Yaldabaoth - Yabba the Hutt.

Isn't it interesting that there in the "Star Wars" series is a figure called Yabba the Hutt,
who is portrayed as a worm-, or snakelike criminal, a maffia boss, as it were?

"His" people - the Hutts - are mentioned just in passing, but they happen to be the Hutts,
and he himself is Yabba, Yabba the Hutt.

Please taste these words: Yaldabaoth - Yabba-the-Hutt.

Rather funny and fascinating, isn't it?!

Did George Lucas know something that we do not know?




The above - dockskåpsmästaren - means the master of the doll's house, and this just a comment in Swedish that I later on wrote regarding Yaldabaoth/Yahweh.