The spiritual "evolution" - comment.

According to some people - some researchers, some "well-informed" - our destiny,
so to speak, here on Earth is learning, or rather coming to realization about ourselves.

That is, we are here in order to step out of some bad "traits of character",
that we are assumed to have once received.

So, when we become more generous, and humble, and loving, and compassionate etc.,
then we will be allowed to "get out of here", or rather get out of our current condition.

Now, I myself do not believe that this is what it - ultimately - is all about.

The above would, I assume, imply some kind of "divine agenda" that had to be applied,
because we were (from some point in time, or from the very beginning) not perfect,
or even DEFECT.

This really does not make sense to me, and so I believe something else.

I believe that there has been a Spiritual DEGRADATION going on for eons,
by means of making us UNCONSCIOUS, and that what is actually going on here is a RECOVERY.

Furthermore this Spiritual Degradation has been caused by EVIL, that is an Evil Intention.

This Evil Intention is nothing else, I believe, than the intention to CONTROL and DOMINATE,
as it were, all Life, by means of controlling and actually destroying all our CONSCIOUSNESS.

Therefore the main objective here, as far as I myself can see, is to undo this Unconsciousness.

What exactly that would have to include, I do not know, but it would anyway, I assume,
include cutting through the mechanisms (of the mind) that are keeping us Unconscious,
and there may most probably be some technical arrangements or devices here to undo as well.

That in itself COULD, I think, in some way, include the kind of "learning" that I mention above,
and one could possibly also call this whole thing a "divine agenda",
if it is guided by intelligent (and very conscious) entities (beings) who have, so to speak,
laid out a plan to help this Recovery from Unconsciousness.

Finally, if you would put together, so to say, "The Lord of the Rings", and "Star Wars",
you would, I assume, in reality, pretty much get the Truth about our Spiritual History.