Dear Bill!

>>>Urgent message and request.<<<

I write to you as a scientologist – and as a fellow human being – and because you rather recently had an experience that I find very interesting.

You told in a thread at Avalon Forum that you had been abducted in 1946, and you (later) explained that you found this out in Scientology processing.

Does this mean that you are an active scientologist at the moment, a "Free Zone" scientologist, I assume, and are getting processing?
What is going on with the "Free Zone" nowadays – is it going well?
What happened to Captain Bill Robertson – was he "taken out"?

Anyway, I have something that I would like to share with you, and that I find UTTERLY important and urgent – and very, very crucial, and alarming.
I do have a similar experience – or story, if you will – but it is also in a way quite different.

Please be patient and stay with me and read on, as this text is a bit extensive (a little more than five and a half A4 pages), but I would really like to tell you these things, that is my own view on this whole thing, our current situation on planet Earth.

I have tried to communicate this idea to some others, including Kerry, David Wilcock, Richard Hoagland, and Benjamin Fulford, but I do not get any real response to my ideas, and I find that absolutely ALARMING.
Everyone seems to me to be missing the point in this plot, seems to be missing how big the game in reality is, and how superior (and malevolent) the enemy is, if we do not wake up and smell the coffee.
Richard Hoagland is accused of working for "the bad guys", and maybe he is, what do I know?
Others seem to be going in their own direction – to be "doing their own thing", as it were – and that should be encouraged, I think, and it would be sound and reasonable – IF there was not so much distraction, and disinformation, and mind control going on.
However, I do that myself, because I find it vital and necessary and you may then ask of course, why exactly I would be right.
Well, that is, I consider, just because what I "see" makes a hell lot of sense!
(And maybe, I am not that easily mind-controlled?)

Alex Collier recently, at 2012-02-22, warned about this:
Interview (urgently) referred to by Alex:

There are also quite a lot of other data and references – on the Internet at large, and among all the information that has come up with Project Camelot – pointing in this direction.
I cannot right now point out any special ones, as there is so much information, and neither do I find it very necessary or fruitful to here do so.

If you now are a scientologist, you should, I consider, have a little different perspective than many other researchers – including for instance Kerry, and David Wilcock, and Benjamin Fulford, and Richard Hoagland, and many others.
Please, think about it!
What does (did) Hubbard say about our (spiritual) past and about the current situation here on planet Earth?
"We have been implanted and spiritually degraded, and planet Earth is a prison planet."
Isn’t that, to sum it up, what he said?
I do not say by this, that I believe everything Hubbard said, or that I believe that he really had all the answers, or was right about everything he said – I do NOT, definitely not, and that caused me a lot of trouble as a scientologist, because, as the organisation was (gradually) taken over, you were not supposed to think for yourself, isn’t it?
However, I find his work very crucial and useful, and the main plot in his story is, I believe, absolutely, to a large extent, true.
(Maybe he was not aware, I believe, that "they were here" [all the time] until around 1967, and anyway he did never really tell about it [except maybe in confidential materials and lectures], did he, and that was of course very misleading, but his main story is still valid.)
What is your take on that?
If you have the same idea here as I do, then you should, I assume, not disagree very much with what I am trying to say here.

I wrote the following to Kerry at 2011-01-16:

Dear Kerry!

This is just a suggestion.
You may think this is far-fetched - but maybe it isn't?


CONTROL and DOMINATION of all Life, of all Spiritual Beings.
   (This is the Agenda of the entity called "God", "the Creator",
  "reality's Sauron", and "reality's (evil) Emperor", "Darth Sidious".)

The History of Spiritual Degradation and Ensnarement.
   This would include the final and devastating "Incident of Degradation",
   which I myself have begun to call "The Cosmic Revolt".
   This Incident and its consequences could be called exactly "Star Wars",
   I assume, and it is elsewhere described as "the OT III Incident".
   (Please do NOT get biased, or deterred by the "Scientology connection" here,
   and all the fuss about that, but instead think twice.)

