that demonstrably, many of these people (in government and the authorities) are guilty of HIGH TREASON, and they should spend the rest of their lives in prison - or worse.
They have deceived, and betrayed, and deserted their country and their people, yes - for their true masters, on whose behalf they are ACTUALLY working.

Who are their true masters then?
Well, for Sweden, look at the European Commission, the Bilderberg group, and up the ranks you go...
Finally you end up, I suppose, with "God's chosen people" and their (true) overlords.

(I now believe, one could say, that Islam was "put there", "invented", just in order to divert attention from, and to conceal the true origins of this agenda, and the actual message of, or intent in, the teachings of the Old Testament.)

Well, if they actually were chosen by "God", Yahweh, "The Lord" - which is very probable, I assume - they are (in a way) very close to the top, but are still not, I contend, THE top - of course not.

One could ponder on the reason for "white genocide", as there are so many other peoples on planet Earth, but maybe the famous quote from the film (series) "Highlander" is a clue here:
"There can be only one!" In this case "white race" then, of course.
An interesting thing is, that these figures are "walking through the times", isn't it?

That would be the idea or view here then (even if naturally not true), and, all other races would be "inferior", of course, like all "goyim" overall seem to be regarded anyway - at least by the true Zionists.

I do not, personally, have any evidence here, but nothing of this is, of course, at all very alien (no pun intended - not in either way) to what I have been writing about here, at this website.

What will happen to "the chosen people", when their overlords are done with them, I do not know.
Obvioulsy Yahweh wants a subjugated people of servants, and admirers, and worshippers - zombified souls that are not humans, or human, anymore - but who he is actually going to spare, and how many he would find appropriate, seem a bit unclear to me at this point.

As a final caveat here, I would like to say the following:
Anyone who argues, or acts, against what I have written here could be, I contend, suspect of being complicit in this white genocide, and - where appropriate - in the genocide of his or her own people.
Or, at least - in quite some instances - of blindly and foolishly allowing it to happen.

And, I think that genocide is a criminal act !!

 UPDATE 2015-01-25: Here is a Link, "The Coudenhove – Kalergi project. The genocide of people of Europe", published at Red Ice Radio at 2015-01-09, to a rather enlightening article, from May 2, 2014, about this thing.


A Definition of CRIMINAL.

Let me here propose a definition of criminal (adjective), as it seems that our authorities and law enforcement - the government, the police, the military, and the juridical system - who are supposed to wisely rule and enforce good law and order, as well as many subordinate decision makers, do not know what to look for.

You may call me ironic, but maybe they actually do not know, because even though many of them are - or at least should be - relatively intelligent, they are obviously not very prone to think for themselves.
And some of them are, as the true psychopaths they actually are, seemingly psychotic enough to be unable to identify or recognize themselves - but they do however of course defend and protect people, who behave like themselves, or who they are in collusion with.

The sad truth is, I would say, that rather many, it seems, of these people are guilty of HIGH TREASON, and they should spend the rest of their lives in prison - or worse.
They have deceived, and betrayed, and deserted their country and their people, on whose behalf they are in office, and they have embezzled the (hard-earned) assets of the people.
There may however be some officials here, at least a few, who are not that corrupt, and vile and despicable, and who could still do their job, and they could maybe make use of this definition.

(I primarily talk about my own country Sweden here, but this is certainly applicable to most countries, and institutions, and unions of today - at least to some degree.)

Well, anyway, here is the (not too circumstantial) definition - of criminal:

Of or having to do with an antisocial behavior of, often covertly, or secretly, seeking advantages and privileges, and taking and stealing from others, and swindling others, sometimes (not that seldom) committing murder, to, without any respect or regard for others, or for Life overall, or for normal decency, gain or favour own interests and prosperity.

(No, I didn't specifically refer to the, so called, "market" here, even if that could of course be assumed by some of the more astute ones.)

This kind of destructive and egoic actions has probably been (intuitively) well understood by people of different peoples and tribes throughout history, and has probably also been ardently resisted, but today it seems that people do not even really know that this exists, as a certain trait of behaviour - and especially not what it actually implies.
Today this is (has been made to be), it further seems, "normal" behaviour - and it is widely considered that (basically) "everyone is like that".

No, that is NOT, I would like to sharply point out, the TRUE nature of most humans - only of the "cancer" (the very few) among us!

2015-01-01 (slightly revised at 2015-01-12).

2015 - a happy new year?

2015 - a happy new year?

Is that so?

It seems to me at this point that nothing of what I have written here, at this website, has changed (or actually been refuted) so far.
Some minor details may be different, but the overall content, and the bottom line, are - as for me - still valid.

There is now (again) a lot of talk about preparations to take action, etc., and yes, maybe, hopefully, maybe even probably, some people are (since long) working behind the scenes, in secret, in a quiet way, to really do something about this situation.

As for the perpetrators, "the cabal" (and their overlords), there is no morality or ethics - at all - and they do, and will do, whatever they can to "win" this game (later on, if not right now).
They are just extremely and insanely proud of themselves for being "superior", and they think that if they are strong or smart enough to defeat or fool somebody else, THAT is what makes it RIGHT.
They think that they OWN the Universe, and that they OWN you and me - just because they CAN - and thus they are the true masters of this world.
THAT is how they see themselves - and they are (because of their raging insanity) VERY demanding (to say the least).

(That said, there may still be certain individuals - many of them - who are different, and who do NOT subscribe to this agenda, and who would like things to be different, but who cannot break loose from this group.
Anyway, the overall agenda and the modus operandi of this group of infiltrators, and tyrants, and parasites are what I have just described above - and some of these individuals are truly extremely insane and wicked - very dark beings indeed.)

Of course, we SHOULD deal with the perpetrators and their crimes!
DON'T be sloppy or easy-going here - don't be "allowing" about this thing.
If somebody is robbing you, or destroying your life or your future, you DO something about it.

Some people are talking about "peacefulness", and "forgiveness", and so on.
Well, that is not, it seems, the way this world works, not to mention how our adversaries think and act.
The problem is, I am sorry to say, that it finally always comes down to (some form of) violence, if the participants - and it then takes only ONE of them - are not sane enough, that is to say cultivated and reasonable enough, in order to actually REASON, and to negotiate a good, and reasonable, and decent solution.

Forgiveness comes with sincere and true Regret and Improvement, and ONLY with sincere and true Regret and Improvement.

We will have to GET RID OF these destructive activities, and the threat to our lifes and our future that these people constitute.
How that should be effectively and as best accomplished, I am sure that there are people who are aware of, and we will have to be very firm and resolute here.

If we really would like a peaceful and graceful future, in freedom, where beauty and joy can flourish, we will have to truly stand up - irremissibly - for our native right to exist.

That is what our ancestors once tried to do, several times, for thousands of years (but they were unluckily enough overwhelmed by the cunningness and deceptiveness of our dark "overlords" - and by the madness of their unyieldingness, ruthlessness, and persistency).
They did, very many of them, sacrifice their blood and their lifes for this aim, and for their future.
Please, now in our time, at this crucial point in time, do not let them down!

2014-06-23 (slightly revised at 2014-06-24).

Update of a Text.

I have today updated one of my
Texts - "SVEAR_GÖTAR_SVITJOD" - under exactly (the link) Texts.

I so find it compelling to here post a part of this new text - as a statement - and here it is (the rest of the original text is still in Swedish only):

Yes, the Northern Seven Years' War was going on 1563-1570 and accordingly ended long after 1563, but after several battles in this war Sweden remains independent - and will thus be out of Danish union and great power ambitions.

I consider though, it should be pointed out, that it is utterly improbable that it is purely Danish interests that Denmark here - and ever since the Migration Period, or earlier yet - represent and work for (much to the shame and disgrace of that country).
The purpose to invade and conquer Europe had, I contend, existed (at least) since the rise of the Roman Empire, and the purpose to thus conquer the powerful stronghold that the Nordic countries, the (probable) original home of the Germanic peoples, then did constitute, is likely to have been a burning question during all this time.

