The History of Spiritual Beings - and of Spiritual Ensnarement.

(This is written as a "working model" to sum this up, and it may be faulty.)

(Ensnare = to trap or gain power over someone by dishonest or underhand means.
The Free Dictionary - http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ensnarement.)

1.	Awakening.

2.	Existence and Joy.
	Here we may have "Games" - and Games probably imply Rules.

3.	The Primordial Lie - "God".
4.	The Primordial Deception - "the Divine Agenda".

5.	Further "preparations" in the form of Deceptions and "Incidents of Degradation".
	("The Raping from the Home Island",
	"the Old Forest", "the Disappearence of the Elves",
	"Tone 40 Star Wars" [in the Physical Universe], and maybe more.)

6.	Further "preparations" and "adjustments" in the form of "Implants" etc.

7.	The Final and Devastating "Incident of Degradation" - "OTIII".
	(This may be called exactly "Star Wars", I assume,
	and I have myself [since 2007-07-04] called it "The Cosmic Revolt".)

8.	The "Prison Camp" on planet Earth.
	(For thousands, or tens of thousands of billions of Spiritual Beings.)

9.	Spiritual RECOVERY.

10.	"The Watchers" - the Anunnaki/Reptilian Guards.

11.	Plan laid out - by certain entities - to guide and help Spiritual Recovery.
	(This has also been called, and seen as, "the Divine Agenda", it seems.
	Here we may also have gotten the thing we call "Karma" -
	if that was not already a consequence of step 7 above.)

12.	"The Galactic Patrol" and "the Earth Quarantine", and so on.

	Thus, the "Spiritual Development" going on here on planet Earth is exactly a
	Spiritual RECOVERY, and NOT - as many seem to believe - a Spiritual EVOLUTION.