Thus the TRUE History and Purpose here are, as far as I can see,
   an age old and eternal Control and Domination of all Spiritual Beings,
   by means of making us Unconscious and Oblivious about Ourselves and our History,
   and where planet Earth (very long ago) has been chosen as a "prison camp",
   where all these Spiritual Beings could be controlled and guarded,
   and thus held down.

Creating a "Prison Camp" on planet Earth, by first creating here "The Dead Zone".
   (Making several planets - and moons? - in the solar system in effect DEAD,
   and uninhabitable.)

Creating a slave race of Reptilian origin, by making them unable to feed naturally.
   (These are, one could say, "the orcs of God".
   By the way, Credo Mutwa mentioned this inability to feed.)

Having this slave race to "conquer" planet Earth, in order to use Humans, the Human race,
   as a food or energy source (as "Charles" conveniently mentioned).
   (This is thus the ALLEGED Purpose here.)

Finally, doing anything "necessary", in order to enforce this (inflicted) Agenda,
  without any regard, or respect, or empathy of course for any of their victims,
   or should I say their PREY,
   this "smaller" Agenda of "food or energy supply", not knowing at all,
   that they themselves have been blatantly lied to and deceived,
   and that there is another (concealed) Purpose here, another Agenda, altogether.
   (This is the Agenda of the Reptilians, and of "the 33" and their bloodline families.
   They have, by some, been called "the predators", and that may be true.)


I also, at 2011-12-24, wrote to Kerry (excerpt):

I myself do really believe that there is nothing but a Spiritual War going on, ultimately, and the hierarchy I myself think of here is (just to give You my idea):

A Dark Lord/Master (inter-dimensional)
Inter-dimensional Entities (very dark beings)
Anunnaki/Reptilians (seemingly inter-dimensional)
Human-Reptilian interbreed (human looking - shadow government/royals)
Humans (government/royal level)
Humans (ordinary people - subjects/peasants)

This is of course a very raw scheme, without any details.
Neither does this exclude the possibility of some good people trying to help us, that is some people "out there", some ETs.
(The Anunnaki/Reptilians seem to have both a malevolent and a benevolent side.)

And also, at 2012-03-02 (excerpt):

There is no Spiritual Evolution, I assume, because Consciousness was always there, pristine, and perfect.
Rather, there has been a Spiritual DEVOLUTION going on, because our Consciousness is tampered with, and severely cut off and reduced - by certain very dark forces, I further assume.

(This would be done by affecting the connection between consciousness and matter, I believe, and that "mechanism" may be called our "soul", I further believe, or maybe our "astral body", which in turn may carry our mind, which seems to be an electronic structure of some kind.
Anyway, these are technicalities, and although interesting, they are not the point here, and neither do I claim to really know about this.)

Anyway, this Consciousness cut-off made us also incapable of perceiving our selves and others, really, as the spiritual beings we are, and so we lost each other - and our true mutual affinity. (Isn't this a nice little plan that they brought about?)

Please consider what David Wilcock says in (about) his book "The Source Field Investigations".
(And maybe he should consider that himself too, what do I know?)
There is a Field of Consciousness in the Universe, yes, but this Field is NOT OF the Universe, of course, it is the Divine Intelligence, and the (physical) Universe emanates FROM it.
Furthermore, and this is the important point - YOU ARE THAT CONSCIOUSNESS FIELD, you as well as everyone else of us.

Well, my point here is, as you may understand by now, that I absolutely believe in the "OT III thing", as it were.*
Maybe Hubbard’s story, or description of it, is a bit "off", so to speak, which I think it is, as I believe there is more to it than Hubbard ever told – or knew – but I do not doubt that this thing actually DID happen.
This is totally real and authentic to me, and I have been "living with" this thing since childhood.