That, which much later happened to the South American and North American natives, had already, much earlier, happened to the original European population. A ruthless extermination of people, traditions, life style, and culture.
The Roman Empire was thus not, I further contend, "the cradle of western civilisation", as it is so often alleged, but a base for one of history's greatest band of (true) barbarians and robbers - the same robber band that is still (even though in a different shape) ruling and ravaging our world.

When are we all going to break free from these Babylonian ⁄ Roman tyrants?!

2013-12-26 (slightly revised at 2014-01-01).

Update regarding Immigration.

I feel the urge to say something more on
this matter.

This is not a matter of "rasism", as proponents of a "multi-cultural society", and the people behind this very detrimental agenda put it, and also use as a weapon in their very one-sided propaganda, the almost totally monopolized debate.

This is NOT a matter of rasism - it is a matter of DIVERSITY, a diversity of nationalities and peoples.
Our "elite", "the cabal", is destroying Life and diversity on planet Earth. That's what you REALLY have to know about this thing!

Finally, there will be only ONE (mixed) race or people left*, with an ugly, sloppy Anglo-Saxon culture of materialism and commercialism.
Is that what you all want?!

 *) UPDATE 2015-01-15: Well, I should have said here: "..., except for 'the elite', of course, ...".

But of course, this is ALL about CONTROL, as a population where there is inner strife, and NO (native) common values, or traditions, and NO (true) national togetherness, is much more easy to control.

Divide and Conquer, isn't it?!



Is the "government" of the United States going to kill up to 98 % of the population in that country?
According to Dr. Bill H. Well they have, since 1995, been developing, and are ready to implement, their "Nano Domestic Quell" DoD kill-switch program.

This technology may, if this is true, certainly exist also in Sweden, as well as in many other countries.

 Quote - from Dr. Well's blog

As the documents clearly demonstrate, the U.S. government has embarked on a program to implement a secret "Armageddon nano device" that mimics a flu virus, to be activated on the public in the instance of domestic uprisings, riots and armed resistances.

 End of quote.

They are not intending to kill EVERYBODY, that is to say up to 98 % of the population, Dr. Well says, but those, obviously, that (violently) oppose the government, and those that they consider to be a threat in any way.

Well, "the lie is different at every level", according to Richard Hoagland, and maybe they thus actually DO plan to kill exactly (almost) EVERYBODY.
Many reports claim that "they" are planning to kill 80-90 % of planet Earth's population, so what do you know?!

Please follow this link to get more information:


An Open Letter to the WDS.

This is an open letter to the White Dragon Society, who, according to Benjamin Fulford, is said to (right now - again) be "negotiating" with "the cabal".

Benjamin at
2013-10-01, in his Weekly geo-political news and analysis, wrote:

"At a meeting between cabal representatives and the White Dragon Society yesterday (September 30th) the cabal was able to gain a little breathing room by promising to distribute money for the benefit of humanity."

He here also wrote*:

"The WDS proposed that while some existing cabal interests could be preserved [ ! ], entirely new transparent financial structures, involving humanity as a whole, would be needed in order to prevent violent revolution and civil war in the US and other places."

You, the WDS, have by now, via your spokesperson Benjamin Fulford, been claiming and asserting for years, that you have every necessary evidence to stop "the cabal", and have everything under control, etc., and still - although urgently needed - NOTHING tangible, making the world a better place, is happening.
There is just talk, and a seemingly endless struggle and wrangling about "the financial system".

You are still talking, but you seem to in reality be a both toothless and clawless entity, because you do not really do ANYTHING effective to stop the actions of this insane and criminal group called "the cabal".
Are you (else) prevented from taking action for some (more or less) untold reasons - are you prevented by the overlords of "the cabal"?

Well, you see, criminal activity is criminal activity, and WHY are you (still) NEGOTIATING with "the cabal"?!

(At 2013-07-22 Mr. Fulford also wrote:

"What matters is the principle of martial arts to never strike the first blow but to defend yourself vigorously if you have been struck. That blow has been struck. It can now be proven beyond any doubt that a faction within the Western elite has been planning to murder 90% of humanity. [.....] If negotiations fail over the summer, the autumn will be colored in red."

A statement which, I think, make things even more strange.)

What is so difficult with - ACTUALLY - taking action, and arresting, or in WHATEVER way just stopping some of these key individuals from going on with their crimes?!
Are (also) you actually FRAUDS and DECEIVERS - because, you are not plain stupid, or idiots, are you?

These people, "the cabal", are criminal and insane parasites, and they are not in a position, where they should be allowed to be "negotiating", are they?
What do they have to offer? LIES, and "their" STOLEN money - threats, blackmail, and more murder, genocide and devastation?
They should be taken out, or arrested!

You have to take these scumbags out, or to arrest them - NOW!!

What is actually happening here?!
Are you going to wait (fail to take action) until too many people and animals are killed, or until too many invaluable rural and nature areas on planet Earth are, DELIBERATELY, devastated by "disasters", and fracking, and chemtrailing, etc.?
(See also, for reference, my own post A Glorious Future? below - especially here.)

At 2013-10-05 Benjamin Fulford also wrote*:

"In the same way, if the cabal shares their monopoly on central banking with other groups, they would unleash so much dormant human potential that they would be far better off than if they continued their futile efforts to control everything.

In this way, various groups fighting for control of the world’s financial system could all be made happy."

What does this actually mean then?!
Are we so going to have several groups of insane, ruthless, treacherous and criminal "elite people" ruling the world?
Ruling the world according to their/your own, ideas, self-made truths, and best interests?
Who are you WDS people actually - you Asian secret societies, and your alleged "white hat" allies?

Do you dare to reply to this open letter, or are you too entangled and complicit in the world of dark secrets, purposes, and intentions, in order to step forward?

*) A problem here is that the full content of these posts are for subscribers only, and so you, the reader, may not be able to read every quote I point out.


Three "new" Letters.

I have today, under
Letters, posted three "new" letters (they are actually from Mars-April 2013).

These letters were originally written to Nigel Kerner regarding his work, and books, about the Greys.
I have long hesitated, with regard to Nigel's work, to actually make these letters public, but as things are generally developing at the present, with the kind of information (rather) recently being disclosed (see for instance this), I find the ideas here too worth considering, not to publish them.

(There is - to make it more clear - a minor change in the wording of a sentence in the letter "The Nature of Greys and their Activities III".)

I feel obliged to say, that I find Nigel's own ideas very worth considering - although I haven't read any of his two books - but I still have some contentions regarding his conclusions.
That was the reason I wrote to Nigel, and I would rather not oppose his work publicly, but I consider it more important to find the actual Truth than to be too considerate towards sombody else's work, and therefore I now make my letters public.

No, I haven't read any of Nigel's books, but I did listen to an interview on Sceptre Radio Network with Anthony F. Sanchez, and I did read a few articles of his at his website,, and that gave me enough information to make me write to him.

For convenience, I put links to these letters also here:

The Nature of Greys and their Activities I,
The Nature of Greys and their Activities II,
The Nature of Greys and their Activities III.

I have also, under Links, posted a link to Nigel Kerner's website.


"The Cabal" - Handling of Criminals.

David Wilcock recently, at 2013-09-16, in his article
"David Wilcock Explains Cycles of History on NEW Radio Show!", wrote:

 Quote (not formatted exactly as in the original article):

The shift is so inevitable, and will be so huge, that my dreams are encouraging me to help people realize that many people in these groups have been held against their will.
This is occurring even at major governmental levels.

If we want to learn the lesson these great cycles are built to teach us, as I spell out in the new book, we need to remember that we are all part of the same living identity that made the universe.
And therefore, all souls are worthy of love and respect, even if they have committed crimes.

