David Wilcock talks about a "Management", which is preventing the worst from happening.

Well, I am not so sure that this "management" are "the good guys", because as I see it,
it may very well be that there is somebody ELSE, who does not want Mankind to be wiped out.

If I am right about "Yaldabaoth and his crew", that is about Jehovah/Allah,
and about his true and age-old purpose, then he (because he certainly is a he) would not,
not at all, want to destroy Mankind.

He does not want to destroy his "dolls", his slave race, that he has been working so long,
and so hard, to establish.

This is the "almighty and merciful and loving god", who wants his "beloved" people, HIS people,
that are worshipping, and fearing him, and that can be CONTROLLED and DOMINATED - forever.

He doesn't want to wipe Mankind out, does he?!