In short, this is what I "see" about my own story (just to give you a background):
I went Clear* in my past life – and this HAS been indicated, on the meter, in session – but something happened, and I lost my presence, and there was a situation.
I was, I believe, trying to ask Hubbard about it – maybe about my own condition, or about "OT III" – but he was not interested, and then he got very impatient and angry.
Also, I seem to have been chased by "the powers that be", which later on made me very frightened and serious about what was going on.
Obviously it was not very "popular", that people started to go Clear, and I seem to have been chased literally by "men in black", as it were, and this may in reality be a hidden part of the Scientology story.

This was, I myself BELIEVE – that is what "comes up" – in 1953, and I finally was shot dead, it seems to me.
This lifetime I "moved to" Sweden, and I was rather present as a child, but something had happened – and, I was "living with" the "OT III scenario" going on inside me all the time.
I literally believed in a way, I think, that I lived in "that time", and that the island "Sandhamn", where I grew up, was "there".
(There was a lot of traffic there, with shipping – my father was a ship pilot – and sailing races going on over the years, and a lot of military activity, with helicopters and fighters, and manoeuvre exercises, and so on.)
All this was very exciting, the "OT III matter" that is, but also very scary, indeed.
(At the age of six or seven I ran into "my Dinosaur Shock", which made me very, very suspicious and upset about what had actually happened to them.)

I am not "afraid of" OT III anymore (I have gotten used to it), but I do respect it, and I certainly believe that it really HAS happened, definitely so!
(The things about it that Hubbard and David Mayo did not get are still to be discovered. Why else was there so much problems with OT III, and NOTs, and New OT VIII – and, not the least, according to Mayo, with Hubbard himself?
Also, what did actually happen to Hubbard and to Scientology altogether?
Is everything just fine? I hardly believe so.
I hope I do not insult you or your Scientology beliefs here, but I have to be honest.
There are certainly people practicing Scientology today, and that are doing so quite well, but "the Church of Scientology" is corrupt, and the technical achievements are probably not, I sincerely believe, what Hubbard claimed, and the goal of a sane, free world with people spiritually flourishing, towards full OT*, is obviously far away right now, isn’t it?)

Anyway, I recently, at 2010-12-27 – like you – found out that I had been abducted, very early this lifetime.
And, I found out that this was what has caused me so much trouble and so many problems this lifetime.
(I have Asperger’s syndrome, "highly gifted Asperger", they call it, and which I got confirmed only 2012-02-24, and my life has been difficult.)

The thing is now, that what I found out at 2010-12-27 was, that I had been HEAVILY implanted, as a baby, and I believe this happened VERY early – at least before the age of two, but probably much earlier.
And, this was NOT "the good guys" doing it!
These were, as I have thought of it, "the Gods in Bardo", the, as I believe, inter-dimensional beings in the (Tibetan) "death realm" – and they are VERY malevolent.
This was 1956-58, and it MAY have been "the military-industrial complex" people doing it, and/or the greys, but I do not really believe that – that is not my feeling about it.
(Either it was the Anunnaki/Reptilians/Chitauri themselves, or it was their inter-dimensional "overlords", I assume.)

(Why do you yourself think that it was "the good guys" who abducted you?
Why would they then traumatize and cripple an individual like that, an individual who is supposed to be a messenger, a missionary, if you will, having an important and crucial duty to carry out?
This does not seem to me to be that wise, I must say.
Also, I myself have visions of "something coming", that is something very, very, very devastating, I think, and that I [unconsciously] on no conditions whatsoever would like to get aware of, or could stand facing, or be able to "confront", as scientologists say.
What is that then? I do have my ideas, but I do not know it [yet].)

This implant* is very heavy, and very complex, and very sophisticated, as far as I can see, with all their most advanced and "revered" methods included, and it was done, I believe, to (really) take away my presence, that is, to sabotage my state of Clear, and it may have been done also, in order to have me doing something – or, NOT doing something.
Maybe, I consider, I do have a certain role, or mission here, that they now absolutely do NOT want me to be able to fulfil.
That is very probable, I assume, and who am I then?
Well, I don’t know! I have not been told, and I have not been instructed, and I have gotten no information, you see (except telepathically, maybe).
But, if this is a (spiritual) war going on, that may just be how it is, I further assume.

