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Dear David!

[.......... omitted part telling David about this website]

Thank you anyway, David, for reporting the things you know, or believe in.
I wish that what you say would be correct, but I have my doubts about it,
and I do have a comment on it, and a question about it:

I wish Neil Keenan all the best, and good luck with his efforts,
and I believe it is possible that he is really sincerely working very hard to,
as it were, do his part in helping humanity out of this mess.
I sincerely wish him good luck!

It seems weird to me, however, that everything here is dependent on Neil Keenan.
Where are all these (other) "white hats" who are said to be ready to take action?!
Don't they have any OWN resposibility, or judgement, or discernment?
If something is getting really BAD, isn't that enough of a danger to make these,
I am afraid, sleeping people waking up - or stop taking orders from our adversaries,
or stop giving way to our adversaries?

Isn't it really about time to act now, before more people, or animals die,
or before more of nature, and our environment is damaged beyond recovery?
This is not the time and place for a lot of talk, or for using cheap,
transparent excuses, isn't it?
The people who are supposed to protect humanity, and our environment from harmful acts,
or influences are obviously NOT doing their job. PERIOD!

Is that because they are in reality, despite all the assurances to the contrary,
overpowered by "the Cabal", and their (rather well hidden) "overlords"?!

You yourself used to talk about "the alien presence", as it were,
but now you seem to be rather oblivious of that thing - how is that?

Yours Sincerely
Erik Norman