Dear Kerry!

I am Erik Norman from Sweden, and I have written to you and Bill once before. I have been following your work for a little more than a year by now, and I have one thing that I am rather concerned about.
Maybe I am wrong about this thing, and I will then have to stand for that when the time comes. This is a rather long e-mail but please take your time to read it.

I am just an ordinary person, and I do not have a bunch of famous people or insider sources that can tell me a lot of secret things, but I do have though, I strongly assume, an intuitive ability to look at things and see bigger – or deeper – perspectives.

I do not want to offend, or smear anybody, and I certainly believe in the possibility of "being part of something", or being able to "tap into a higher reality", or other dimensions, if you want, or of actually being informed by extraterrestrial or other-dimensional powers or sources, and so on – that I cannot deny.
I myself do feel very much "mixed into" this whole thing, and I may (most) probably be one of the, so called, "ET souls" or "Wanderers" etc., and I may (most) probably have some kind of "mission" (which I cannot really find out about though) in this, and I may probably – as far as I can feel or remember – have been abducted (very) early in childhood, and maybe also continuously "manipulated" – and/or "protected", or "guarded", or "kept" – and so on, that is so.
This is thus not at all implausible or strange to me in any way.

But you see, I tend, however, to be rather sceptical about people who come forward and tell you that they really know a lot of things, that is, almost every important thing about how things actually are here on Earth and in this Universe, and that they know (almost) all the important connections – and a lot of, or certain, sophisticated (and detailed) data – and so on.
This especially then, when there is a strong Ego attached to it, and when their message "rings falsely".

Thus, when a person comes forward and claims to "be in contact with divine powers", and to "be chosen", and has the "mission" to tell us humans that "we are not good enough", or that "we made the wrong choice" (a long time ago), and “this is the reality”, and so on, and so on – then an alarm clock rings, loudly, within myself.
The message is "you have to make it", and "you have to take your responsibility" etc. This is the same old stereotype, pragmatic and demanding, patriarchal and mind-derived message that (in different forms) has been for a very long time by now.
There is no love or compassion there or any respect what so ever for life, or for the truth about our "fate", and the truth about what has really happened, and what the actual connections are in this whole thing.

So, I must say that (for instance) Dr. Bill Deagle is very "dark" in my opinion, and Mr. George Green is, well, I don’t know what.
(Of course, I do not know, or know about any of these persons very well at all, but that is not what I am trying to say here – and neither does it mean that all they say is wrong.)

We have, seemingly, since time immemorial, been literally beaten unconscious by all sorts of fraudulent and sly (super high technology) means, and with the most treacherous lies and deceptions, and then somebody is coming and saying "you have to stand up and take your responsibility", and "you have been found not good enough, not worthy, by us in the great divine council".
Excuse me, what divine council?!
This is the same old Agenda "in disguise" of being spiritual or helpful.
Just look at it!

Is it maybe that Dr. Bill Deagle and Mr. George Green do not tell the full story (or know anything about it at all)?!
This kind of leads this whole thing astray, I think.
You are in a treacherous ambush beaten almost to death by a band of robbers, lying on the ground, and then somebody, who claims to know best, and to know the truth, comes forwards and tells you that "you are not taking your responsibility", and demands you to "stand up and defend yourself, otherwise you are not good enough".
Or, you have happened to fall into a hole in the ice, and somebody comes by and says to you: "well, now you have to be good enough and smart enough to find a way to get out of there, because it was a mistake to get there in the fist place (that is how wise I am)".
Without mentioning in anyway, of course, anything about the connections and that you were deceived and blatantly lied to in order to get you into these situations.
Of course now, this divine council knows everything about everything, and you are just "an insignificant human being", and so they can tell you the actual (esoteric) "truth" here, isn’t it?! (Please excuse the sarcasm here.)

