Is this the actual Truth about this thing?
(Considering "financial tyranny", and the website of Leo Zagami.)

The Illuminati did NOT really have all the Old Wisdom and Knowledge.

(They should have had A LOT of it, it seems, considering their Master,
Yahweh/Yaldabaoth, the Dark Lord - at least a lot of the "dark stuff",
and Mind Control technology - but they were, which seems to be, as it were,
a standard course of action, certainly not given more than they needed,
in order to fulfill their mission, their task.)

Anyway, they DIDN'T have ALL OF that, possibly, ESPECIALLY not the Wisdom,
and Knowledge of the Mystery Schools.

So, they wanted to GET that Wisdom, and Knowledge, and they also wanted to see to,
to really ensure, that nobody ELSE EVER (more) could have, or use this Wisdom, or Knowledge.
(Maybe the second thing is the most important aspect here, and possibly the only aspect,
and probably it actually was their Master who wanted this, and so they did what they were,
should we say, "told" to do - or maybe rather forced to do.)

Thus they did with this thing, as they seem to use to do with everything else that is useful,
or valuable - they STOLE it.
They stole it from the Mystery Schools, and from their Initiates,
and from all the national Practicians by killing thousands, and millions of human beings.
They stole the Wisdom, and the Knowledge, and then they "disguised" as Mystery Scholars,
and later as Freemasons, in order that nobody ever would find out about the theft,
or about the take over.
(This also, confirmingly, happened to many other institutions, and activities in our world,
and it happened to Scientology - absolutely so!)

This seems to be then, exactly as I have recently written,
that this started WAY BACK in History.
This must then have started at the latest around the year 0, when Christianity emerged,
but certainly it is probably much older, at least as old as The Bible, or as Judaism.
Thus this may actually, as I have guessed, have started as early as with Melchizedek,
or even earlier, at the time when the Akkadians started to appear.
Of course this would be just the "final phase" of this whole thing, as this old Agenda,
as it may be called, must be "as old as the universe", probably,
and it was most certainly a part of "the Great War", some 65 million years ago,
long before the Anunnaki/Chitauri/Reptilians came to Earth some 450,000 years ago,
in their own (inflicted) "struggle for survival".
This is then the Agenda of Control and Domination that "our Lord", "God",
"the Creator" has so eagerly initiated, and enforced.

This "vision", or feeling seemed for a moment very real to me,
the "vision" of the take over of the Wisdom, and the Knowledge of the Mystery Schools,
and thus I do believe that this may in deed be the actual Truth here.
Let us see now, if this is really so!