Dear Bill, what is your take on this scenario?
What do YOU think is in reality going on?
I find it very alarming that these things, as far as I can see, ARE going on and (almost) nobody is paying attention.
Nobody seems to really get the BIG PICTURE, or the TRUTH!
Why is that so difficult?
Look at all the evidence!
There may be faster than light travel, and there may be time travel, and there may be portals, and there may be this and that super technology, and there may be more earth quakes, and there may be underground bases, and "they" may be trying to start WW3, and so on – but, SO WHAT?!
These are technicalities, and the important thing is, I consider, what is ACTUALLY going on, what Agenda, what Purposes and Intentions are carried out, and by WHOM.

What can be done about this, you think?
I do not want another "OT III Incident" to occur, just because we all – probably just like the first time – ignored the signs and did not believe it could possibly ever happen.
WHAT a TERRIBLE LOSS, isn’t it?!
That was a Beautiful and Happy world we all lived in – where did it go?
(Have you ever been experiencing a beautiful sunset and suddenly felt a heavy sadness deep within yourself?
Well, then you have, I believe, touched the [deeply hidden] memory of this lost world.)

I do not want to live as a slave in an eternal HELL – mind controlled, and punished, and used, and abused – because these criminal and insane individuals, led by "The Lord", "God", but also "Lucifer"/"Satan", Yahweh/Allah, who calls himself "the Creator", Yaldabaoth, "the demented pretender", want to Control and Dominate us all.

(It is not far-fetched, I think, to believe that "God"/Yahweh is an "evil alien", as it were, who wants to Control and Dominate us all, in order to be "great".
Please, look at religion, and at our human history, and read the Bible, and so also consider Hubbard’s account of our spiritual history.)

What do you say Bill?!
Please give me your opinion on these things, as it is very hard to be (almost) alone with these thoughts and suspicions.

Thank you very much!

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman

*) Notes for the reader of this website:

Clear is a state of absolute presence attained in Dianetics processing which was an early development in Scientology.
Processing is, one could say, the act of subjectively looking into your mind by means of certain techniques.
You will also, normally, at lower levels, in order to do this need the help of another person, an auditor.
This was said to be a stable state, but that seems to obviously not be fully correct.

Implant: this is a forceful means of overwhelming (implanting) an individual with false ideas, or purposes, pain, unconsciousness, and confusion. This is a basic form of mind control which has been used, for very long, by certain malevolent forces, and it is a very high tech, science fiction like activity that obviously DOES exist, even if many would doubt it.

It includes (seemingly), among other things, drugs, and electronic devices, and high frequency radio waves, that is ray guns, or beam cannons of a sort, in order to make the victim "knocked out". This creates a very "knocked out", and damaged, or confused individual, and it could create a "manchurian candidate" (or anything of that kind), if that is intended.

OT III: this is an advanced level of study and actions in Scientology (above and beyond Clear) - "Section III OT Course".
This is in other words "level" 3 of the OT course.
This level concerns "the OT III Incident" which was a very devastating thing that happened tens of millions of years ago.
Please read the rest of this material, and you will get a better understanding of this particular thing.

This is, according to my own understanding (and my own opinion), THE Level.
With that I mean, that this is, so to speak, "where it all happened", and although there actually are more "Levels" in Scientology this is the crucial one, and if this "level" was really adequately, or satisfactorily handeled, an individual would be very very different, and a very much more free Spiritual Being.
This is, as it were, the thing that created "human reality", and "life as we know it" - this is a very dark and sad story.

Caveat: I am not so sure though that this thing, as it now is, can be handeled by turning to Scientology, and especially not to "the Church of Scientology".

OT means Operating Thetan. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, called a Spiritual Being a "Thetan", and Operating refers to the ability to operate, as a Spiritual Being, without the need of a physical body, and there were (are) many "levels", levels of study and actions, on the way to that goal (a goal which, by the way, as far as I know, so far never has been fully realized).