The key here is that we would be well-advised to practice "love with boundaries."
We can feel love for them and also, imperatively, prevent them from doing any further harm.
I have been able to gain insights into what life growing up in the Cabal would be like -- and it’s not fun nor pretty.

Nonetheless, it would be wonderful if these people could be free.
Humanity will be overwhelmed as their stories start coming out, for many of them are far worse than what anyone wants to hear.

 End of quote.

David talks, as mentioned, about people in "the cabal", in the "Illuminati" families, and this is certainly, I think, very true.
(And yes, I DO disagree with him about the alleged "purpose" of "these great cycles", but that is not the point here.)

This is anyway, I contend, a VERY good point, and it is without a doubt of great importance to be fully aware of that.
These people are - ULTIMATELY - just human beings, that is to say spiritual beings in a human (or a human hybrid) form, like all the rest of us, and thus they deserve respect and consideration.

Well, SOME of these people are so entangled in their own Minds that they are just psychotic and evil, and they will not (without some hitherto [publicly] unknown technology*), I further contend, be possible to reach by ANY therapy, and these will thus have to be watched over, and probably imprisoned, for the rest of their lives.
NOR should we, in this regard, forget that they (most probably) will be reborn and "come back" again (and again - and maybe, some day, they will be enough "disentangled", in order to get help).

The REST of these people, who are not THAT entangled in their Minds, may - if they cooperate and are willing to do it - be the subjects of specialized therapy, in order to make them free from their inflicted traumas and insanity.
That would be a decent, humane way to receive and treat them, I consider - the only APPROPRIATE way.

*) I believe that (for instance) an adequate change in their genetic design would work - getting rid of the "psychopath gene", or maybe rather, getting rid of the (probably installed) genetic block shutting off decent, empathetic behaviour.

Let me however STRESS that:

1. The FIRST PRIORITY is to safeguard Life, and to protect our society, and decent people, from the evil and destructiveness of these criminal people - so that they can do no more HARM.
There also HAS to be a public exposure of their crimes and insanity, in order that ordinary, decent people may get a fair explanation and redress.
Also, if circumstances so require, these criminals may be killed, or executed - as precious Life, and decent people are more worth protecting than notorious criminals and assailants.

2. the SECOND PRIORITY - and that applies ONLY as long as the First Priority above can be successfully accomplished - is to help these people to recover from their inflicted traumas, and thus (once again) become sane, decent people, who (with some appropriate degree of vigilance on our side) can be a normal part of our society.


Immigration - who benefits?!

I found a very good article,
"Immigration as Instrument of Social Engineering and Political Control", from 2013-09-16, at the Veterans Today website, written by Björn Gwinneth.

Yes, all this - "Immigration as Instrument of Social Engineering and Political Control" - is probably very true, and that has also been my own conclusion for some years by now. (This thing is also clearly stated by David Icke.)
From my own experience of growing up and living in Sweden for slightly more than 57 years, I can tell that the part about this country is (by and large) absolutely true.

This is not only very irritating and frustrating - it is above all, I think, a great TRAGEDY!
This country has been inhabited by ethnic "Swedes" (Germanic peoples) for thousands of years, since the Bronze Age.
Now this nation (among many others), and its people, are crumbling, and withering into the shadows of history.

The notion (by some) that Sweden is (was) just like every other country, and that all that was said to be good and special about it was just hypocrisy, double standards, and false, mendacious, ideas, I do not buy myself into - that is all part of the disinfo propaganda, I assume.
No, not everything has been good or decent here. The contamination has been spreading here (at least) since Sweden was Christianized, and especially, I contend, since 1568, but there were people here, also rather recently, I further contend, who had a sincere purpose to make this a good country to live in - and to maintain that.
(I think however, that it is a good point to warn about the Swedish Democrat party.)

This effort to destroy nations, to spoil their character and common values, and to obliterate the national identity of their peoples, is made by "the cabal" - the dark, "Holy Roman"/Babylonian, financial and political interests - and their minions - that are raping and parasitizing on Mankind.

So much for a "multi-cultural society"!


Controlled Opposition?

In his
Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis20130715, posted at 2013-07-17, Benjamin Fulford wrote:

"There is disagreement however between hardliners, mostly in the Western military intelligence apparatus, who want to completely eliminate the 13 Sabbatean bloodlines and the moderates, including the White Dragon Society and various Asian groups, who favour a truth and reconciliation committee, a jubilee and a general amnesty."

All I can say is:

DON'T let them go free, and DON'T let them keep their stolen wealth!
(Not to mention their weapons, and other tech toys.)

These people are DANGEROUS MINDS, to say the least, and they are NOT to be trusted.
They are so mendacious and treacherous that they (if nothing else) will have to be watched over for the rest of their lives - and beyond that.
These people - above as well as below - have to be held responsible for their heinous crimes against Humanity and planet Earth.

I myself suspect though, that this whole White Dragon Society and (180 nation) Alliance of Nations thing is nothing but a scam, or exactly "controlled opposition", as Benjamin himself recently accused (see here) Alex Jones and David Icke of being, and at the same time insinuating that there is no (bad) alien influence on planet Earth.

Benjamin also wrote in this his latest article:

"The Chinese communist government, meanwhile, has bailed out Goldman Sachs in South Korea, according to an executive of a Japanese securities company."

So, what about this BRICS alliance then?
I does not seem to be the good guys who are in power anyway, at least not in the "official China", and we are still in want of any tangible, reliable signs that any of these "white hat" groups can produce anything else but talk and fancy promises.

What is actually going on here? What are they waiting for?
They do not seem to be in a hurry anyway, and meanwhile more humans, and animals, and plants are being killed, and the environment on Earth on the whole devastated with chemtrails, etc.
(Maybe they are prevented in some untold way from moving, and getting any adequate results, as fast as would be necessary, what do I know? Their PR about massarrests, and being in control seems however very far-fetched and illusory, as for me.)

Time will show, if these people really are what they claim to be.


Regarding Leaks and Disclosure.

In the Veterans Today article
"Secret Space War IV: Terra Forming", of 2013-07-14, the author Preston James wrote:

"Cosmic Informed Consent is required, thus the most important major secrets must be intentionally leaked in disguise."

He also wrote:

"This preservation of human free will requires disclosure of what lucifer plans to do in advance so that humans have fair warning and can either consent or remove consent. As this narrative goes, Lucifer can only advance his programs to completely transform the earth into a worldwide luciferian Globalist NWO one government super fascist system if the majority of humans provide consent and cooperate."

(This is by the way a very informative, and worth considering article. Read it and think it over!)

Well, and what CONSENT, what "informed consent", has then been achieved, I ask?!
Neither Lucifer himself nor any of his minions have ever honestly told Humanity their true intentions, have they?

Furthermore they have (since very long) been Mind Controlling (at least) 98 % of Earth's human population into confusion, and oblivion, and so deprived each one of those humans of their ability to make an informed decision (exactly as the author of the above mentioned article points out).
Thus those humans cannot use their "free will", and they cannot make a self-determined choice - and thus they cannot consent, especially not "consent in their hearts and minds", as the article says.
In reality they have no idea of what is actually going on.

Also, there is NO "majority rule" here, as all these plans and actions are insane, and an abomination, and a sacrilege altogether - "democracy" is THEIR (the invader's) idea - and there is thus NO "consent".

Mr. Lucifer - or whatever you prefer to call yourself (Yahweh maybe?) - I hereby CHALLENGE you! I have addressed you once before (see here), and I now do so again.

You are NOT allowed to come here to planet Earth with your crew, or any of your other minions, and take it over, and terra-form it, and destroy the future of Humanity, as well as of all other native Life on it - including enslaving Humanity.
(Yes, you are going to tell Humanity what you have been doing, and planning, but otherwise you are not allowed here - and you, and your crew, and your minions will be put on trial, and you are all going to be responsible for your crimes against Humanity and planet Earth.)