Well, then you have this "victim" thing of course, and what is that then?
Isn’t that just one viewpoint that is said to be true by certain individuals?
I do not really know of course, but what tells you that this is the Truth, just because it is told to someone by somebody else, that you do not know at all, really, who it is, or what agenda that individual (ET or not) may have.
Why are we not waking up then, if this is really "needed", according to certain sources?
We are ultimately, as far as I can see anyway, spiritual beings of infinite power, so why are we not waking up (a sufficient number of us)?
Is there somebody, so to say, "directing" this whole "game"?
Is there somebody who happens to have access to the "on-off switch"?
And yes, a shift in Consciousness is the key, and it would probably make the whole difference, that’s probably very true, I myself assume – but, why is that not happening then?!

I do believe in the "victim thing" on a personal level though, so that an individual may face the necessary things in life that brings about a shift in Consciousness, or a spiritual progress, if you want, but does that make it reasonable for "the divine agenda", so to speak, to waste a (seemingly very important) planet and all beauty on it, and the Consciousness of billions of spiritual beings – not to say hundreds or thousands of billions of these, if information that I do have, and which I find rather probable, is true.
And also, who is then going to, who has the mandate to, condemn us all to an eternal hell, if things are finally ending up in total devastation?
And are there really no techniques, or information, or help of any kind, that could do anything good here – especially then considering all super advanced, hyper-dimensional, metaphysical technology, that our governments and all ET groups are already allegedly experimenting with, and using (like removing and inserting souls from and into physical bodies, [advanced] remote viewing, genetic adjustment, and certain drugs etc. etc.)?!
"We cannot intervene", "that’s against the cosmic rules", "you will have to make it on your own", and so on, and so on.
Can you really believe this?!

Maybe the "technical truth" of the matter is rather, that there is a war going on here, where the human race is "the fulcrum of a cosmic struggle between good and evil", as Graham Hancock said, and that no "side" (yet) has succeeded in overcoming the other?

I must say though, as a parenthesis, that I respect David Wilcock as being a very sharp analyst and researcher, even if I don’t know if he maybe can be mistaken in some crucial sense, so I do not, so to speak, "include" him here, even if some parts of my description could maybe make you think of him – and especially, he does not give a judging or condemning and "falsely ringing" message.
Please look at the difference here – it is really obvious.

I saw, some 2 weeks or so ago, your recent interview with Graham Hancock.
Didn’t he say that there is a spiritual war going on, and didn’t he say that "God" is an impostor?
Yes, he did, and that is the same feeling I have had myself since childhood, and the same conclusion that I myself have finally made (some years ago).
This is ultimately not very complicated, I believe, with some strange and esoteric and "incomprehensible spiritual forces" in action.
It may very well be complex – but not complicated.
(It is made to look complicated, I assume, so that you get confused, and feel very bad about it, and so give it up – and it is certainly complex, in order to make sure that you should never ever be able to get out of this "spiritual trap".
Please remember though, that you yourself are a spiritual being – and even more than that – and "stepping out" of all this is, I assume, fully possible.)
The spiritual war is (ultimately), as far as I can see, the war about our Consciousness, and nothing else.
(There may also be some secondary purposes or motives here, like stealing our natural recourses – gold and minerals etc. – and also our life energy, by "feeding on" our emotions, but that is exactly secondary, as far as I can see.
Control and Domination [of spiritual beings] seems to me to be the primary purpose here, and to control us "they" have to control our Consciousness.)

"God" is "the leader of the gang", so to speak, and that is why the Bible says that Satan has taken over this world.
("In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."
[2 Corinthians 4:4 – King James Version.])

You might well ask:
How could that happen then, how could God let that happen, how could God be defeated, so to speak?
Well, the answer is very simple, I believe:
There IS NO GOD – or Creator.
There is no such separate Being or Entity, but somebody (fraudulently, of course) posing as, or claiming to be, such an Entity, to be "God", to be "the Creator", and this has been going on for eons, and it echoes everywhere (and also not only in our dimension).
The actual truth is, I strongly believe, that we all spiritual beings together in our original state of consciousness, as ONE, are/is the Divine Intelligence.
You may certainly call that "God", or "the Creator", if you would like too, but don’t forget the Impostor here, and the Primordial Lie and Deception.

