The spiritual "evolution".

The "spiritual evolutionists" seem, to me, to kind of "cut the spiritual history" at a point,
from now and backwards in time counted, where the "human developement" SEEM to have STARTED,
as it were, let us say about 30 000, or 100 000 years ago.

(Maybe they believe it was millions, or billions of years ago, but that is not significant here.)

Now we thus, according to them, have this "evolutionary developement" of the human race,
of the human spirit, as they seem to regard only this "upward trend".

(Maybe they are too biased, or influenced by the scientific idéa of evolution?)

But, they never considered, really, what was, or happened BEFORE that, it seems.

They do not seem to consider at all, that there was a long, long period of time before that,
and that there has been a tremendous spiritual DEGRADATION going on since time immemorial.

Now, was this degradation (in some way) CHOOSEN by us (all), or was it HAPPENING to us?

That is, was this just a consequence of our "invention", or was it deliberately (but unwisely,
or imprudently?) caused, by ourselves, or was it inflicted upon us?

Thus, this "spiritual developement" is anyway not at all, I assume, a spiritual EVOLUTION,
but in fact a spiritual RECOVERY.

IF some people happen to consider such a "prehistory", which some seem to actually do,
they maybe think of this spiritual degradation as part of a "natural process", or "divine plan",
but I myself just do NOT believe in such a thing (even if I cannot totally preclude it).

Yes, (at least) some people seem to think that, but why would there at all be such a "divine plan",
and why, in reality, would there be such a separate divine being, or entity, as God, the Creator,
besides the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that we all are?!

POSSIBLY though, such a "divine plan" COULD have been created by entities (beings) that were not,
at a certain point in time, so heavily, "entangeled" in Mind, or Form, as other beings were.

(This would then have been a certain group of beings, and maybe they, so to speak,
had "stayed out of the game"?)

Then such a group of "divine beings" could in reality have intervened very early, 
that is much earlier than (rather) lately, and so early then that this seems to be a,
so to speak, "primordial divine plan".

This would then have been a kind of "emergency plan" that they deployed, one could guess,
because others (some) of us seemed to be badly effected, as time went on, by our vivid "games".

(Making us Unconscious for an [almost] eternal period of time*,
in order to save us from being Unconscious, and from being subjected to influence by our Ego,
seems however, to say the least, rather far-fetched, I think.

And also, when did we actually become so influenced by our Ego?

Was that in reality perhaps only rather lately - due to a large amount of inflicted Unconsciousness**,
and/or some mechanism istalled in our Mind?)

  *) [with all the consequences thereof, including dreadfully painful experiences - 2010-12-16.]
  **) and Pain [2010-12-16].

I myself do however still not believe in A God, or in THE Creator - that really makes no sense to me,
because that really seems (to me) to be a Lie, and a Deception - and most probably then,
it further seems to me, this (probable) above mentioned "intervention" happend (rather) lately.

(Because otherwise these entities would never have allowed "the primordial lie",
and "the primordial deception" to ever happen, I assume, and so this is more of a "rescue plan",
created by them, in order to save us all from the Evil (of spiritual control and domination)
inflicted upon us by "God", by means of making us Unconscious.)