As a spokesperson of Humanity, and thus the Inheritor and the Executor of planet Earth, I DEMAND you to STAY AWAY from planet Earth with your criminal and insane Plans and Intentions!
That also applies to all members of your crew, and to all your other minions.


Is that CLEAR?!


Just for the record!

I have now COMMANDED (quite some
time ago – and also recently questioned on it) the White Dragon Society (WDS), the (180 nation) Alliance of Nations, and other "white hats", to take action, and I have DEMANDED the "divine council", whether they are the one of "gods", or the one of ETs, to step down, and declare to me, and to my fellow humans, what they are actually doing, regarding our situation on planet Earth.

This IS a DEMAND, for each one of you, and I am counting every day that passes by, and you do NOT respond to my Demand – and you will now get to 2013-05-15 inclusive to actually do so.
Yes, the generals in Pentagon, and others, and "divine council" members (as you are monitoring everything, you should know), you have failed to obey here, so far, and also you have not been reporting to me, another omission of yours, what is actually going on, and what you have actually been doing, and so HOW could I know?

Now I can hear some (or many) people saying: "WHAT! You are CRAZY, you cannot do THAT, who do you think you ARE?!"

Well, I just DID do that, and maybe I am not that crazy – or at least not BLIND as hell – and furthermore I couldn't care LESS about what people are saying, or thinking, in this regard – and that includes the generals, and the "divine council(-s)".

I am representing, I am talking on behalf of, Humanity, Mankind, and I am thus the Owner and the Director of planet Earth – and the generals, et al., and the "divine council(-s)" (if not in reality deceivers) are all public servants.
In THAT capacity – as the Inheritor of planet Earth, and as the Director, the Executor – I demand those above mentioned to act according to my claims, and it WILL be remembered, if they do NOT!

(Yes, I am aware of David Wilcock's article The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit..., of 2013-04-27, but I am still posting this, as written about a week ago. Let us so see what actually happens!)

Also, if you would actually care about what people are thinking, or saying, about what you do, you would most definitely be totally LOST, and you would (most probably) be reduced to (almost) NOTHING, because that is, I am sorry to say, how much most people, the overwhelming majority, are (at this point) realizing. This is a WAR going on, a struggle for our Future, and our Freedom!

Finally, your omission, generals, and others, and "divine council(-s)", to take action, or to do the right thing, is so vast, and so serious, that ANYBODY could – and SHOULD – hold you responsible for NOT DOING YOUR JOB – or for BEING IMPOSTORS!

For now – GOOD DAY!


Regarding "human overpopulation".

Regarding my "human evolution" message of
I have now seen the Project Camelot Awake & Aware 2013 Panel Discussion, and heard the message (at 2:05-2:11) of Mr. George Green.
Thank you very much, Mr. Green, for telling all of us about this thing!

Well, if there thus actually would be such a group of people out there, call them the Pleiadians, or "the guardian ETs", or "the divine council", or whatever you want, who has an Agenda of human depopulation, because THEY "cannot sustain Earth with so many people", I have (just in case) a question, a statement, and a demand for them.

(This is however a bit confusing, I think, as I do not fully get what Mr. Green is saying here [I am not English], but there anyway seems to be "off planet people monitoring everything that's going on right now", and they [some of them] also seem to be in on this Agenda, but there as well seems to in reality be two different [off planet] factions here, "cooperating" with the US "government".
One faction for the Agenda, together with "the Earth based cabal", and one faction [supposedly] against it.
Therefore this message is also for "the cabal" itself, even if they probably do not give a damn about it.)

First, what do YOU, who are "off planet", and are in on this Agenda, have to do with planet Earth?
Is planet Earth not the heritage of Humanity - the people OF this planet?!

Second, STOP blaming Humanity for all the problems on our planet, and get real, and come clean!
If you actually WOULD have a sincere and honest purpose here, to help, you would get to grips with the BAD GUYS, that is to say our criminal "elite", "the secret government", "the cabal", the real offenders, and THEN you could (easily) manage the rest, and probably you would so find many good possibilities, and many helpful humans, regarding what to do here - WITHOUT any human depopulation, any terraforming with chemtrails, etc., etc.
THAT- and only that - would save the planet, and all the species, all Life, on it!

(Well, of course I believe that you actually ARE "the cabal", or rather the overlords of "the cabal", or otherwise working with these, or for these, or - anyway - being of the same kind, the same character, as these.
There may so be a second faction here that is trying to prevent this, and thus there is actually a [secret] war going on, as I have already been guessing.)

Third, if this kind of Agenda now is the case, and you actually are "out there", I likewise DEMAND YOU to step down, from your "lofty dwellings", and declare to me, and to my fellow humans, what your actual intentions are, and what you in reality are doing in this respect - and also, what Right you actually have to do what you are doing!!

Is THAT Clear?!


Update regarding "human evolution".

2013-04-11 I wrote:

There are still a lot of people in this area who seem to believe that this existence on planet Earth is a "great school", or a "neccessary experience", where we are going to learn discernment, and love, and reason, etc., and they fully embrace this as being a "wonderful experience" given to us by "the Creator".

Let me so finally say this (just in case):
IF there really WOULD be such a "divine agenda" carried out here on planet Earth, that is to say imposed upon us all, I would be VERY angry with the people who instigated that.
This is (almost) as bad as what our "earthly elite", "the cabal", is doing to us, as this is deliberately subjecting humans, and animals, and plants, in other words unknowing, Sentient Beings, to severe suffering in the form of pain, and ill health, and terror, and sorrow, and also (spiritual) unconsciousness and oblivion, day after day, year after year - many times for their whole life, and even lifetime after lifetime.
(Well, I assume that the actions of "the elite" are not really their own intentions, according to this world view, but actually a part of this alleged "divine plan", and that they are merely [unknowingly] executing.)

If that's the case, I ask (just in case), WHO do you think you ARE?!
This is, to myself anyhow, neither ACCEPTABLE nor TOLERABLE!!
You are violating my "free will" - a very misused word, I contend, as there essentially is no free will here on Earth - by forcing me to participate in something that I have NOT chosen to be a part of, or that I anyhow do not (since very long, I suppose), under the current circumstances, want to CONTINUE to be a part of - and the same goes for (most) others, I assume.
(Life on Earth is, to very many, rather miserable, and mostly just an [inflicted] "struggle for survival".)

Thus, whoever you are - "gods", or "demigods", or "ascended spiritual beings", or whatever (no, I [obviously] do not believe in "God", or in "the Creator") - I DO in that case DEMAND that you step down, from your "lofty dwellings", and declare to me, and to my fellow humans, what your actual intentions are, and what you in reality are doing in this respect!
End of supremacy, hidden purposes, secret manipulation, and game-playing!!

Is that CLEAR?!


The Fracking Agenda.

Good day all my "evolving" fellow humans! Because, "evolving" is what you are, isn't it?
This is a
"spiritual evolution", a "human evolution", and we are all here to "evolve", isn't it?

There are still a lot of people in this area who seem to believe that this existence on planet Earth is a "great school", or a "neccessary experience", where we are going to learn discernment, and love, and reason, etc., and they fully embrace this as being a "wonderful experience" given to us by "the Creator".
This is like a Mantra to them, and like a "solution" that they are clinging to, and they just cannot get out of it.

Why would we have to evolve into something that we already ARE?!
It is like we, from our original, native state of total Knowing, Awareness, and Capability, would have had to go "down", into our current, degraded state of Oblivion, Unconsciousness, and Confusion, just to "evolve" back "up" again, into our original, natural state.
A strange idea indeed!

Anyway, let us get to the Fracking Agenda.
This is so serious that I urge you all to immediately inform yourselves about it.
Fracking seems, besides greed for oil and gas profits, to be part of the Depopulation Agenda, and of Agenda 21, as it obviously will greatly destroy farming, and drive people out of Rural Areas, and into big Cities.
This is all so absurd, and so vicious, that it just has to be STOPPED, before it gets any further.