I would here like to say a few words about the Anunnaki – just to make a connection to our current situation.
One may also guess, I think, that "God"/Jehovah/Allah is the leader Anu of the Anunnaki – the Reptilians, I further assume.
(Otherwise Anu may just be a puppet, who is handled by this "master warlock" called "God". I would be very surprised though, if the Anunnaki/the Reptilians would turn out to not be part of our devastating history, or if the Anunnaki and the Reptilians would turn out to actually be two completely different and separate groups of people.)

I have read many of the books (but not all of them) by Zecharia Sitchin (whom I sincerely respect, whatever agenda he may have had), including "The Lost Book of Enki", and I strongly believe that Sitchin’s message contains a vital portion of Truth (despite critics as for instance Michael S. Heiser), even if one maybe cannot believe everything that he says.
(Maybe he had a source of information that we are not told about?)
Sitchin’s account is otherwise too "nice and neat", in order for me to believe, that he is telling the whole truth.
His story seems to be kind of misleading, and he also seems to me to very much avoid – maybe deliberately – mentioning God/Jehovah in his account.
(I did myself for quite a long time construe, from his account, that Enlil would be the one who one could assume to be "God"/Jehovah – until I read "Divine Encounters".)
But, the dots are starting to get connected, as it were.

According to Sitchin Anu, the King of the Anunnaki, or "the Chitauri"”, as Credo Mutwa calls them, was an usurper on Nibiru, and there were long time conflicts and devastating wars going on there, on their own planet, and you could very much ask why, of course.
Isn’t this interesting?!

To sum this up, it seems to me from Sitchin’s account, that Enki (and his clan) always was "the wise and the kind-hearted" one, while Enlil (and his clan – with Anu in the background) always was "the pragmatic and ruthless" one – and Enki tried to help mankind, while Enlil tried to wipe us out.
This is a picture, that always has been rather obvious to me, and witch has remained until this day.
In that sense an idea about a parted Anunnaki with, so to speak, a good and an evil side, where one of these sides actually could be the Reptilians, as they are now described by for instance David Icke, is not a very strange or illogical thought, as far as I can see, and maybe then the gulf between these two factions of the Anunnaki actually is very much deeper and more profound than Sitchin ever let us understand – especially then if you also regard the alleged heavy conflicts on their own planet.

To me it seems very probable anyway that one of the factions of the Anunnaki (Anu and Enlil and others) is exactly the Reptilians, while the other faction (Enki and Ninmah and others) may have a different origin, so to speak (please remember that Enlil and Enki were half-brothers). (This is not irrefutable or infallible though).
Even Credo Mutwa said (to David Icke) something like: "not all Chitauri were bad people".

Also, have you, Kerry, ever thought of who is actually Odin, the prime "god" in the Nordic and Germanic (and maybe also Celtic) Mythology, the "god" of Wisdom and Magic?!
Is Odin actually Enki – "the Wanderer" – who had been forced to leave his old domains, due to the political "changes"?
(According to Snorri Sturluson, the Icelandic historian and writer, Odin was a real, living person, and I, like for instance Thor Heyerdahl, do very much believe so myself.)

I could say some more about this whole thing, but I prefer to stop here.

I am, you might say, somewhat upset about this thing, these "dark messages", and so I wanted to write to you about it.
We should certainly forgive Dr. Deagle and Mr. Green and others, when that time comes, and I do believe that these mentioned are decent people, and maybe they actually have a sincere wish to help, but that they are mislead.
You may think that I am presumptuous in that I "speak against" these "lofty" people and their guides, or sources by questioning them?
Yes, I am questioning them (and maybe I am wrong).

You can share this with Bill Ryan, if you find that appropriate.
I have not sent this to him (yet), as he has "been rather quiet" for a long time, and I do not know what he is doing, or where he is – but I probably will.

I am sorry for my not so good English, I cannot put these things very well in English, and I am aware of the importance of getting the right message through, and so I hope that I did so now.

Best Wishes
Erik Norman

P.S. If you would happen to wish to post this (or parts of it), you may feel free to do so, but then please do not include my name, or reveal my identity.
("They" may of course, most probably, be able to find out all about that anyway.)
[.......... omitted sentence]