SVALI (Part 2: Who and What is the Illuminati?):

Q: Is this the same Illuminati that was created by Adam Weishaupt in Germany?

A: Weishaupt did not create the Illuminati,
they chose him as a figurehead and told him what to write about.
The financiers, dating back to the bankers during the times of the
Templar Knights who financed the early kings in Europe, created the Illuminati.
Weishaupt was their "go fer" [EN: gofer], who did their bidding.

OK, he did not, in 1776 - that makes a lot of sense.
Now, we have pushed this back some 650 years to around 1120.
Let us so push this back another 1300 years, to around 180 B.C.,
	when the Roman Empire was forming.
	Weren't there in that time in fact the same Dark Forces operating?
If we then go 2600 years further back, to around 2780 B.C., we are in the Sumerian Empire,
	where the Akkadians where getting stronger and the Sumerians themselves weaker.
	Is this in reality the time and place, when and where "the Cabal" actually was forming?!

This "cabal" may (for practical reasons?) have taken on its current name and organization,
	or structure, in 1776, but all this must have started much earlier - WAY BACK in history.
	(Of course, they also wanted to grab the Knowledge, when they infiltrated the Freemasons,
	and to prevent any others from having it, and this was probably also the main reason.)
The Anunnaki (the Reptilians) had in around 2000 B.C., according to Zecharia Sitchin,
	been ruling our planet for about 446,000 years,
	but the question is, how was Yahweh/Jehovah/Yaldabaoth (Anu?) going to fulfill his plan,
	his hidden Agenda of Control and Domination of planet Earth (or of the whole Universe?),
	where so many of us, to be spiritually zombiefied, were sent some 65 million years ago?
	(That is the entity "God", "the Creator" Yahweh/Jehovah, also "Satan"/"Lucifer",
	Yaldabaoth, the Dark Master, with his crew of very dark, inter-dimensional beings.)

	Did so the final part of this plan start with Melchizedek in Salem around 2100 B.C.,
	and, again according to Sitchin, with the destruction of Sumer in 2044 B.C.?
	Or, maybe rather, the first part of the final plan?
	(After this the Assyrian and the Babylonian Empires, established around 2100/1700 B.C.,
	besides the Egyptians, became the predominant powers in the ancient world.)

Maybe we can distinguish the following phases here:

	1. Making (some of) the Reptilians a slave race, by simply subduing them.
	    (According to Credo Mutwa, and some others, they were, among other things maybe,
	    made incapable of feeding naturally, and so they needed to feed on others' energy.
	    [This could have been done by means of genetic manipulation.]
	    According to Sitchin their own planet's atmosphere was destroyed by civil wars.)

	2. Having the Reptilians to "conquer" planet Earth, and establish a Civilization here,
	    by creating the Sumerian Empire, in order for them to thus "help themselves",
	    and so these have become known as the Anunnaki, or the Chitauri.

	3. Letting, or very probably having, "the Flood", around 10,500 B.C., knocking,
	    or wiping out the Old Sumer, and other probable human centers, or settlements,
	    possibly including an (Atlantic) ocean-spanning "Atlantis", in order to,
	    as it were, "rearrange" planet Earth, and reduce the power of the Anunnaki.
	    This kind of thing may have happened more than once to various earlier civilizations.

	4. After destroying the Sumerian and Akkadian Empires, established 3800/2900 B.C.,
	    also taking down all the subsequent "human" empires, like the Assyrians,
	    the Babylonians, the Hittites, the Minoans, and the Egyptians, and others.

	5. Establishing the "Classical Antiquity", a society with "a new aim and direction",
	    as it were, and thus tightening and focusing the control, by re-centralizing power,
	    and the source (and direction) of cultural developement.

	6. Destroying (the ancient Greeks and) the Roman Empire, in order to otherwise conquer Europe,
	    and the rest of the world, by during the Middle Ages, initially inflicting chaos,
	    and decline all over, and by gradually having Christianity,
	    and "civilization" forced on everybody, on all people, by means of wars and conquests.

	7. Establishing "the modern world", starting with "the Renaissance",
	    in order to, so to speak, "catch up" with a more "manageable world",
	    where "modern" technology - that is old, reliable technology of control - can be,
	    as it were, more openly applied (now fitting into the current type of society),
	    and where kingdoms and empires are no longer a big "obstacle", or "hindrance".
	    We are now starting to get "governments" in many parts of our world, slowly at first,
	    but gradually faster, and to an ever increasing extent.

	8. Finally, by creating a more and more governmental world, and "the Illuminati" in 1776,
	    with more and more influence on, or tight control of the world's finances,
	    and media, it becomes more and more easy to "work behind the scenes",
	    efficiently enough, and so we soon get "democracy", typically 19-20th century,
	    the ultimate tool of popular control, where people still BELIEVE that they have a choice.

	9. The ultimate goal then obviously being a (dictatorial) One World Government,
	    and thus a New World Order, where in reality "God", "the Lord", Yahweh/Yaldabaoth,
	    can be the autocratic, and almighty King, or Emperor.