Many countries are already affected, especially Australia, and the US, and in Europe the primary target countries, according to Ian R Crane, are Poland, Ireland, and the UK.
This link is a place to start to get information, and you can of course use Google: Ian Crane at Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren

Please educate yourself, and take a stand against this devastating activity!


A Glorious Future?

Well, we now have the 2nd of April 2013.
Yes, the world is such a JOKE, so obviously foolish, that it would, I think, have been very appropriate to post this update exactly yesterday, at the 1st of April, which also was my intent.
(Now that didn't happen, because of technical problems, and so I post it today instead.)

2012 did, it seems, (for most of us) pass without any spectacular events, or serious "disruptions" – AND without any MASSARRESTS, or ANY (visible) actions taken to STOP "the cabal", the secret government, the Illuminati, or whatever you prefer, from going on with their lies, and abominable crimes, their severe crimes against Humanity and planet Earth.
(Yes, it is true that Russia [some Russians] has been somewhat offensive in this regard – good on them!
Also, I do not talk about all the awake people trying to reveal the Truth.)

SO, is it up to US then, the ordinary people of the world, to take action?!
What happened to the White Dragon Society, and what happened to the (180 nation) Alliance of Nations, and what happened to The White Hats, and to other "white hats", and to The Oath Keepers, and to "other oath keepers" – "Drake" et al.?

These people seem to prefer to (or to have to) WAIT – until it is TOO LATE!
These people who DO have the resources (money, guns, and other equipment), as well as organisations – in other words networks, and armies, etc. – appropriate for the purpose, and who DO have the (at least some) power, some legitimate authority (like people in the Pentagon, in police forces, in the judiciary, etc. – and in "alliance nation" goverments), to actually accomplish something.
WHERE did they go – at this crucial, last, trembling moment of our human society, of human FREEDOM?!

I myself find it very probable that they are all COWARDS (or at least powerless) – or, even worse, FRAUDS, and "lapdogs" of "the cabal"!
(Powerless they could indeed be, if they are overpowered by [the force of] the hidden, alien overlords of "the cabal".)

Well, China (not to mention some African regimes) cannot (it seems) respect Nature, or wildlife, that is to say (for instance) Elephants, and Rhinoceroses, and Sharks, and are supporting poachers, and people, "fishermen", mutilating sharks, and India (as well as many other nations) cannot (it seems) respect half of humanity, that is to say Women, and therefore they support (male) rapists and woman murderers, and so how could THESE nations be a model?
I just wonder!

What does this furthermore tell you about BRICS (the alliance)?
(Also, what does Russia actually do, on the whole – and what about South Africa – and how much of the Amazon rainforest is allowed, by the Brazilian government, "giving way to" multinational corporations, to be continuously cut down?)

Or, as already questioned, is it actually up to us ordinary people – who are no "legitimate" decision-makers – to take action?
We do not really have any (sufficient) resources (and neither are any such easy to build up – quickly enough), we do not have any (real political) power, and we do not have any say, because "the authorities" do not give a damn about us.

Rather, our "leaders" are making rules, called "laws", to actually STOP us – we, the public at large, who, contrary to the "elite", are actually subjected to the "law" (their laws/their application of laws) – from taking (any significant) action, and if we really would try to do it, the police would immediately be at our door steps, to question, or to arrest US – instead of arresting our criminal politicians (and others).
(The police [in general], whose side are they on?)
Or they, our "leaders", and their minions, would otherwise (most probably) try to destroy our lives, or our efforts in some other way.

The, so called, "authorities" are furthermore mind-controlling us all, so that 98 %, I estimate, of the population are in reality "sleeping" – they are indeed like zombies, and they do not see, and they do not hear, and they do not care, and they have no (real) interest in their own future, or in the future of their children (or of anybody else).

These people believe everything they are told by mainstream media, education, upbringing, and training, and they do not really question ANYTHING, despite abundant exposure of the Truth, on the Internet, and by other forums, like alternative press and radio, and they just do not realize what is actually going on.

Thus, how are we – the ordinary people – ever supposed to (be able to) unite, and consolidate, and take any real – effective – action against our criminal governments, and corporations, and (secret or secretive) societies and unions?
Isn't it a bit far-fetched and ridiculous – and even unreasonable, or even dishonest – to believe, or to expect that?!

(A week ago – at
20130325 – Benjamin Fulford reported about some moves made by certain [intelligence and military] actors, and maybe I am thus a bit unfair here.
However, what some "sources" SAY, and what really happens, really is the truth, are two different things – to say nothing about what all these alleged measures will actually amount to, will do to actually stop "the Zionist terror".)

I therefore again ask:
Where ARE these people now, whose vowes and undertakings once were, and still are, I suppose, to protect their countries, and the people, and to uphold the law (or the constitution) – to uphold TRUE and DECENT Law and Order?


(People, and animals, and our whole environment are suffering, you see!)

Are you going to continue PRETENDING (or downright lying) – or, are you going to (really) MOVE?!


A final Word of Caution!

We are getting closer to the "magic date", the much talked-about 2012-12-21, the alleged end of the Mayan Calendar.

If anything at all happens, I do really hope that something GOOD will happen, and I wish you all a very good changeover, or "transition", as some prefer to call it, and a Happy New Year, 2013, and hopefully then a good New Era, that is to say a Good and Happy Future.

Be prepared though, for some great "stunt" by the PTB, in order to further, or to complete, their Agenda of Control and Domination - don't let them benefit from another false flag event.

I DO, however, have a word of consideration and caution for you all - especially if you are into meditation practices, or determined to take part in such at this "shift".

Please do not send - "your" - "love and light", as it were, "from above" into our Mother Earth.
What "love and light" would THAT be, you think, where would it come from?!

That is to say, do not TAKE IN any "love and light" from OUTSIDE of yourselves, and "channel" that into planet Earth - as a "heavenly resource" of this "love and light".
That is just a DECEPTION, I am rather convinced!!

Thus, radiate instead your OWN Light then, the Light that is WITHIN YOURSELVES, the TRUE Light of your OWN, inner Spiritual Power!

That way we could Help and Heal our dear old Mother Earth, instead of making things even worse, by torturing or killing Her with those, I would say, false and very detrimental energies.

THAT is how we can defeat the powers that be.


UPDATE regarding Black Projects.

I did
below name our "leaders", and also the people working for them, our ENEMY, THE ENEMY OF HUMANITY.
To make this fairly clear, I will here be a little bit more specific about it.

This is especially for people in the military, in the police, in intelligence agencies, in the judiciary, in finance, in media, and in any other authority, or decision making position, but also for all the rest of us.

These people - our "leaders", the shadow government, "the Cabal", the blood-line families, the human "overlords", the alien "overlords", or however you would like to designate them - are destroying our Lives and our Freedom continuously, and they will, obviously, do that on an ever-increasing level, until our lives are a true nightmare - and you officials are NO exception, I assume.

They are, is my conviction, fully determined to kill you (whoever you are, if you do not belong to them), or to completely take away all your freedom, and to do the same to all our coming generations - especially if we allow them to just go on with it.
If you are an official - do you really think that they will CARE about you?
Not when they are DONE with you, because by then you are "disposable".


If NOT, STOP working for these people, STOP agreeing to their system, STOP supporting or in ANY way taking part in their system!
STOP cooperating with these people or their system, STOP obeying their "rules" and "laws", STOP obeying their orders, and stop bowing to, or accepting their alleged Authority.

You could be very straightforward about it - without any anger, or hate, or resentment, or violence, or even without any harsh words - but many, many of us will have to jointly do this, because if only a few of us do it, we will be easily repressed and retaliated, and they will (very) soon come to us with their "monopoly on violence".
Also, do not create upheaval or riot - that will only give them an excuse to use, and to increase their repressive measures, and to go on with their actual Agenda, an Agenda of Control and Domination.

