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The quest for the Dark Lord - "God", "the Creator"

Why Yaldabaoth and who am I?


I do this (my own) "research" based on intuition and my own experiences. I get an idea, or a glimpse of something, and then I go in that direction.
This can be a thought, or a feeling, or a piece of information, or something that is said or done, or not said or not done.
Or, there is an old, often lifelong, feeling that this or that is, or may be, the case. Then I go there! Or rather, in such cases I am going there all the time.
This works kind of like a magnet - certain things, or areas, just pull me towards them, so to speak, they strongly attract me. That's all!


I started listen to/look at Project Camelot in the beginning of November 2009, and it has been an adventure.
That was in reality when the "swine flu" was "ravaging", and Bill Ryan made an interview with Jane Bürgermeister.
That started the current "phase" of my work, so to speak, and even if I do have/use also other sources of information, I do sincerely thank Kerry and Bill and everybody else who has participated, or are doing this kind of work, or research.
The information you all have provided, the information presented at Project Camelot, links or directions there to other information, and a lot of that thus pointed out information has been invaluable.

I have not myself been doing a lot of work to gather information, collect data, or check facts, and so I am very grateful to those who have been making a tremendous effort to actually do so.
Without all this information, these data, I would not have been able to make the conclusions that I have - whether these are correct, or not.
My feeling about this whole thing tells me however that my conclusions are (more or less) correct. This feeling in itself may be incorrect, or misleading, of course, but that does not make very much sense to me at all, I must say.


I have here, without permission, been using a few pictures from the Internet, from Google Images, and these are for instance from Wikipedia, and I apologize for that.
I did so for "security reasons", in other words to not "announce", or hint at the Internet that this website was coming up, and if you actually are one of those looking at this website you may understand why I am saying that.

I intend however to send a request to you who published these pictures and ask for permission, as I wery much like these pictures, and really would like to use them here.
If I cannot find, or reach you at the Internet, I hereby ask for your permission here!

Please see the Link Images for referenses to, and credits for these images.

The author

My name is Erik Norman and I am from Sweden, but it is not really important who I am.
I have put together this simple website just because I find this information, that is my own apprehensions, significant.
I therefore regard it as very crucial to get this message out.


I call this website "Yaldabaoth", because this is exactly, I believe, what all this comes down to in the end.
The existence of Yaldabaoth is the sole and ultimate reason why Humanity is trapped on planet Earth, in a violent, and decadent, and strikingly often very ugly, and very noisy, (so called) society, and so being in a state of spiritual confusion and oblivion.
Most people here seem to believe that we are a physical body - do you believe that you are a physical body?
Do you believe that you are your brain?

Isn't it time then to question why that is so?!
With this website I try to present my own understanding of the "Big Picture", that is what is in reality going on here on Earth, and has been for very long - very long.

We do not remember our History, and we do not remember Who or What we are.
We are all the pawns and slaves of Yaldabaoth - that is, I am sorry to say, my sincere conviction.
Planet Earth is his little "doll's house", so to speak, where he is keeping his subservient, zombiefied souls, in order to be "great and powerful", and revered, to be worshipped and adored.

If you find this to be a very unpleasant - or crazy - idea, I ask you to sincerely consider what I am saying.
Please look at our world today, look at religious struggle, and look at human history!
What do you see: suffering, misery, poverty, famine, wars, religious battles, ignorance, criminality, insanity, unhappiness and confusion, and nowadays also devastating and injurious to health environmental destruction, and technology, etc., isn't it?

Where is beauty, and joy, and the wonder of life - where is happiness, not to mention reason?!
Yaldabaoth is the gnostics' name for God, Jehovah/Yahweh, and I believe it would be very worth while to consider their view.

These people, who actually called themselves Telestai, were the adepts and initiates of the ancient Mystery Schools, they were the wise and truly learned people of the past, and they talked about Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge, the "demented pretender", and about the Archons (his followers, his subordinates) as being (part of) the actual reality we all live in.
Do you believe they were all wrong?!

This is a good illustration of myself!

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