Just STOP treating them as your leaders or seniors, and stand up and firmly say NO!!
As they actually are criminal, and for a long time have been deceiving, and using, and abusing, and harassing us all, a totally fair and decent way of meeting their plans and actions would be to just say:


It is time for us, Humanity, to take back our territory, as it were, our Life, our Freedom, and our Planet.
You are, ultimately, an immortal, eternal Spiritual Being, you are the Divine Intelligence with unlimited awareness and capability.
Seek that within yourself that is Decent, and True, and Joyful, and project that where your attention goes.
Ask yourself what you truly want in Life, how you would like Life to actually be, and focus your attention on that, and strive for that, and at the same time radiate the Power and the Truth of your true nature.

This will, I am convinced, by means of your spiritual power, do much more than just "fighting the bad guys".
It is one thing to learn about the negative aspect of this whole thing, so that you know and understand what you are dealing with, and another thing to dwell on it, or to be totally swallowed up or overwhelmed by it, and thus being fooled to believe in, and to believe that there is no alternative to, their vile game, and their narrow-minded perspective - forgetting and thus abandoning the positive side of Life itself.
Seek within yourself, and use your dreams and visions, and your spiritual strength, to break FREE.



About Black Projects.

This information was published by Kerry Cassidy at
Kerry's Blog, at 2012-11-03:
(This is a copy of the text - for convenience, and for safety reasons.
If you would like to access the links in this text [that Kerry has put in], please [just for now] go to Kerry's website by clicking the link above.)

This seems to be a very good summary, I think, of what is actually going on in our society today (wherever you happen to be), and on planet Earth at large.

This is also Very Urgent and Important!!
What are we - what are YOU - going to DO about it?!

Yes, this is really a very good summary, I think (even though some of it may be incorrect, or not fully correct).
However, I urge you all to also understand that these people, running (in charge of) this Rouge Civilization, are INDEED TOTALLY INSANE, as they have NO respect whatsoever for others, and NO respect whatsoever for Life, or no capability of any TRUE Reason, or Soundness, or Fairness, and their purpose is of course also totally insane altogether.

I thus also urge you all to ponder on, and to consider, what Impulse, what Idea, what Consideration, could be behind, as it were, such an incredibly insane purpose.

Is then the Universe actually ruled by insane people, and is then INSANITY - or Evil - the ultimate Truth, or at least the ultimate Cause, or Predominant Force in this Universe?

HOW is that then?
(Yes, these people are lost in their egoic Mind, and they cannot anymore [since very long] see Truth.)

POWER? Yes - or, I would rather say Power and Control - but WHY?!

What or Who is then, ultimately, behind this whole thing, you think?
Is this just a group of people, hidden or not, non-human or not, who (happen to) want to "satisfy their needs" - and are doing so in a very insane way?
WHY are they SO insane then?

I do of course have my own suggestion here, and that is what this website is about, but I do encourage you, the reader, to make up your own mind regarding this crucial matter.

DON'T BELIEVE though - DO NOT EVER BELIEVE - that this overall "project", in ANY way, is NECESSARY!!


(Especially not for the sake of Humanity - and please, forget about "spiritual evolution" [please, se below].)

It may be (allegedly) "necessary", in some way, for a part of this group, but you nevertheless, isn't it, NEVER satisfy your own needs at the expense of OTHERS, or detrimentally to others, DO YOU?!

These people are invading and encroaching upon our world, and they are imposing their will and their needs on all of Humanity - and they are stealing our Resources, and our Life, and our Freedom - and they are doing so with an utter DISREGARD for Life, and for other Sentient Beings.

This is what thieves, and robbers, and other criminals do, and as SUCH we have to regard them.
These people are PSYCHOPATHS, and LIARS, and CRIMINALS!!

They are our ENEMY, and the people - human or non-human - who are working for them, or who are supporting them, or who in any way are taking part, also by their own silence or passivity, in their agenda, they are also, most definitely (willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly), our ENEMY, the ENEMY OF HUMANITY.
Indeed, those people are also (willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly) criminal, or at least complicit.

Which side are YOU on - what will YOU stand up for?!


The Depopulation Agenda.


This information, an e-book, was posted at
Kerry Cassidy's Blog, the Project Camelot website, at 2012-10-24:
The Water-Flouridestory

The Depopulation Agenda is not, I assume, really new information to people reading this kind of material, but this book puts a new light on it, so to say.
The author, Kevin Mugur Galalae, does not go into all aspects of the agenda of our "leaders", but his account puts many pieces in place, when it comes to poisoning our food, and water, and atmosphere, and more.

I would like to comment on one thing though, in order to, so to speak, curtail - or actually totally dismiss - our leader's argument of "overpopulation".

The 3 main Reasons, as I see it, why the Depopulation Agenda "because of overpopulation" is invalid, are:
1. Our leaders - the bloodline families, etc. - have another purpose altogether here.
	"Overpopulation" is just a pretext for doing this, and their real motivation is
	far more sinister - it is about Control and Domination, and creating a One World
	Fascist Government, where they can be in control and live as masters,
	and so (they believe) they are rewardingly serving their (hidden) alien overlords.
	(They will probably be disposed of themselves, most of them, when that day comes.)

2. Most probably there is no real problem with "overpopulation" - that is just a big lie.
	Earth could (probably) easily take 10 billion people - if we just did live reasonably.
	Furthermore, the world's greatest environment polluters and destroyers are - INDEED
	 - our leaders themselves, with all their greed, and "dirty" projects and technology,
	and black projects and technology - and also outdated, obsolete and harmful technology,
	that they are continuously using among us.

3. There are many other - much better, and actually ethical - ways of dealing with this thing.
	If "overpopulation" really WOULD BE a growing problem, this could probably easily,
	rather easily, be handeled, if our leaders were not so extremely mendacious,
	and had they not a far more malevolent intention with their plan.

	Our leaders are furthermore suppressing any real scientific progress,
	which could create Free Energy, and Abundance for all of us, totally without coal,
	and oil, etc.
	The impending "lack of oil" is (most probably) just another big scam,
	and, as already mentioned, we do not NEED to be dependent on coal and oil, etc.

	Our leaders are insane and criminal, and they are doing everything wrong regarding,
	as it were, (allegedly) "saving the planet" - and then they are blaming Humanity for it.
	That while mind-controlling us all into submission, and ignorance, and oblivion.


Once again - regarding Spiritual Evolution.

Please LISTEN!

Let me here and now be very clear about this thing.
I do not believe in the story, or theme of "Human Evolution", and I do not believe in "Spiritual Evolution".
Also, I do not believe in a "great divine plan" to make us all (spiritually) perfect, or faultless, or flawless, or impeccable, and I do not believe that we (really) have "chosen" to be here in this mess, in this horrendous experience.
I do NOT!

Is this then a "lovely experience" initiated and wisely guided by "the Creator", in order to make us all "evolve" and become "fulfilled"?!
(If such a "divine plan" really would exist, one would probably have to assume, it seems, that this "creator" has a rather ruthless, and merciless, and inhuman personality. Hem!... Akin to what - can you guess?)

The only "evolution" going on here, I consider, is the effort to take humanity out of the inflicted, depraved, and degraded condition we now are in (and not always have been in).
This process could, I further consider, be supported, or actually guided, by an "off planet" group of people, who really want to help us, and who in reality do realize the true nature of our predicament, and if you would like to call these people a "divine council", that is fine with me.

This does not mean though, in my opinion, that we are not partly responsible for being here, in this entangled situation.
I can certainly see the possibility that we all once agreed to, so to speak, take on a "game", or "play", or "journey", or a certain "experience", if you wish - that is actually, I believe, a strong probability - but I also believe that it is very possible that this "game", or "journey" has been literally HIJACKED - very long ago - by somebody who had "lost (may I say) his mind".
In reality Life itself has been hijacked, I consider, by a malevolent force of unconscious, mind-identified (spiritual) beings.

It is also quite probable (or, in reality necessary), I think, that we all have agreed to be (at least partly or temporarily) unaware, or oblivious, of certain things, or of the greater plan, in order for us to at all HAVE a "game", or "experience" (of a certain kind), but neither does that mean that it would have been wise to make us, nor that we have agreed to be, (spiritually) unconscious, and in pain, and in terror for half an eternity, does it?

My question is now:
are we going to silently, or tacitly, accept that, as being a "divine plan" of "evolution", or "fulfillment", or are we going to see through the deception and say "NO!"?
Seemingly wise messages can contain treacherous twists of lies and deception, and that has certainly, I assume, been a rather commonly, and consistenly, used method of manipulation for a long time - above as well as below.
A treacherous mix of truth and lies.

I write this as a response to David Wilcock's latest (2012-08-28) article 'Will There Be a "Quantum Awakening" in December 2012?':

Again, I do not want to be an opponent of David, but I believe that he has had, and still has, an important role in informing people of humanity's current situation, and I am, I must say, very suspicious about this kind of messages, and I would therefore like to strongly point out the peril here.
"Relax", "don't worry", "don't create fear", "don't bother about your/our dire situation", because this is all "meant to be", seems to be the gist of this kind of messages.
Well, WHY would we at all do ANYTHING about our lives then, if all anyway is "meant to be"?!

Why would we try to make our lives better, or more happy, why would we prevent a child from burning itself, why would we even care to give our children food, why would we try to prevent a ship from being wrecked in a storm, why would we try to defend ourselves against wild animals, or hostile people, or why would we help sombody who has had an accident and is dying, or in a lot of pain?
Everything happening is "meant to be", and everything is "just fine", and this is such a "wonderful experience" of (divenely wrought) "evolution" - so why care?
Are you then going to destroy such a "wonderful opportunity" to further your own "evolution" by defying and fighting what is "meant to be"?

I believe that we are supposed to do the best we can to make life better, or more happy, and to gain knowledge and wisdom, and if something bad happens, it does not necessarily happen, because it is "meant to be", but because of certain circumstances - and because of destructive, or malevolent intentions.
I suggest that you, the reader, carefully consider this crucial matter, and use your own discernment about how to tackle this thing
(Please see also, for more clarity, my account "Regarding Spiritual Evolution" below, of 2012-05-11.)

2012-08-24 (slightly revised at 2012-08-25).

Beware of U.N. Agenda 21!


The U.N. Agenda 21 is a stealth plan, allegedly for "sustainable developement", that is rapidly being imposed upon us all.
If you really look into the details of this plan, this agenda, it should soon appear to you that this is definitely not a good thing for our future, and neither is it a good way of solving long-term or short-term environmental problems.
However, in my opinion you just have to look at which (kind of) people and organisations are originally behing this plan, in order to understand that it is NOT AT ALL what it is said to be.

This is just a TOTALLY DIFFERENT PURPOSE altogether in disguise of "environmental protection".
This deceitful agenda is implemented, I consider, by exactly the same people who - by (also) being behind devastations like the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Haiti, and the Chile, and the Fukushima Earth Quakes (etc.), by (also) pursuing Wars in (for instance) Iraq and Libya (and at the same time releasing a lot of radiation with their weapons), by (also) creating the Chemtrails, GMOs, and the Destruction of Healthy Food and Farming, and by (also) engaging in Biological and Chemical Warfare, and Weather Manipulation by means of HAARP, etc., etc. - actually are creating horrendous and devastating environmental problems.

This agenda is anyway imposed upon us by someone, and I suggest that it is done by exactly the same people who are behind Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Food, Big Media and Big Medicine, etc., and who are determined to enforce here on Earth a One World Communitarian Government, in other words a Totalitarian One World Fascist Regime of Total Control.
This "new world" seems then to (be intended to) be a combination of George Orwell's "1984", and Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" - very nice, isn't it?!
The world is such an insane place and it is not happening by chance.

This link is a good starting point to get information about this plan:
Rosa Koire at Red Ice Radio with Henrik Palmgren

The imposing of this agenda is happening at the same time, as they - the (hidden) "elite" - in reality are suppressing any REAL Scientific and Technological PROGRESS, which could create Free Energy, and Freedom and Abundance for all of us, without ANY detrimental environmental effects WHATSOEVER - without coal and oil (etc.).
They do whatever they please with their plans - and they don't tell us, and they don't ask us, DO they?
It is time for everyone of us to stand up and say: "STOP - NO MORE!! We do not want your criminal and destructive rule anymore! It is time for you to go!"

Please look into this the best you can and take a stand against this treacherous and devastating agenda!


New Letter.

New letter posted - under Letters - today:
Dear_Benjamin_2012-06-05 - "Negotiations with the 'Cabal'".
Reference to Fulford's post:


New Letter.

New letter posted - under Letters - today:
Dear_Benjamin_2012-05-12 - "Regarding Bad News".
Reference to Fulford's post:


New and Updated Links.

Kerry Cassidy has recently made a total remaking of her Project Camelot website, and there have been some rather extensive changes.
I have now updated the links on the Links page according to these changes, and I have so included there the Old Project Camelot Site, and the Old Project Camelot Archive.
This is to make it easier for earlier Project Camelot followers (including myself) to have a well-known overview, and to thus easier find certain materials, and this is also done as a kind of curio.

I have certainly been very remiss in not mentioning on the Links page Jordan Maxwell, who is definitely a researcher who has been pointing to many of the things that have made me make the conclusions I am trying to convey with this website, and therefore I am now posting there the
website of Jordan and a link to an interview with him at Project Camelot.


New Letter - excerpt.

New letter posted - under Letters - today:
Dear_David_CR2012-05-03 - "For your information".


New Letter.

New letter posted - under Letters - today:
Dear_Benjamin_2012-04-18_r - this message obviously got no Subject stated, but let us call it "The Committee of 300".

(There was a mistake earlier where I called this letter "Regarding Bad News", which is actually the today posted letter from 2012-05-12.)
Reference to Fulford's post:


Regarding Spiritual Evolution.

David Wilcock the day before yesterday, at 2012-05-09, posted his new article:
"DIVINE INTERVENTION: ETs Defeating Old World Order", and I would like to comment on that.

(I could have written another letter to David regarding this, but as things now are I have [more or less] stopped writing letters regarding these matters, and I find it better to post such comments, or views here.)

I do not want to be an opponent of DW, but I find the idea of a "spiritual evolution" so misleading that I would like to (again) point that out.
I am really a bit puzzled here, as I find David to be a sharp analyst and researcher, and as he has, among other things, done a great job in presenting facts, and a story line about our (realtively late) financial history, and as he has written a revolutionary book about "the Source Field", but I just cannot understand why he is so inclined to believe in "the Law of One series", and thereby (it seems) in "spiritual evolution".

There are a number of deceptive concepts here, I consider, like that "this is a spiritual school", that "we are supposed to choose good or evil", or that "we have to be unconscious in order to grow (to learn)", and this kind of turns our spiritual history "inside out", or "upside down".
Why would there at all be a spiritual evolution, and how did then this "evolutionary story" begin, and with what circumstances or qualities did it begin?
How did it all start out, and what did spiritual life, as it were, look like by then, what did it consist of?

This whole thing seems to me to imply that we (ultimately) actually are nothing but merely some kind of complex physical, energetic - evolutionary - structures, where our (physical) body is the center of perception.
What is then in reality CONSCIOUSNESS, you think?!

The perception of our true nature (consciousness) is however, it definitely seems, so heavily oppressed in society and within ourselves that almost everyone - even the "spiritually minded" - is incapable of really getting it, or of even imagining it, in order to thus get away from the idea, or rather the illusion, of being a physical body - instead of having one, or inhabiting one.

These concepts also greatly defies the notion of a malevolent agenda in operation, enforced by some very ruthless, and dark, and egoic forces, who in reality have a big part in the miserable situation and conditions that humanity is facing, and has been facing since very long.
Does it feel correct or true to you that this agenda would not exist, or that it would just be, so to say, arranged or allowed in a (divinely) brilliant and "loving" move by "the Creator" - or "Management" - to help us all "evolve"?

I have said it before, and I say it again:
the only learning called for here is for us all to wake up from our inflicted unconsciousness, and stop being gullible enough, and so without integrity, as to be manipulated by, and subjected to this malevolent old agenda of control and domination.
Maybe then - just maybe - our friends out there have (cleverly) set this up for us - maybe (but not very probably).

Also, I do myself definitely have my doubts about "channeled" materials, or "guided visions".
I once again refer to Bill Ryan's interview with Jake Simpson - "AI surveillance and access to knowledge":
WHY wouldn't "the bad guys" exist out there, and WHY wouldn't they have the technology necessary, in order to accomplish this kind of "mental influence"?

Several things, I must say, point in exactly that direction, and so how could you trust "channeled", or telepathic messages?
How could you discern, from your disadvantageous point of view, which message is actually TRUE, and which is actually FALSE - except with sharp logic, and intuitionally, maybe?

Anyway, my own intuition, and logic, certainly does not tell me that this "spiritual evolution" is true, but rather a GREAT (age old) DECEPTION to make us all, and especially then bright, spiritually oriented people, accepting being prisoners here on planet Earth, having all these terrible experiences, and finally being the powerless slaves of an old, malevolent, hidden agenda.
To really make us all believe that this is for a "good purpose", or for a "divine purpose", as it were.

Please, do not buy yourselves into that!

Let me (once again) give you all an alternative perspective, in other words my own perspective.

Let us say now that David Icke is (partly) right, and that Zecharia Sitchin was (partly) right, and that the Bible is (partly) right, and that Credo Mutwa is (partly) right, and that Richard Hoagland is (partly) right, and that Carlos Castaneda was (partly) right.
(This is merely a selection, and there are several other sources pointing in the same direction as well.)
What does this now tell you?

It tells you about an agenda, of a group of alien beings, of conquering planeth Earth and humankind, in order to gain certain things, certain benefits (Icke, Sitchin, Mutwa, Castaneda), isn't it?
It tells you about a cosmic war (Sitchin, the Bible, Mutwa, and Hoagland) that has been going on for a very long time, isn't it?
It tells you that these beings invaded our minds, in order to feed on our energy (Icke, Mutwa, Castaneda), isn't it?

It futher tells you about a jealous and demanding "God" (or "gods") who expects total submission, and obedience (Sitchin, the Bible [the Old Testament], Mutwa, and furthermore the Gnostics), isn't it?
What do you make out of all this then?

I suggest the following:

Read my text "THE AGENDA", and look at the rest of the material at this website, especially "True Origin of Humanity?", and "Urgent message and request".

This is thus NOT a "spiritual evolution" going on, I assume, and it is NOT a "spiritual school".
That's just a lot of nonsense, as for me - and, an age old, treacherous LIE and DECEPTION.
Further, we are not at all here to "evolve" - we are here as prisoners, or war captives, and slaves, used and abused by some very insane, and selfish (inter-dimensional) beings.

Yes, there may of course also be (a greatly misunderstood, and wrongly interpreted) "evolution" going on here on Earth, on the physical plane, but that is different thing altogether (although these things may be somehow connected).

In other respects there may simply be a struggle between two different "teams" of ET's, that is to say a malevolent side, and a benevolent side - a benevolent side which may consist of our (surviving) old friends or relatives since a time past, who are trying to help us, but who, unfortunately enough, do not have an easy time overcoming our ruthless, and deceitful, and technically advanced and driven adversaries - who are keeping planet Earth (and its vicinity) as their stronghold.

Well, what do YOU think?!


This was posted at Benjamin Fulford's blog today (excerpt):

"FW: Current situation Rockefeller and Illuminati"

"If possible, I would also like to know from you how to best interest others into the secretive, but very important going-ons of this world, since almost everyone seems to be enormously skeptic and very much so apathetic about basically everything that doesn't directly affect their current lifestyle."

Well, is this "THE AWAKENING" that so many are talking about?!

This is just, I am sorry to say, a whole lot of nonsense in my view.
There is not much of any (spiritual) awakening, as far as I can see, but people may have gotten - SHOULD have gotten - more AWARE (of what is actually going on in our world), with so much new information coming out, and with so many extraordinary things happening every now and then.

In reality these people do not WANT to know, and they do not WANT to hear the Truth, but instead they start attacking you, if you try to tell them, or to point out for them the Truth.

They are not INTERESTED in Knowing, they are not INTERESTED in the Truth, they are not INTERESTED in Life, they are not INTERESTED in their Origin, they are not INTERESTED in their History, and they are not INTERESTED in how to make the world, or their own society a better place to live in.

That is how mind controlled they are!

This is, I assume, because we are all ment to be here on planet Earth, the prison planet, as assets, and slaves, mind controlled, and asleep in our (spiritual) unconsciousness.

This is the kind of things, for those who have "eyes" to see, that paints the Big Picture.
Please open your eyes, and LOOK!


I have today highlighted the letter
"Dear_Bill_2012-03-19_r", as that is a good summary of this work for anyone who would like to have a "short cut" to the message I am trying to convey.

New Link.

I have today also added a new link under Links.
This is a link to a reference to the writings of Castaneda, and I post it because it makes a lot of sense.
It concerns "the mechanisms of the mind", so to speak, and it tells us that "they" in reality "are our minds".
I had forgotten this reference, but now I post it - and so also here for your convenience:

This material correlates to what Tim Rifat says here (from Kerry Cassidy's blog):,
and to what Credo Mutwa says here, at 1:32-1:36:
This interview with Credo is so significant in my view that I have added also this link under Links.

This also correlates in a certain, very special way to what Eckhart Tolle says about our minds, about what he calls our "pain-body", which he says is "feeding on our negative emotions":
And furthermore, what Tim says in his interview in a certain respect eerily correlates to what is said in the OT III materials,
namely that nukes were used in the process.

Finally it is not so easy to work out, I think, how all this is connected.
My own understanding is that this works on different "levels" at the same time.
We were implanted* to get a "foundation of mind-controlling mechanisms", our "overlords", whatever you would like to call them, have "invaded" our minds, and finally we have the interesting thing with real time monitoring, and mind control, as told by Jake Simpson - "AI surveillance and access to knowledge":

*) Please see "Dear_Bill_2012-03-19_r", Notes, at the bottom, for a definition.

The implanted materials could thus be "triggered" at any time, by means of real time mind control, and that way we are pretty subjected to this inflicted unconsciousness, besides any kind of real time mental influence, like suggestions, or impulses, or ideas, or "bad feelings", like fear, uneasiness, discontent, confusion, dizziness, etc., etc.
Exactly where, or how in this these "feeding entities" come in, I have no really good explanation for at the moment, but I believe that their presence causes our attention to be "sucked up", or diverted, so to speak, which in turn makes us incapable of focusing our attention in the present moment.

Well, this is a bit technical, isn't it, but I have posted this as a complement to the earlier posts.
It is also worth while, I think, to here look at which subjects, according to Bill Ryan, seem to have been very "sensible", as it were, and where things have started to get difficult:


The Incident of No Return.

Regarding my description of OT III in the letter
"Dear_Bill_2012-03-19_r", I could further say the following:
This seems to me to be "the lid on experience", because if this had not happened (been brought about), individuals would (probably) have, so to speak, been able to - in course of time - "soar" out of their inflicted limited spiritual consiousness.
This is however not possible anymore, or at least much more difficult to do, especially as we here on Earth are also carefully guarded, and watched over, and mind controlled all the time.

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